Yeah and if you can see yourself as a part of that that these are my brothers and sisters in this ecosystem some know themselves some don't know themselves some are blind deaf and dumb some are intelligent some are rich some of this that in the third but this is my big dysfunctional family yeah you understand me and when i'm in my position the first.

Thing i'm going to do is something for my family why is because i am only getting in this position to do something for my family yeah but if you you can tell we let's look at the billionaires in our culture right yeah who is actually dangerous right we see elon musk wake up one day and decide to utilize the world is this playing field.

And go buy the largest social media platform that was empowered by black voices on the planet earth which is twitter he can just wake up and decide that i'm going to leverage my money my influence my power right and dictate to the world what i want to change that's why capitals came.

That's power yeah we don't have that power in our celebrities in our billionaires mostly also because they don't try and make bold statements once they get the money in power a lot of times they'll go silent on 19 keys and it's a high level conversation.

Tap in with the guy pete's family has 19 keys tapping in this is high level conversation today i'm here with a master of the market a master of the mind and master of discipline master of understanding and reality a person that has allowed himself to be in the public eye of the.

People and consistently teach and educate people to change the trajectory of their family to change the trauma that has existed in a family through financial oppression into a place of financial liberation this is the person that is consistent that is steadfast that is always updating the people with his oracle of a mind teaching people.

About the future of what will happen the most dangerous thing about listening to this master investor ian dunlap is when you actually don't execute off the knowledge that it gives you this is more than comparing him to a warren buffett or anybody else in the market because i think that his name rings by himself to be understood that.

Now people have to figure out how they can be this version of ian dunlap how they can be the version of a master investor and how do you become a master you first have to master yourself in an area of discipline so that you can take that same energy and you can conquer something else and i believe that's exactly what you learn when you tap in.

To master investor himself so i brought him here to have a high level conversation about time about the truth of reality investing this recession that we into you understand me and all of the truths that you should tap into so that your family can be on a better trajectory of wealth and power none other than my good brother.

Man i appreciate it brother love you dearly like one of my favorite people on earth we tapped in let's go this episode is brought to you by infinite wealth strategies i think the bigger thing about doing deals is what you can put out there you did a deal with somebody yeah you understand me yeah 19 keys.

Matched invested ink's deal of so-and-so for high-level conversations 19 keys is going to differ around more official yeah sponsors that allow and then you know if you say something or they don't like i'm not going to be like wow and freedom of speech is the biggest thing right now for them yeah yeah.

For them that is funny i heard tamika mallory talking about that she said like what more do a white man want as far as freedom of speech i mean at the end of the day yeah you got the rush limbaugh's you got the whoopty whops but it's like the freedom of speech of.

Anything i would see where i want more and and nothing that i won't say what i want to say but it's like you all you can say it but it's not gonna get reached yeah so it's like what's the point of saying it yeah you understand me if you can say it and it gets the same reach that's the real freedom it's not that you can't say it is that if i.

Say it where if i say something now that'll reach a million people but if i speak a truth then it's only gonna reach a thousand it don't have the same reach now i'm not even using my platform yeah i'm saying but most of our people don't want to hear the truth they don't it sucks it's sad that's a.

Tough battle that we're in it's just giving truth to a group of people that's been lied to forever yeah i mean this one goes to ancient days like what people have ever wanted to hear the truth how many like what like if you think about you put the glasses on while we roll and we can start with a casual.

Conversation and then to get the brains the wire and the sparks but what people have ever wanted the truth like if we look at ancient civilizations right whether you go into the greeks the romans the phoenicians the sumerians the egyptians you go into the africa with the dogan or zulu's.

Whatever it is but like and then it's funny because soon as i go over to africa i feel like those people had no problem with speaking more of truth yeah but when i think about systems that have up down systems where there's somebody at the top the people at the bottom don't want to hear everything that's going on what they want more than.

Anything is a great quality of life and to be happy you understand me it's true like but my trip in egypt when i was studying i started to look up like what was the wealth like in egypt and the wealth in egypt was similar to the system that we have now like the pharaohs had the money then the priest and the army you.

Understand the artists and all of that stuff and then the people at the bottom particularly live like you know a little lower wealth life yeah um or lower class life but what they figured out was as long as they took care of their people they people took care of them yeah so when.

They started to study the nile river and the harvest connected to the moon and they figured out that whole mathematical system of how they can harvest food and they can feed mass amounts of people yeah they people was happy as long as they can eat you understand me they can spend time with their family they have vocation they have work they work for.

