Sunday, June 26, 2022

Are you sure you know the difference between hope and faith? Curry Blake sermons (2022)

If we continue to think that god determines when power is released then we will always be wondering and never operating in faith people will pray and hope that it works hope doesn't heal faith causes healing faith is not hope.

There are three that remain the bible says and that is faith hope and love and so we have to understand the difference now we have to realize that when we operate in faith we are taking god at his word he said it.

We decide to believe it and we step into it and act it out that's faith faith is simple it's not hard what makes it hard is when we try to use religion to determine faith faith is simply trusting god to keep his.

Word generally the more you know about god the more you can have faith in his word the next is hope we have hope when we go into the word of god and see what is available we need hope to step into into faith because we have to know what's available before we can have faith for it.


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