Look at these people who are doing their grocery shopping one of them has stolen a watermelon can you tell who it must be this guy on the right he's holding a soccer ball but it looks as if it's very heavy and since soccer balls don't weigh much it must be a disguised watermelon.

Mason went on an expedition to antarctica his boss asked him to send pictures as proof that he was actually there mason sent pictures every day but when he returned from the expedition his boss fired him take a closer look at the pictures and try to understand what his boss didn't like mason was sent to antarctica but in some.

Pictures you can see palm trees no wonder the boss realized the photos were photoshopped and mason hadn't gone there at all an old man had extremely poor vision he was living with his son mark because he needed assistance all the time one day the man was resting in his armchair while his son was preparing dinner.

Suddenly mark heard glass shattered the man ran into the room and saw that the window was broken he asked what had happened his father told him that some dark-eyed dark-haired guy had thrown a stone into the window and shattered it then he ran away but mark didn't believe his father why the man had extremely poor vision and he.

Wasn't wearing his glasses at the time of the accident he couldn't see the guy let alone the color of his hair and eyes savannah went on a business trip with her husband in the evening the woman didn't feel well and suddenly blacked out when savannah woke up a couple of hours later she couldn't remember anything there were two men in front of.

Her and both claimed to be her husband the woman couldn't remember which of them was her real husband can you help her figure it out they went to a business meeting that's why they are both dressed accordingly the guy in a hoodie doesn't look formal so her husband must be the other one the.

Man who's wearing a suit now this girl susanna can't remember who her husband is too can you help her it must be this guy look he's wearing a ring while the other doesn't seem to be married ava's parents john and catherine came to the hospital to pick up the teenager can you tell which of these young people is.

Their child it's this girl john and catherine are ava's parents ava is a girl's name and she's the only girl in the room alexis runs at the stadium every day preparing for an athletics championship and it starts today alexis warms up and notices a skinny guy among other runners his legs look weak.

And thin is he gonna run alexis wonders all participants get up to the starting position three two one go alexis is running as fast as she can she's in the lead and.

That guy runs much faster and doesn't look tired he wins but how did he do it alexis realizes he's not a real athlete he's not even a human but how did she know that the guy doesn't sweat he doesn't blink and he has two left hands it's raining mike tries to walk fast so as not to freeze his three goats are.

Following him he comes out to the river and notices a raft on the shore but it can only withstand one goat and one human at a time a tiger is sitting on the other side of the river mike can't sail with one goat and leave it with the tiger what should he do to cross the river.

There's no need to cross the river this way look there's a bridge far ahead there's a house right in the middle of the hottest desert there is no water trees or villages around four people live inside the building the owner and his friends an archaeologist an oil worker and a surveyor the owner comes to the backyard and sees an empty.

Jug who's drunk all the water we don't have any supplies anymore he screams loudly all the friends are in shock too those who did that should go to the desert and get some water he says i was excavating in front of the house i didn't touch the jug the archaeologist replies.

I extracted oil under the house i didn't touch the water the oil worker says i was wandering through the desert in search of an underground river or lake but i haven't found anything there's no point in sending us there you know i think you've drunk it the surveyor answers what do you think who's guilty nobody the jug was outside the hot sand.

And the scorching sun dried it up dr phil works in a laboratory for the study of microorganisms he's sitting in his office reading a new scientific article at this moment someone knocks on the door it's a young laboratory assistant he looks scared and says he's met a real monster it has several mouths long.

Tentacles and one claw the guy says he locked it in the lab dr phil goes there to see it with his eyes he turns the key in the lock the door is opening slowly with a cracking sound the doctor steps inside and nothing there's complete silence here there's no monster or is there.

Where do you think it is the monster is microscopic sitting in the test tube this is a laboratory for the study of microorganisms remember like every morning daphne went to her favorite local cafe to get her coffee and breakfast sandwich she left the cafe after she'd paid a few minutes later she returned looking anxious because she had.

Forgotten her wallet strangely it was nowhere to be found she called the police to report the incident nobody had left the store so the thief was still there when the officer arrived he started questioning everyone jenny the cashier said that daphne was a regular customer and she had known her for a long time.