The pharaohs they love the pharaohs it's part of their religion it's part of that's their gods yeah you understand me uh what they deified and so it gave them purpose they gave them work it gave them food they gave them clothing gave them shelter security yeah the people were happy with that yeah i think anytime you have a mass body of people they want.

Safety but if you go like to the dogon tribe the sumerians like yeah they were they knew about the planetary system yeah yeah thousands of years ago for everyone else like i think once you get so big you're going to have that 80 20 rule or 95.5 rule but if you have like a smaller community.

I think in a smaller community you need truth in order to have trust absolutely yeah but that's the difference it's like if i look at any european civilization i think it was never about truth um because it depends on the foundation in which it's built the romans didn't tell.

The people the truth the greeks didn't tell the people the truth the greeks stole philosophy from egypt and gated people stolen philosophies and ideas for them to worship but the integral politics from like the romans and them telling the people what's really going on the top down
from kings and monarchs and the king telling.

The people the real business never had never happened it's always been a hierarchy always been lies that the people were fed half truths or perspectives of truth or distractions from truth through bread and circus shows to where it's like we because the old saying is you can't handle the truth and that's really true.

For most people that's true it's a lot of people if you tell a large amount of people the truth they will go crazy so it's like as a leader if you know that if i tell these people the truth they're going to write if i tell these people the truth they're going to tear something down if i tell these people the truth they won't go to work tomorrow.

Yeah you're going to decide to make that decision for them that i can't tell them because they can't handle the truth and why do you tell the truth so you tell the truth is when you want them to break out the reality of the delusion when you want them to live accordingly to the law and when you don't feel like you need to have an.

Unfair advantage over people and you feel like that's a great question yeah you understand me where it's like i want you to know the truth so you know who you are so you can rule yourself so we can have what considered equality so you can really have equity and equality on this planet earth to know that yo you are a god.

Power huh you think most people want that in our culture i think they'd be lied so long that the truth is counter to their position now yeah you know i'm saying when you've been lied so long and somebody tell you the truth is like man now i don't have the power to appreciate.

The truth right so it's like now you want to tell me about the government you want to tell me about these systems you want to tell me about reality you want to tell me about religion you want to tell me about time and space it's like man i ain't gonna lie i was happy just being a worker believing that this was all that.

Was but now that i know there's more yeah i have a responsibility to go get more or to look at myself as less than for not going to get more and then we have to throw away everything we learned from school religion family members friends and it's a shocking thing for most people to.

Learn or discover what the truth is yeah man the truth is dangerous but the truth really does set you free as cliche as it sounds yeah yeah i'm saying but that ability to accept the truth i think is more important than to hear the ability to accept it once you hear it regardless of how harsh it is how much.

It may hurt you how much it may beat you up how much you may destroy that shadow self that you have to work at when nobody is around yeah that part will strengthen you because if you can go through the truth because the truth is a journey you have to go through it once you get it it's an electrical energy that will wake up every fiber of your.

Being and it's going to uh stimulate and tensilate your senses in your mind and it's going to change the way you have to think and see and perceive the world you think that's why people was given so much feedback on a conversation you know mike had it's based on truth yeah and any man.

That's lived as a man know that you guys were right but why do you think so many people were pushing back on the comments because they now take on new truths right and these new truths are not given to people that's connected to their own truths so let's say in perspective that you have man teaching men how to be men.

Then you have women teaching men how to be men then you have government teaching men and women how to be men and what's accepted and right yeah because we look at common society and today right now it's the fact that you know the supreme court has more sway over what people accept right than their pastors and their preachers.

Right and their ministers and and that's what it is because people don't vote for what the current rule of reality is the supreme court for the most part comes and say well y'all can figure this out what we wanted in our agenda so now we're going to say that this is it now when that happens the people celebrate it and say this is the new norm and then.

Once it becomes legal it becomes right or wrong and people want to be on the side of good so they go on what's accepted as the normal thing and people that go against it then they threaten their position to have safety and what's accepted amongst the masses so it's like masculinity.

Is such a and this is from whether you know i don't know politics enough to even know what's right of left wing yeah i see it as one bird i think when people start talking about left and white wing i'm like man y'all talking about the same bird absolutely like why why do i pick a wing.

On a bird you understand me i don't even eat chicken no more you understand me i don't want none of the birds yeah uh but the reality of it is is that it's a it's a vulture the wings that they talking about on that bird that's not it's not an ego it's a fortune.

