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Altaír Jarabo | Mexican Actress | Biography | Lifestyle | Networth | Career | Telenova

Welcome to biography extra youtube channel we present you the hottest the famous people singer models actor and actresses please subscribe to our channel altair girabo is famous for her work in magazines like glamour magazine open magazine she is well known for her role in some.

Mexican tv series subatee amimoto in 2002 as gabby the pretty model altera girabo was born on august 7 1986 in mexico city di street of federal mexico she was raised in mexico city by her parents and siblings her full name is altair gerabo garcia altair is the daughter of alba garcia.

And salvador darabo she has one sibling named jorge girabo garcia altair was interested in modeling in her childhood days her parents support her in modeling the beauty queen altair is 36 years old she lives under her birth sign of leo the beautiful model altair graces public.

Attention wherever she goes her height is 5 feet 6 inches she weighs 58 kilograms furthermore altair has blonde hair and dark brown eyes she has a body measurement of 31 23 37 inches altair has a slim body build and she manages her body with a healthy diet.

The glamour magazine's model altair is a single and unmarried woman she is living happily with her parents previously she dated alejandro ruiz who was a mexican artist they separated then she had a relationship with eduardo yanez who was a mexican artist later on she dated eugenio siller who.

Was a model artist and vocalist there was a rumor that she secretly dated mexican actor sebastian zarita but both of them did not accept it the 36 years old model altair began her modeling career at an early age being a model she worked in some shows and appeared on such occasions she featured on the cover of open.

Magazine glamour magazine which made her famous in the fashion industry she modeled for cover girl beauty care products the world famous model and tv actress altair has an estimated net worth of around 3 million dollars altair earns money from her professional career as a model and actress.

Altair is a very private person who has not revealed her properties to the public.

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