So she would never steal her wallet and she didn't see it after daphne had paid andre was a tourist visiting the city for the first time he said he'd come to the cafe because he'd wanted to try their famous muffins she claimed he hadn't seen the wallet he was busy trying to pick what type of muffin he should get at the time.

And harry worked as a store clerk he said that he'd come there to grab a coffee and he didn't see the wallet because he was pouring milk into his coffee so who do you think stole the wallet it was harry the store clerk or should i say harold do you see his name tag he lied about his name when he ordered his.

Drink also even though he said he was pouring milk in his coffee as you can see it doesn't have any milk in it jessica was an aspiring actor and she had a big musical theater audition that day she left her house early in the morning to make it on time but she had forgotten to take her sheet music with her so she had to drive back when she.

Walked in though she saw her roommate lying on the floor unconscious a nurse was standing beside her she explained to jessica that her roommate had been poisoned but luckily she'd had enough time to call an ambulance before she passed out jessica immediately realized something was wrong she thanked the nurse for helping her.

Friend and asked her if she could get her a glass of water or anything else the nurse agreed and jessica hurried to the kitchen there she called the police saying there's a fake nurse in my house she poisoned my roommate and tried to rob her how did jessica understand that.

when she arrived at the house there was no ambulance car in the driveway or in the street and it's not like paramedics started using uber and you might have also noticed that the paramedic bag the nurse was holding was slightly open and jessica's roommate's jewelry was dangling out of it.

Anna and catherine are both influencers but take a look at the latest photos they posted which of these ladies do you think is richer catherine is richer of course just look at the number of likes on her photo she has 27 907 likes anna on the other hand has 9837.

Which means that catherine has way more followers and must be earning millions annie managed to buy presents for everyone except her dad she knew what everyone wanted but her dad was kind of secretive and not the talking type he was also not great with technology and never bought anything online so there was no way she could sneak into her.

Dad's computer and check the saved items in his shopping cart but he always liked to make lists in his little notebook and annie was sure she might be able to find a wishlist there so she sneaked into her father's office one day to look for the notebook it was nowhere to be found but his study table had a locked drawer.

She looked for the key around the room but couldn't find it anywhere that's when two different sticky notes attached to two different books inside the bookcase caught her eye the first note was attached to a psychology book and had p548 written on it the second note was attached to a.

Detective novel and said p21320th annie immediately knew what the notes meant can you guess what she had to do she had to open to page 548 in the first book and find the seventh word on this page then she had to open page 213 in the.

Second book and find the 20th word on that page the words she found were under and desk the girl immediately looked under the desk and found the drawer key taped to it james was walking back to his apartment from work late at night suddenly he was hit on the head and taken away when he.

Woke up he found himself in a small room he tried to escape but the door was locked with a padlock james tried to look for the key but there was nothing in there but a window with strange looking metal bars suddenly he noticed something it helped him to find the key do you see it too one of the metal bars is different from.

The others that one is the key the shore of molten gum far away from the village of talking stones there's a big house this building is different from all others in this neighborhood since it exists in two-dimensional space the owner is a rich architect mr ali lee bulb who has just woken up after a 90 000 second nap.

He finds a broken diamond banana in the kitchen mr ali lee bulb gets angry and calls everyone who was in the house while he was sleeping he's going to find out who broke his amazing piece of jewelry big closed eye cardboard giraffe with glasses and three-headed pelican come into the living room.

Tell me who broke the banana mr ali lee bulb says i didn't do that i was visiting rich old people in their dreams big closed eye tells him i was watching the liquid laughter 3d movie in the living room all this time the giraffe says i have no idea who i am and what's going on here i haven't.

Touched your banana said one of the pelicans heads mr ali lee bulb immediately realizes who's lied to him and you it's cardboard giraffe he couldn't watch a 3d movie since the house only exists in two dimensions it happened on a dark night on a purple planet a fluffy snake crawled into the.