And the people are dead and they got them picking on the carcasses of the people yeah you understand man the people voting on which vulture that they want to come and swoop down on them and take more pieces of them and more bits of them so i think the danger of it is is that we have gotten more comfortable with the.

Lies than we have the truth you understand me people don't want the matrix anymore they want the watered-down version of it how do you think you can wake people up without upsetting the system government and then becoming a target as a result you can't you have to do that in order actually.

So the idea of trying to wake people up without accepting the system is more dangerous than going a straight path tell me more it's like somebody that wants to get out the streets and go the right path yeah right in that moment it becomes dangerous somebody is in the street is more safer.

Than somebody's trying to get out the streets right because when you try to get out the streets a lot of times your senses start to do it you start to believe that you're safe you stop looking around everywhere you stop having the heightened senses of that reality and you stop living by a certain cold because you certain murder.

Stunt and immersed in it so then that's when most people get killed brother just getting out the street bro we're just changing this like bro we're just doing a transition point that translation is dangerous you have to be in or out that we call the straddling offense yeah you can't be in between you can't be in between that's dangerous so like if you.

Gonna be revolutionary go at a hundred percent uh particularly when you're speaking to yourself in every aspect the way you strategize with the world that's you have an end goal with a result but if you start to go in your mind like i can play this but i'm i ain't got to do it like to.

Other people i'ma just play around with it and make some moves over here no first of all you're not going to the problem is that you're not going to make enough change to respect yourself you understand me then you're not going to make enough change to ever be a threat you understand me so the government not even going to look at you.

Or whatever entity that you're going against like i ain't worried about that brother ain't really that's just ain't really out there making no changes they're more aligned with the agendas that we pushed in there and they don't even realize so a lot of people that think they're revolutionaries are actually going into.

The exact direction in which the government wants you to end up being allies of
the system yeah that's interesting i always said it's the easiest time in the world to become a billionaire my question to you was what are you waiting for now i know your dreams ideas may not be at the scale of billions but.

Perhaps you can make five figures six figures seven figures eight figures right the opportunity to fire your boss and replace it with a skill set is ever present every single day but every day that you ignore this market that's continuously growing and making more millionaires and allowing.

People to fire their jobs and create new opportunities you are missing out on a growing industry i want to be able to teach you tokenomics i want you to be able to understand how to find coins without all the fomo how to understand why they're valuable in the first place this is what i teach in the infinite wealth strategies that's why my students.

Get amazing results because they don't just take the information we give them the mindset on how you actually go executed you understand me teaching them how to learn teaching them the mindset then giving them the game when it comes to cryptocurrency and the blockchain i want you to join my community as well and the infinite wealth strategies and i.

Want you to become a strategist why because the strategist understands that choices know how to plan and execute there's infinite wealth out there but you need a strategy in order to get you some there's always going to be another coin popping but if you're not in it don't even matter make sure you tap into the infinite wealth.

Strategies so you can be ahead of the game instead of outside looking there tap in that's the the like what is what does woke mean to you someone who is aware of the truth and can see the false hills that's been created in this country or world.

And that is that definition is perfect right but now wokeness has become this thing that is like it doesn't even have a real that the new perception of it is weird right when i hear people talk about you know this these people are too woke or this new woke uh politics i don't know what that really means because what.

They did is they took another word and they covered it up with woke so they're not saying what they really want to say anymore right they just covering up with woke because the real world means to have awareness of the reality that you live in yeah what's the there to be uncovered then that came from particularly when we're just talking.

About black men calling them hoteps at first they're called too woke yeah they're talking about the conscious community that grew in brooklyn and harlem yeah that's where that brew came from that's where that wokeness came from okay you know what i'm saying yeah so for me welcomes was a good thing like like now when i hear this the most.

Cliche thing on the planet theorists yeah seriously theories like oh brett walk you know what's going on in reality like it was a badge of honor yeah now it's like it's it's this thing where it's saying that if you go with any of the political agendas from the corporations or the oligarchies then you.

Are now part of this new world crowd you understand me that you're going with you know the sexual movements or these crazy political movements it's so much and then they just dress that up with wokeness instead of addressing it the way they want to um you understand me so i don't think they should use that word because the context.

Doesn't make any sense what words should they use instead i think they should just call a spade a spade you understand me the reason people say wellness because they don't have freedom of speech right okay so if you once you have freedom of speech the white men are now.

