Hello fellow DIYers, in today's video I bring you one more machine from the DEKO brand, in this case you are going to see what it is and what it looks like, because I already showed it in a YouTube Short so we're not going to see it at all, let 's go to try as always, as we like it and we will see if it looks like the Parkside machine. It comes with a rather curious hard plastic suitcase and inside we have… an instruction manual. As you have already seen, you already know what it is. A small DEKO brand screwdriver. Yellow and black color. You see what does it look like? Surely you are saying: WOW!!! as it resembles a machine we know. Inside a battery, two batteries and a charger of these normal things from 210 to 240 volts but it does not tell me how many amps and we also have in the suitcase a few drill bits that do not seem to be of very.

Good quality, a screwdriver bit holder and six bits of screw of the typical ones that will be Ph2, Pz 2… and all those things and there is not much more. As you may have already realized, it looks a lot like the one in PARKSIDE. It's exactly a copy, I don't know if they've copied this one or they've copied this… Or it's the same patent but it's exactly the same, it's the same size, the only thing you can tell is that the Parkside one is a little better quality, the metal is more good quality, but exactly could they… They are traced even the screws are in the same place, here the mandrel seems a little worse. And you already know that we can remove the mandrel from Parkside and we can take it out to have the screwdriver. It is the only thing that has changed for the others, the inserts are the same, the buttons are in the same places. Very few things change.

Only if you realize that it is a little higher where the battery is, now you will see why DEKO is there, the battery is longer but it is exactly the same as the Parkside battery and if you see it the only thing they have is the socket. I'm going to put it to the side so you can see the difference. In this one from Parkside, the battery is a little bit, if you realize, a little shorter, shorter, but the difference is this. In the one in Parkside they have made a slit here. in Deko's the slit is completely entire. If we cut that slit we have here, we could use Deko's battery in Parkside but not the other way around. Because the Parkside batteries, having that indentation here, Deko, what it has is flat. So when we try to fit the battery it doesn't fit me, apart from the fact that if you realize the Parkside batteries have some fins here that are the ones that have.

To be filed as I told you in a video so that they work in the Einell machines and others but yes we almost removed the slots, that it would go in, almost that it would fit well but good to have that protrusion because we can no longer put the Parkside ones in these Deko machines, but I'll tell you if we remove this fin from here in the Deko machine, yes it would It's okay at Parkside. But well, since I have the Parkside one and I have the Deko one and I have both batteries, I'm not going to make the invention, but I say that the other one works. I just brought it here for you to see. To be able to test the batteries and see the differences. That some batteries can be used, with some and with others. What is the charging system if you realize, when we press. The little lights are understood when the battery is charged, exactly like Parkside and we have the led, here hidden below. Which is exactly the same as Parkside and the light.

Too. Only here you press the light and it goes out. And here it stays on for a while when we have pressed. Other than that, it's exactly the same. Also 12-volt motor Speeds from 0 to 350 revolutions per minute the first speed in the second speed 1350 revolutions per minute a torque of 28 newtons and the diameter of the chuck 10 millimeters maximum. What if we come to the one in Parkside. We see that the Parkside performance 1750 revolutions per minute which is the second speed and the 1 goes from 0 to 460 so this is a little slower than the Parkside. To charge the batteries, well, it's not charged like the Parkside one, but it comes with this cable and here, if you notice, there's a little hole in the battery.

We insert a connector and it is this indicator light that the charger has that will tell us if it is charged. I'm going to put it on charge so you guys can see how it goes and I'm going to take a full charge to test the machine and see how long the battery lasts. Forgive the workshop mess but since I'm collecting everything and putting it in boxes it's all a little crazy. You see that the red light is on, when it is charged it will turn green so I am going to let it charge and nothing and we are going to try it. To do the tests, he took a piece of quite resistant, hard wood and we went to the tests. The same ones we did with Parkside, screwing and unscrewing and seeing how long the battery and if the motor is blocked… it holds up, when we put quite long screws into it. It has a clutch that goes all the way to 18 and then it has a position that's just for drilling.

The button to start, this one here, moves. If you pay attention when it trembles it goes backwards, it moves a little, but well let's see how it works I'm going to use a quite long and fat screw so that the machine is forced, as I like it, in extreme conditions a little, to see if it goes well. And we're not going to start to see how many holes we can make , which I don't know if the lights are very reliable , I have to say that it is slower when it screws, you can see that it has fewer revolutions than the Parkside one, but it has a lot of strength, it doesn't get stuck, it does not get stuck and if we press hard, that the screw and the tip is well fixed to the head of the screw, it does not stop, it does not get stuck or anything since it has enough power, it is a little slower than the.

Parkside one. As for the weight it is exactly the same weight. I think it will have the same engine because as I am already telling you, it is exactly what it is. It is an exact replica , the only thing that changes are the colors and the quality of the plastic and metal seems inferior, but otherwise it is exactly the same. I will leave you the link to this machine so that you can see it and compare it yourself, if you are interested in comparing it with the Parkside machine, you can buy it at the link that I am going to leave, which is where I bought it, and I tell you that it is not exactly the same quality but also a little cheaper than Parkside. performance and I say performance in English because normally I always say performance because it's with a French accent, because it's what comes out, sorry, it's what comes out of my soul, it's what I listen to most during the day.

Well sometimes I get performance But well it's performance but you understand me, between us we understand each other. As for the rest, use is going great, it does not get stuck, it does not get stuck when we screw, they do not slack, because sometimes you know that there are machines that when they have less force, try to screw the clutch, it jumps or the machine does not advance and the engine begins to heat up in This case has not happened to me. With a battery in fact about 80 screwed, it means inserting and removing the screw. e It is a screw, as you can see, quite long, quite wide and the wood is quite hard. You have already seen that it is difficult for him to enter, but he enters, that is, they do not doubt the machine. But well you can see that the wood is hard because the screw gets hot and I have noticed it and I.

Have ha
d to put on gloves because it was burning my hand. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option than Parkside or you don't like the brand and prefer another brand, Deko can be a good option. The truth is that this machine has impressed me. They are not very expensive and work quite well. The bits they come from are very low quality but good for making 4 holes they can be used. Madrid up to 10, as I said, and it is a somewhat low-quality plastic. But if you realize, as I already showed you in a video, it has a star screw so we can disassemble it and change the mandrel and put a little bigger and better quality. Because in this case not like the other Parkside. It is a head that can be removed, it is a universal chuck that we can change for a better one, if we want to have a slightly larger chuck and that larger drills do not fit,.

But well, I think that ten millimeters is enough to drill, make holes, assemble furniture and so on. The battery is going quite well, it has taken 45 minutes to charge, so a full battery charge takes 45 minutes and it gives you a lot of work, that is, you can be working with one and while having the other charging since we have two batteries. The finishes aren't too bad, but you can tell a little that they are open and as I told you , the plastic is a little bit of poor quality if we compare it to Parkside, the metal too… but well, it's what makes the cost cheaper. You know that when we save costs or lower quality, we either manufacture faster or lower quality. I don't have much more to say.

About this Deko brand screwdriver. It's not bad at all for its price. But hey, it's not excessive quality. I hope you like the video and that it helps you to get to know another Deko brand machine. Finally if you realize they are all exactly the same as Parkside, the machines are very similar so nothing until later..