House where a purple guy was sleeping it bit him and the purple guy decided to go to a hospital he told the doctor everything she looked at the guy attentively and told him the snake hadn't been venomous how did she know that it was 3 45 am on the clock in the guys room now it's 11 45 pm on the clock in.

The examination room the purple guy has spent almost a day trying to get to the hospital so far nothing bad has happened to him which means the snake was not poisonous the king of a tiny planet has no heirs but then who will become the ruler of this world to choose the best candidate the king.

Gives every inhabitant one seed whoever grows the most beautiful flower will get the planet the king tells them come back in two months two months later everyone came back with beautiful flowers among hundreds of candidates there was one girl with an empty pot and her brother with the most beautiful.

Flower the king said they would rule the planet why them all the seeds were fake and the girl didn't want to deceive the king by replacing the seed meanwhile her brother put a lot of effort into growing the most beautiful.

Plant to achieve his goal rain falls upward in this world cars move backward broken glass repairs itself pens erase words from paper chickens hide back in the egg at the end of their life so you get it time runs backward here but something is wrong in this world what is it.

Try to look beyond the picture you've just seen before answering the correct answer is my voice it's not reversed space monsters are chasing you inside an abandoned space station somewhere at the edge of a far away galaxy they're stretching their toothy tentacles towards you fortunately you managed to jump into a.

Rescue ship and get out of there suddenly you realize that the ship has no brakes there's an asteroid belt to your left a small black hole is on the right and a red star is in the middle which way should you choose none of these don't forget that you can also fly up or down you're in outer.

Space it's raining diamonds every day on this planet the rays of the closest star that warms this world contain gold particles banknotes grow on trees seas glow green because the water is filled with emeralds despite all this wealth people don't want to live here.

Why gold particles in the air can damage human lungs within seconds money trees don't produce oxygen and there are no fish in the water because of the emeralds people simply can't exist there michael is walking down a long road he's sweaty hungry and thirsty.

There are no cars around and his phone isn't working michael takes a few more steps and sits down on the road he can't walk anymore at this moment he hears a vehicle approaching a big bus appears on the road it stops by michael its doors open but michael doesn't get inside he notices a car and.

A motorbike approaching they stop by him too all the drivers offered to give michael a ride what should he choose the bus seems normal but one of its tires is flat the trip won't last long look at the biker his face is hidden by a helmet but he has hooves instead of feet.

Mike chooses the car one video blogger has been walking across a desert for several hours the guy has no water left and he's losing strength but his camera battery is fully charged he climbs a small hill and sees three lakes but not all of them are real help the blogger to identify illusions.

He has a video camera he should film the lakes mirages can't be recorded a biker is traveling along a country road when he hears a scream a woman is calling for help she seems to be in the forest the biker drives in her direction and sees three girls among trees they're all begging to save them from a vampire but which of you is the.

Vampire the man asks it's her the girl screams and points at one another how can the biker find out who is human there are two side mirrors on the motorcycle the biker needs to turn the handlebars to check which girl has a reflection martin likes visiting abandoned.

Factories and other buildings today he's going to check a huge deserted shopping mall located on a remote island according to some legends the minotaur lives inside the building the creature looks like a human with a bull's head of course martin doesn't believe that he takes a flashlight a warm blanket and a night vision camera it's dark and cold.

Inside martin hears a strange noise coming from the corridor he shines a flashlight and sees the minotaur the monster looks angry it aims its horns at martin what should the guy do faster the bull is about to attack remember that blanket that martin took with him the guy should throw it at the monster's muzzle to confuse the creature.

And escape michelle is in front of a locked door an axe a hammer and a drill and several other tools lie nearby the girl tries to break down the door with the axe but the door is metallic then she tries to knock the door out with the hammer and again no result don't try to force it open.

There's an easier way a creepy voice says michelle tries to open the door by turning the handle but it doesn't work either what else can she do michelle should knock on the door starry sky fresh cool air endless dunes.

A small campfire and a tent this place is a fairy tale sarah has always wanted to spend a night in a desert she takes pictures of the stars drinks hot tea from a thermos and enjoys life it's a perfect night too perfect a smile disappears from sarah's face everything is not real two signs indicate that sarah is.