Going to be like we ain't got to say woke no more we can just say that listen we don't like disney because disney is doing this yeah and that means disney is this group right so they start calling things out as they are yeah so for me i think wokeness is like you know the new [__] if you will i ain't gonna call you a [__] i'm just.

Gonna say you too woke yeah i'm saying powerful yeah yeah and and and same thing when you're talking about uh let's say disney disney had the bill like disney we could talk stocks a little bit right disney stocks i heard some people believe that part of disney not.

Doing the numbers that it could be doing is because of his two walk right and and their interpretation of his two woke the don't say gay bill right and when they say the don't say gay bill instead of them saying that it's too gay they say it's too woke so that's the slide in words absolutely you know what i'm saying.

It's like saying if you go and you watch a movie and it's about a lot of politically black consciousness interpreted in that movie they gonna say this [__] too woke instead of too many [__] in this movie so you it's a derogatory term now sl slid in where whatever racist word or whatever word that you would have.

Normally had we slide in and walk for it and they are just like disruptive to the system yeah and and and you know i don't always tend to i don't know even who to to even think about when it comes to agreement but when it's truth i agree.

With it yeah like truth doesn't have to settle upon people feelings truth doesn't have to settle upon people feelings like tell them why though i love that because truth is like the sun will rise regardless if you wanted to or not yeah but you can have an emotional connection to it i wish the sun wouldn't rise it's.

Too hot it don't matter that's the truth yeah it's going to rise and it's going to shine light on everything that is going on yeah but when you want to keep something in the dark dan don't tell the truth but when you talk about feelings the reality of something is is that we are such a overly emotional society.

Absolutely and truth is just reality it's void of emotions it's mathematical so i don't care how you feel because that won't change the reality of what the truth is absolutely it will actually make you weaker if i curtail all of your feelings and speak some mistruth.

By not telling you the whole truth you think that's why they've concentrated or made a concentrated effort to have people more emotional engaging more debates more arguments online so they're not able to control themselves and have like a high emotional i think that's that's loaded because.

Social media benefits just particularly from the aggression right absolutely we know twitter only has so many words because it forces you to be more aggressive when you have to condense a point it's hard to have humanity you understand me and empathy in a condensed point yeah right because when you're speaking with somebody if you say.

Something blatant there's no regard for your feelings it's just the truth yeah but if you give me time i can say it and express it in a way to where i can navigate your feelings yeah so that you can accept it in a different manner yeah but if i say well nah not only can like you have to condense this down to a point and each time you do.

That it's going to be more aggressive which is going to make more people right react to it so it has to be more polarizing yeah so social media benefits as a business model to keep people emotional you understand me like and therefore when somebody tells the truth the truth is now the bigger enemy you understand.

Me because what keeps people comfortable is the lies so if you got a bed made in lies and the person trying to give you concrete truth which one gonna be more comfortable yeah you understand me a person want that better lives they don't want to lay on that concrete of truth that's true you feel me so for me th

I don't have time because you got to have time and it's a luxury to be able to skirt around people's feelings right and unless you want to intentionally deceive them to manipulate them for a point yeah and manipulation can be good.

Or bad depending on the end result for the people that you've manipulated because politicians act in nothing but manipulation the entire campaign that's true yeah the delivery on what they promised so like let me ask you a question because you then started interviewing me man i have to.

I like it though you're welcome um speaking of you you are a person that is connected directly to the idea of wealth if a person going to talk to master investor they're thinking about an aspect of their life that they want to.

Increase they may be thinking it's particularly generational wealth and then in detail they're thinking about stocks yeah you understand me as their vehicle towards wealth but let me ask you what's the most interesting fact about wealth that you think about that you don't normally.

Um display there probably only seven percent of people will achieve it because they don't put systems rules and ideologies in place to make it or keep it so everyone thinks like wealth is about knowledge that's probably we have more knowledge of.

Every asset class but more people i talk to i'm like they just have not executed because a they might they may not think that they're worthy so you have to go through the d program and d condition and then b are you automating investing are you automating out of your business.

Processes no but everybody i know damn there wakes up they hop on social check text someone hop on tinder bumble get to their dating life and the wealth thing is like an afterthought and i know in our community we often.

Feel like we won't live long enough to even see the wealth but i think that too has been a trick to make us not concentrate and put our efforts into like mastering this one particular area so what about wealth and relationships right because i i see my shout out to my brother um shabazz.

