hello viewers how are you all welcome to our youtube channel diva logs today we are going to share some beautiful photos facts and biography of another beautiful plus size model her name is amy jeon she is derby and she is plus size.

The model is famous for her self-love attitude she is from canada with canadian nationality the model never hides her curves she is very confident and very bold she wears amazing outfits and she has beautiful hair and eyes.

The model is also brand promoter for different types of brands she looks pretty in all types of dresses she has been promoting clothing stores like shop cider cider curve and many more amy has got positive attitude towards.

Life that is why she has become social media influencer as well she is also a body positive activist amy is also popular for her eye makeover that are very beautiful and colorful this model likes to travel and enjoy her life completely.

You can see her in colorful clothes and on various natural places the model has got beautiful black dyed hair and she has got amazing hazel colored eyes she is popular on all social media platforms and on instagram the model has got.

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