Sleeping right now what are these signs two moons are shining in the sky a sea crab is looking at sarah from the sand but it's scorpions that usually live in deserts not sea crabs mary opens her eyes and realizes that she's in an unknown place the last thing she remembers is walking in the park and.

Then darkness there's a lot of trash in the room a red lamp is flashing from the ceiling something must have happened here mary can leave through the door it's open but wait she needs to take some useful stuff from the room but what she can only choose two items which ones.

mary needs to get scuba gear and a mask look at that small window fish are swimming by mary is underwater alex returns to his top floor apartment after a workout at the gym he turns on his stove to cook some soup when he's having lunch someone knocks on the door these are water utility workers they say.

That the ceiling in alex's apartment is about to collapse because his neighbors forgot to turn off a faucet and now they're flooding the building they ask the guy to evacuate immediately alex closes the door and calls the police he's sure those two are thieves how has alex figured that out he lives on the top floor no one can.

Flood him henry and mia lived together in new york they wanted to run away from big city life and celebrate their anniversary in the wild so the guys used a special online service and found three available options nearby bob offered his cozy tree house in the.

Woods for a reasonable price julia offered this fancy geodesic dome with all conveniences it's a two-hour drive away from new york and crystal offered an old mansion that she'd inherited from her granny can you help the guys make the right choice.

Take a closer look at the picture of the dome it's located near the leaning tower of pisa which means this property is in italy and it can't be two hours away from new york and crystal's granny's ghost is still in the house so mia and henry should choose the treehouse the guys contacted bob booked the house and hit the road mia is.

A famous blogger so she decided to post all milestones of their journey in her stories can you spot any differences between these two pictures here they are what about these two pictures there are three differences.

what can you say about these two can you see three differences here they are while the guys were driving along a highway someone threw a can of paint into their car mia and henry stopped at the nearest car wash and interviewed.

Four other drivers bill said my truck has to be perfect i'm going on a date this evening jack said i'm going to meet my business partner at the airport i want to leave a good impression lily said honestly i don't need to have my car washed i just stopped here to visit the restroom.

Ryan said my boss gave me this coupon so that i could wash my car for free who stained henry and mia's car lily her right hand is stained with the paint of the same color and besides she has a print of mia's face on her t-shirt she's definitely obsessed with her.

The guys washed their car and continued on their journey they had to choose one of these three roads to reach their destination the first one went through toxic swamps people often get lost in that area the second path went near a river with creepy sirens their singing made everyone jump into.

The water and a band of angry robbers was waiting on the third road which way should the guys opt for the second one they can close all the windows turn some music on and drive past the sirens very fast mia suggested visiting the farmers.

Market to buy some fresh produce for their romantic weekend when they entered the marketplace three sellers offered them apples but only one deal was safe enough can you help the guys make the right choice seller number one offers very old apples.

Take a look at the date on the box they expired five years ago seller number three offers very beautiful apples but pay attention to his assistant she's putting shoe polish on the apples to make them look better so mia and henry should pick the second seller.

Henry and mia left the market and put all their purchases into the car suddenly henry realized that he'd left a bag with cabbage at the farmer's stall he returned but couldn't find the bag henry questioned three people he saw nearby vera said i only eat fruit mister see i've got bananas and apples.

Bella said yes i saw your bag the seller put the cabbage back on the shelf and the seller said i don't know what's going on here i spent the last 10 minutes in the bathroom who's lying vera she hid the cabbage under her elegant hat.

Finally the guys reached their destination the treehouse is even better than in the photo but can you spot anything weird in this picture this raccoon is wearing sunglasses the owner of the treehouse bob lives in another country and the house is located 15 miles away from the village and other.

People that's why bob installed a special digital clock on the door when henry booked the property bob gave him a six-digit password but unfortunately henry had lost it here's a hint m80 can you help the guy crack the code.

these symbols are mirrored digits split them apart and you'll get the code 1133cc the guys unlocked the door but as soon as mia entered the living room she got very scared she asked henry to call the police why.

The treehouse is in the middle of nowhere who lit the candles and the fire the house was locked henry checked all the rooms but found no clues what about you any ideas who that could be that roof window is open someone crawled.