He was uh talking about a post where a lady was in a marriage and in the marriage she said she ended up leaving the guy she loved them she said um they had a great marriage but he had a job that didn't meet her standards of living and she didn't see any increase during the time of day.

Marriage so she ended up leaving somebody that she completely loved in his marriage divorced him and supposedly the story is he literally died of a heart attack you understand me so he died of a broken heart that's crazy now my point was within that though marriage was never about love yeah right.

Marriage if if anything if you would think about it is an agreement to really create generational wealth yeah as a business partner you understand me it's a business partnership yeah so what is the what what is the formula today.

If you will about relationships and building wealth like let's say if a woman has a house you know if she has a house before she gets into a relationship right and that's the house that she lives in now she gets into a relationship with a man.

And let's say the man doesn't have a house yet does he move in with her king needs his own castle king needs his own castle grandmother almost told me like there is no romance without finance and you can't be the king of someone else's home um so you wouldn't move in with a woman that already had our own house i'm gonna be real it's hard enough.

When they move into our homes and it's our castle yeah so even if you move there and pay all the bills it still feels like this was mine right beforehand and even it sucks that she did that and i get it but most women and i'm not trying to be salacious but most women who wants a king who can provide like.

That often are not equipped to give a man what he needs most men who have the money and i hear the six-figure debate and all that sounds good but most women don't bring enough peace to get the man that makes seven eight nine figures.

Talk to it about the piece cause all right so i wanna i wanna condition this point for a little bit right so the marriage marriage really can't build wealth right we know for a fact that couples right now it's better for a woman to be in a relationship you understand me uh than by herself because a relationship for a woman if she's with.

A man with money automatically increases her net worth and a man too especially if he has a good woman and she brings peace that's the number one asset to anybody but a good woman because good woman so so this is my point though right so if a woman gets into a relationship her net worth automatically increases she's.

Going to pay for less things yeah automatically she's with a man that's going to be paying for the trips he's paying for the food he's paying for you know rent all those different things yeah so he automatically allows her to be able to have more investing power so she's into investing she can automatically put more money into the.

Market put more money into businesses wherever she wants yeah because now he just took care of all of her living expenses so a woman in a relationship is getting the first benefit of the relationship through increased net worth if a man is taking care of her in that relationship i mean but the truth is most men offer.

That because they don't bring anything else to the table men complain about women being gold diggers and then you approach them on [__] with me baby and i'm gonna give you everything that you need because if he was just you by yourself may not be enough so a lot of times men are making.

Promises grand gestures because they know inside they may not be worthy enough they might not be worthy enough now i believe that's true because a man will start to judge himself based on his material possession yeah because he don't have any immaterial possessions absolutely he don't look at his.

Intellect his spirit his is soulless confidence he's just his intrinsic value absolutely you understand me like for me i know what my intrinsic value is right like i know for a fact i'm a one-on-one yeah you understand me and a person can take it however they want to but they got to take it directly from me because the source of it is is.

You know you're not going to find a replacement it's just the reality of it and you have to carry that energy as a man you have to to know who you are because that's going to resonate with the woman that you choose and you're going to attract a woman who appreciates and understands that quality about yourself because she.

Can see that you get in this of who you are and she will help you bring out more which is going to increase your net worth and a lot of times the men that lead with money are lacking confidence or self-worth how do they get to that point it takes a lot of work people don't want the workload that.

Comes with that like one of my favorite books is as a man thinking so i truly believe like whatever you put into your mind you're going to get out like how many men look in the mirror like a mirror over there and say hey i'm worthy i'm amazing i can make all of my dreams come true that's why i want kanye cliff when he's like i.

Am a god i love that clip yeah he's like because he's like yo if i said i'm a [__] that may resonate with 95 but what you program and put into your mind becomes true and you pass that down to your children and lineage so i think relationships and especially marriage when you find the right person there is no multiplier like that if you.

Have peace happiness joy and someone who's on the same level who wants to help you build a lot of times people get married because they've
been sold this idea of romantic love and romantic love was created to sell trinkets yeah engagement ring homes.

Even the american dream is roman antics that's where we get it from we get it from the romans you understand me and and that's the the unfortunate reality is like uh revort wanted me to do a segment on uh why do black women feel empowered to date outside their race right i thought about whether i actually.

Wanted to do it or not because you know sometimes i try to control my narrative of conversation like i don't want to be that person talking about that [__] because yeah honestly a lot of that is it's a fake narrative it's not real yeah and the reason i say it's not real because when i started to do some research for it i say well.

What have they been empowered to do and then i looked at the data and i'm like well these women whether you're talking about the new supreme court or vice president or the representatives in congress whatever it may be but when i look at what has been done specifically for the black community.

With the power that they have they haven't been empowered yeah they have just been given places yeah you understand me and place holders so for me if you if you get a symbol without substance that means nothing nothing so if you if you want to empower a black woman you have to put her in position and by a black woman i'm talking about.

Somebody that has the mindset for their people to liberate them and once they get in position they will utilize that power to enact change once in that position but you know they know that a woman has the greatest chance of being a liberator that the system won't let that happen oh hell no.

They would never let that happen i mean the the black woman that people look up to the most she had a black man and that was michelle obama yeah so it was like i'm not about to ignore and and you know i don't particularly look to that particular family as liberators but that was that first woman is the woman that all black women give praise and.

Love and energy to you understand me and if we're going to look at any example in politics michelle obama was the only black woman you understand me that was impactful right in her position yeah as far as a symbol the other black woman got in position but the only impact they had.

Was during or right there when they actually got imposition so when they announced that they won yeah that was it but afterwards where do we see the impact that's it so i don't want this narrative to be like oh this person got this position because we that's dangerous as a community when we.

Get into politics and we're happy with the position instead of the power but most don't want the power to change if we gonna have an honest conversation most people don't love being black enough to make anything different for black people um so.

All right so then we have to get in the idea of what is black because that goes into the cultural values of norms you understand me and having an inherent position to see yourself a part of a collective because this 46 million black people in america are collective yeah they are a nation.

Within a nation yeah and if you can see yourself as a part of that these are my brothers and sisters in this ecosystem some know themselves some don't know themselves some are blind deaf and dumb some are intelligent some are rich some of this dead in the third but this is my big dysfunctional family yeah you understand me and when i'm in my.

Position the first thing i'm going to do is something for my family why is because i am only getting in this position to do something for my family yeah but if you you can tell we let's look at the billionaires in our culture right yeah who is actually dangerous right we see elon musk wake up one day and decide to.

Utilize the world there's this playing field and go buy the largest social media platform that was empowered by black voices on the planet earth which is twitter yeah he can just wake up and decide that i'm going to leverage my money my influence my power right and dictate to the world what i want to change that's why capitals came.

That's power yeah we don't have that power in our celebrities in our billionaires mostly also because they don't try and make bold statements once they get the money in power a lot of times they'll go silent on what is the reward to do so so let's take oprah kanye robert.

Jay jay malcolm got killed what happened martin got killed what happened we're in la nipsey got killed people don't people say they're loaded up to death don't send [__] to lauren for them kids a lot of it is show so if i can argue on the other side of.

It we can before the people but if something happens to that person no retribution has ever had so the difference between malcolm and martin is they had no money they had no money right and they were left completely to.

The will in the whims of the people so it's like when you really dissect what was going on with martin he figured out way too late yeah that money was the game that was in the final hours that was the real power so the moment like he figured that out the fbi is there tapping him the whole time yeah so he which once you make that kind.

Of transition they had to make a bold move and they assassinated him done with yeah malcolm made plays towards human rights right putting that on a big stage letting black people know about nationality and things of that nature and making america look bad in the public of the united nations around the world.

That was a dangerous game and then not having position of wealth and power right um control over media or protection yeah he was a man by himself yeah right completely by himself so in the midst where he made the most dangerous move he was he had he was isolated yeah right and the people that.

Was surround him were complete fbi agents for the most part yeah so it's like i don't even think that those are proper examples because when we look at it in context and detail we can see exactly how that felt right now when we talk and i'm not saying like you know there's they're spooks and messiahs.

Right the spooks are the ones you know set beside the doe who who you know sneak in and infiltrate get the information bring it back to the people you don't think kanye's trying maybe not the way that you would but in comparison to other billionaires he's tried a lot more and they didn't get deemed as crazy.

Or erratic or there was an attempt on his mental sanity to get power of attorney over like it's a lot that comes with that journey if there was ever a man who had freedom of speech it was kind west yeah um.

There's so much to unpack about kanye though so much so many layers and dimensions about kanye west and a man who is still in the midst of his story has to always begin a lead way to change chapters and the trajectory of how his story ends yeah so with kanye west.