Inside the house before the guy's arrival and now that someone is hiding under the bed see the guys called the police officers promised to arrive within an hour mia decided to take a shower when she returned to the living room she realized that henry had disappeared.

Mia searched the garden then checked all the rooms in the house and returned to the garden again but she failed to find any clues can you help her the hot tub was open when mia began her search but now it's closed pretty suspicious.

Mia was walking through the garden suddenly a man in a mask popped out of nowhere and pushed her mia stepped on a trap and fell into a deep well she yelled please help me out no one answered but mia's phone pinged the masked man offered her to play a game otherwise she'd have to stay in the well.

Forever here's the first riddle i come in many different colors and i get bigger when i'm full i will float away if you don't tie me down and i will make a loud sound if i break what am i mia nailed it immediately what about you the correct answer is a balloon.

Here's the second question i can jump and i can climb with many legs i swing from tree to tree i can make a house much bigger than me what am i have you guessed it's a spider and the final question i come out at.

Night without being called i'm lost in the day without being stolen what am i can you help mia the correct answer is a star you find yourself in a large room everything's covered in cobwebs a thick layer of dust coats the furniture and.

The floor is creaky you find a can on the table all it says is antidote you're sure this could be useful so you put it in your pocket you also find a bunch of keys and go to the far end of the room there are three doors before you.

The first door has several locks on it but the keys you found will open them the second door clearly says werewolf inside there are no signs on the third door and it looks inviting clean and cobweb free which door do you choose your 10 seconds starts now.

The locks on the first door mean there must be someone or something kept inside that shouldn't be let out better not open it if the third door has no webs or dust on it then someone must use it regularly it's likely the werewolf lives there so you choose the second door the exit leads you to a park with trees.

And shrubs it's strange how quaint it looks for a place like this you see a group of seven people ahead they also look totally normal but as soon as you come closer you notice there's definitely something off about a few of them they're zombies how can you identify them careful they might spot you you have only seven.

Seconds now the right answer is three the guy is trying to find his eyes that fell out the girl on the bench is eating ice cream with body parts in it and this man doesn't even notice the dog biting his leg you're afraid of zombies as much as the.

Next guy but the really scary thing is those people standing nonchalantly nearby anyway you discreetly pass by this strange crew and eventually come to a mountain you climb to the top and enjoy the view of a beautiful sunset to move on you need to cross one of the.

Two bridges strangers are standing at the other end of each one you're sure one of them is a werewolf but who is it how can you tell looks like those zombies caught your scent hurry you only have seven seconds you've watched the sunset which means.

It'll get dark soon tonight is a full moon so you'll be able to see which of these people will turn into a werewolf you've crossed the safe bridge it's night time but the bright full moon illuminates the path for you you see a huge castle ahead you're sure ghosts live there but you don't care it's better to face ghosts than stay.

Outside with all these other creatures you enter the castle and find yourself at a ball eight people with masks are dancing you realize this is a test of your attentiveness how many of these people are ghosts seven seconds until you're spotted.

that lady is dancing but her feet aren't touching the floor she's floating everyone is wearing modern dresses and costumes but that couple over there is dressed as if they're from the victorian era ghosts can't change clothes right you've spotted three ghosts and you decide not.

To interfere with their dance gotta keep moving on you come to another room you see a huge table with a buffet of food fried chicken french fries pizza vegetables fruit soda mouth-watering desserts and pastries eight people are sitting at the table you've worked up quite an appetite by now and consider having a bite.

But intuition tells you something is wrong here you realize these are all vampires but how did you know you better decide in five seconds why is all the food on the table untouched does anyone in this room really want to eat oh they definitely want to dine but not on ordinary food.

They want your blood hurry run you book it out of there but the vampires pursue you to be saved you need to choose one of three rooms along the way there's a huge fire in the first room a pit with sharp spears at the bottom awaits you in the second the third room is filled with poisonous.

Gas which one will you choose hurry they'll be here in five seconds the correct answer is the room with the gas if you breathe in the poisonous stuff the vampires won't drink your toxic blood but how will you save yourself oh that's.