I want to see what develops right from the bolstering about his money his wealth his influence and power yeah right um because what can happen is more important than what has taken.

Place thus far because if we look at ourselves we personally know we've impacted tens of thousands of families yeah right not because we are entertainers but we educators and liberators yeah to where we directly inject truth and knowledge into the minds of the people for them to execute and change the trajectory of a.

Family to where they can go about creating institutions right and institutional power is the key to it all absolutely right so it's like when entertainers have influence to where they're interjecting knowledge into the minds of the people then you start to see change because it's not about them so much just.

Utilizing their pla
tform and their money to just go at the government do all this crazy wow stuff they ain't got that kind of paper number one yeah but it's about how they utilize their platform who they empower more than anything because if i see a kanye or jay or whoever i have to see who are they.

Empowering in their ecosystem who do you think they should have empowered by now that they haven't i went and when it comes to media right if i want to empower somebody through media i want to empower the very voice they don't want to see up there i'm going to if i got kane west money i'm gonna go to earn your legion yeah.

And empower them yeah i'm not going to hollywood unlocked yeah like if i want to be the most dangerous black man in america but he may not want to empower i think and coming from the midwest growing up 30 minutes away from where kanye grew up i love his journey because he.

Anybody who knew kanye or knew of him in 2001 kanye was probably the 80th most popular rapper in chicago nowhere like where he ascended to no one saw that i don't think he wants to be the most dangerous i think he wants to be the most accepted.

His he speak as if he wants but his brand is the way he speaks for acceptance is i'm the most dangerous black man yeah you understand me like when you see the dinners he lays out and the all black all of that is energy derived from you know uh um decades of other people's leadership the black panthers the noi right uh that's from.

Him being pushed out if elon zuckerberg grabbed him gates that energy wouldn't be there just like when he was in debt so you got joe rogan with elon yeah but who is kanye's joe rogan that's black but i would argue joe rogan made himself before elon got there.

Still but elon chose to further empower him yeah it was mutually beneficial and that's the thing i love about you trey rashad we all choose to build that's a lot of people in the industry that play games with us that don't help but they also know too that if they help.

Us their value is going what do most entertainers what value do they actually bring yeah most nothing none and then once you learn the behind the scenes of how the business actually works how to deal it's like most people work in corporate make more than most entertainers.

So even in our community people don't want to elevate certain people because they feel like well i won't have any value or i won't be able to make money that's that's it right there yeah see now and not only that it's like it's easy to be like like we in position to put certain people on now right.

That's what i want to do with high level conversations there are certain people that i know that don't get voices but i want to put them in an aesthetic and a sphere and let the world hear what they have to say right but that crew requires a level of intentionality putting up your own money.

And intentionally finding those voices that can be liberators and spaces that you don't have the will to do right so if you have a billion dollars and i have a billion dollars it looks different than the current billionaires just the reality that's true because there's going to be a lot more projects.

And a lot more people connected to that ecosystem that are going to be doing things based on the new leverage that we have yeah right like if today if you want to create impact in the world where's the first place that you go to like you you today master investor you now have a billion dollars.

At your will to do whatever you want to what's your move you might well talk to my community first you said you're going to well go inside my community first like those that built with me i'll hit there because the thing that we like really is.

Organization and also too like everyone wants to overthrow the system we're the only community that announces to the public hey we're going to tear this [__] down and then wonder why we don't get far you can't announce yo i'm coming to 63rd now talking about chicago hey man when i get over there i'ma [__] y'all you can't.

Do that yeah you have to move in silence even with kanye like i love his determination i think he moves wrong all the people that are most dangerous are silent yeah i just think he needs to uh have the right people around him um and that changes everything yeah.

Especially when you are at that position there's no there's there's no billionaire there's no powerful person on the planet earth that makes great moves that doesn't have good counsel absolutely you understand me like good counsel is more important than anything absolutely because it's something that your money won't be able.

To buy absolutely you understand me because the wisest council are a lot of times the people that can't be bought those are the intellects the starting the militants like you you're moving wrong you're doing this right oh yeah yeah you need the people you disagree with the most absolutely the people that like the issue is that a lot of people.

Get egotistical and they want to be isolated with people who don't challenge them enough so they allow you to go make all of the dumb ass moves you gonna make in front of the world and then you get mad at them like why y'all ain't telling me now you get mad at all the people around you but there's also the people that comfort.

You when you do stupid [__] that also goes back to do people want truth or not people want to be pacified um most people do that's what the seizures fall like even when they talk about the attack of brutus it was an integrity thing like caesar was sleeping with brutus's mother and his counsel.

Said it would be okay because you're in power if you're friends there are certain lines you shouldn't cross you get smaller that's left out of the history books for the most part you need counsel to guide you and tell you hey man you're [__] up that's why my dad my friends brother dream team if.

I'm out online they tell me i'm like and leaders have to listen so if you tell me hey brother you move i got to change it right away not debate with you not go back and forth because i think any time you have counsel or friends that tell you something.

That's like love and immediate action um a lot of times leadership will say hey that's wrong is that me um say that you're wrong and i'm like but what's the point of having them around to guide you and impart wisdom into you if you're not gonna listen yeah yeah i mean you know a.

Lot of times you think you want it until you get it though yeah because it's like once you have somebody to tell you the truth and then they start speaking all right that's enough and then the person i know you told me to tell you this i got to get it all out yeah and by time they done speaking they're your enemy yeah.

And it shouldn't be what do you think we can do to have more conflict resolution in our community because that's one of our big weaknesses we have to have communities um and those communities have their systems you understand me it's like you're not going to get conflict.

Resolution on a one-off situation like it has to be people are part of organizations yeah like i don't think there's nobody should just be out there by themselves there's there's a lot of men that claim that oh i can't follow i don't believe in god or i can't be a part of an organization or community and most of that has to deal with a lot of.

Internal [__] that they don't want to deal with as men to be a part of something yeah and i say that because most men don't deal with the conflict inside themselves to be able to deal with a conflict with someone else you understand me and so a lot of times
they want to be pacified around people but once you get into.

Organization right it's going to be people that's going to check you every single step of the way brother we can't do this you can't do this you can't do this you can't do this and in your mind this is somebody telling you what to do you understand me and then you look at them like who are you to tell me what i can and cannot do yeah but when you are.

Righteous and you divine and you within yourself none of those egoistic things start to pop up as an issue yeah oh brother instead imagine if you had the spirit thank you brother i appreciate that or damn that kind of hit my spirit but you're right i'm gonna tighten up yeah that's soldiers only the truth hits heart yeah that's why i think when.

People get into conflict if you're not willing to listen you're not letting people love you like love is not always nice so if you're messing up and somebody doesn't work i don't want to start nice don't be nice the the meaning and the root word and nice is to be stupid.

That's the way nice was used yeah for its inception yeah this person is nice the person is saying this person is stupid yeah right like it's it's when you go around people whether you're on white people black brown asian orange whatever color you want to be around or you want different people of different classes celebrities.

Influence whatever different people start to make you act nice right and why do you start acting that way because a lot of those times you're trying to appease somebody else at the detriment to yourself yeah right women do this all the time unfortunately more.

Than anybody because they close themselves up they apologize too much excuse me too much because they are taught not to take up any space yeah so they have to play stupid yeah i don't like she don't have any wisdom she don't have any intelligence around white men yeah black men get around white man and start playing nice.

You understand me a white man make a joke that a black man would make and a black dude would be offended if a black man made that joke or tried to play him like that but when it comes to white dude he playing nice he's slapping him on the ass and telling me stupid you understand me he'd take it as a joke yeah because you think that in those.

Environments you have to play stupid right not stupid to the point where you know i don't want person to know this a part of my strategy i'm really smart no stupid to the point where they make you feel like you always have to be subservient that you can never be a master in a position that they need to.

Play nice with you nah like i get around people i'm always going to be me it makes everybody else uncomfortable but how did you gain that confidence through the nation islam i gained that because when i was younger they told me i was a god at an early age and i i went through the development of understanding what that meant i was.

Always taught that you know a black man is supposed it's 196 million 940 000 square miles on the planet earth and if they told me that particularly so that i know that this is my home and if this is my home then i should know the square mileage of where i live so when i walked outside i looked around and i seen my crib you understand me and.

So there's nobody that can tell me where i don't or do belong when a cop pulled up to me and we're in oakland we're in st louis and they ask me where i'm from they do that so it makes us feel like we don't belong here yeah like i live here who are you to even question me you understand me like.

Same thing with my own body in my home like i live here who are you to get me angry yeah i want to allow you to do something that i know is your tactic that gets me angry so you can put me in a cell or a place i don't belong you don't have that kind of power so the goal was to give me and all the brothers and sisters who got that knowledge the.

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