Right earlier you found an antidote you drink it fully recover and leave the mansion you go through the jungle and finally find the shore perfect you've reached your goal that's when your joy is cut short by the sight of three people flailing out in the water.

Help we can't swim you're about to dive in the water to save them but your intuition tells you something's fishy here two of them are sea monsters trying to lure you into a trap but which ones you only have five seconds to save the real person one of them has webbed fingers and that.

One's gills are visible but that guy over there still needs your help so you save him and head back to the shore right before a restaurant was about to open someone had stolen all the money from the cashier's desk a cook said that he was working in the kitchen and didn't have any free time the security guy said that he was in the.

Bathroom and didn't see anything the waiter said that there was a suspicious visitor peeking around who do you think stole the money the restaurant was still closed and there couldn't be any visitors so the waiter must have lied and is probably guilty ned works in a club and his job is to.

Check people's id cards and not to let suspicious people or folks under 21 in take a look at id cards and help him decide if he can let each visitor in or not here's the first one what do you think she seems fine let her in okay here's the next visitor what do you say.

june 31st does not exist there are just 30 days in june so nope what about this guy something is wrong once again even though february 29 theoretically exists there was no february 29th in 1977 it's every year that can be divided by four.

Okay what do you think about this girl i don't see anything suspicious about her here's another candidate for the club what do you think well he is 22 and he seems fine to me.

Let him in a student was having an oral chemistry exam and was struggling with his last task his professor decided to help him and have some fun so he said that instead of the task the student could guess his daughter's name he only had one guess but there was a hint he wrote down several numbers 32.

10 14 16. what's the professor's daughter's name it's a chemistry class and chemistry professor so there must be something related to chemistry look there's even a periodic table in.

The background to help you the 32nd element is germanium or ge and the tenth one is neon or ne and the 14th one is silicon or si and finally the 16th element is sulfur or s together they formed the name genesis a bank was robbed but they couldn't find the robber a week later at night.

Detective callum woke up from a call from a local shop's owner he said that he found the money under his terrace detective callum arrived but there was only half of the money stolen the man said that he had seen a man by his shop a week ago it was a full moon so he could see that the man had red hair and was wearing a dark hoodie still.

The shop owner was arrested why shop owner said it was a full moon a week ago but look it's a full moon right now so the man must be lying about something in history class students were asked to prepare a presentation about their ancestors edwin told about his.

Great-great-grandpa who moved to new york and started as a salesman and then built a huge business he even showed a photograph of his young grandpa in new york but no one believed edwin's story why even though the picture is black and.

White and looks old old new york looks very much like modern new york with dozens of skyscrapers the class noticed and figured out that it definitely wasn't a real photo royce called the police and reported that someone had robbed his house detective callum arrived and asked royce to tell exactly what happened.

Roy said that he had walked into his room and saw someone getting out of the window it was still open because royce didn't care to close it or touch anything before the police arrived he checked his wardrobe and found that his savings had been stolen detective callum closed the case why.

the robber couldn't go out the window without stepping on the bed but the bed is perfectly made so it looks like no one was leaving through the window kaya was studying in the library she went to the bathroom and left her things on the desk when she returned she found that her.

Wallet had been stolen she called the police and they interrogated the three students who were also in the library andre said that he had left the library right after kaya to get a drink from the vending machine and hadn't touched any of her things poppy said that she was studying the whole time and not paying attention to.

Anything rhea said that she was in the other part of the library looking for a book she needed and hadn't seen anything suspicious either who stole the wallet it was andre he said that he had left to get a drink in a vending machine but look there's no drinks in the vending.

Machine only snacks a young man named colton was living with his best friend cassidy one morning he called the police because cassidy wasn't breathing he said that he'd been working all day and had returned home late so he hadn't seen her or talked to her for over a day in the morning he found her in bed like.

That last night cassidy had a headache and had to take many pills so maybe that was the reason colton was immediately arrested why colton obviously didn't communicate with cassidy but he still somehow knew what she was doing in the evening he must have come up with all of it as he is.

Probably guilty