Tuesday, June 28, 2022

1.e4 vs. The French: Part 4 | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

hello everybody how's it going i truly wish i had a french accent that i could pull off right now but i don't so for a hat that would be fun too um so today i'm gonna talk a little bit more about the overall french and some of the games that whenever i think about i just go ah that was so good i wish i could play it.

Again and get the same game and results so um i'm gonna be showing you some of those however this is still related to the opening series that we've been doing i have lost count of how many episodes of it has been but uh we've talked about sandy the negi's um.

Book for what that came out 2014-15 and um the first year the first of the series that he did and it's like white against french aragon and uh philidor so we've covered the philidor parts we've covered most of the vinover so i'm going to show you a little bit more about vinover and staynets and try to do the.

Transition to shannon so from next week we can just talk about this and um yeah i think it'll be fun if you are someone who plays this as white and if you even if you're not someone who plays this specific.

Um move order as white and you play some of the other emmy lines or sidelines it's still okay because you get a better understanding of the pawn structure of the main ideas of how the center will be where the pieces belong and so i think it will be cool if you uh watch this regardless of.

The your love for the thumbnail i see a lot of that going on in the chat masterpiece right as long as you're okay with it thank you why not let's go for a fun one why not but yeah um so i'm gonna be talking a little about the the winner first because.

Uh i've already shown you countless of this um whenever games and lines but just to kind of um make it a little bit prettier we have talked about c5 for the most part so i left that out but let's talk about 97 because it's still you know it can still transpose.

Right so quick um quick buggies pop quiz what should white do here what do you think i would do or what do you think um neggy would say you should do oh patrick that's lovely yeah you get this a lot as white with d4 too yeah yeah troy boy i feel that too i tried.

Playing korokon and french here and there as black and it was just not not for me and i mean that's that's totally fine because no one can be comfortable in every single opening so you know f4 is something that i have done um not in this position but i am a big fan of f4 f5 push push push.

So let's talk about it logically let's say you know nothing of this opening the pawn structure indicates that we have a very interesting kingside attack coming up right it also indicates that if they take or perfect right because i have these double bonds now on another hand i have two bishops.

But a relatively close center right so it also means that i need to be very careful how i navigate these bishops again for the most part we're going to be doing stuff in the king side and um because of our pawn structure there is no knight here so if i had a bishop queen you know this would be a new.

Weakness that i could explore some of the things that black can do well one of it is the c5 that they have already done the other part is they kind of have to decide when to try and do stuff with f6 and f5 the knight on f5 could be problematic sometimes the other parts are because there is no.

Dark square bishop for black it does mean that black has weakness in their dark squares so this could be a new target for us to explore and on another hand there is this bishop right not really pretty but uh because of the palm structure obviously but a lot of.

The times the black does tend to try and exchange it off so that's something that you should be careful about or at least weigh it in all right so i've talked the logistics of it and so if you already know the opening great if you don't buy everything that i've talked about you should have a few.

Candidate moves right all right yep thank you thank you chad is also talking about yeah queen s4 is good too there's so many good moves here but queen g4 is what that kind of makes the most sense to me because you're going after this um obvious weakness and here they can play queen c7 castle all those things.

That we've talked about in the last um hours of just on psychology but let's talk quickly about for example queen c7 now as queen 27 again we kind of went a lot deeper in bishop d3 because there is this take and this very very cool line that you.

Have to know so much about if there's also a four there's h4 do you have to bring your queen back to d3 at some point it's a whole thing but um for me i didn't want to just walk into something that my opponent wanted to black knows well regardless of the opponent because any anybody who plays 27 they definitely know.

These to the end and i just didn't want to walk into that so when i saw the suggestion from negi that he suggested you know bishop d3 was like yeah why not and the idea is really pretty because you're gonna eat this eventually but you're delaying it so first black gets to eat these two pawns right.

And you get your pieces out a little bit better than you would have on the main line i guess the classical line i should call it but in this case when you do get g7 you have to be careful because there is a very important move order that you should know you should play this first.

With the idea it would be awesome if the queens get exchanged now you might ask well how this queen is in the center my queen is kind of stuck up there and the answer is you are going to try to go bishop f4 and they got to move the queen probably go back here then you go bishop g5 again poking a queen now think about this your.

Bishop is also doing a little skewer to this knight so if the queen goes back to e5 you can eat that knight and this knight is the protector of the rook so the rook falls so just kind of making that storyline in your head of you know what's happening should be very very helpful now i've had many opponents play so many different things with me.

For the most part rick h8 is something that i experienced a lot and if i can get this queen exchanged i'm very very happy and this it's very deep it's still you know ongoing but i have a nice advantage i have two bishops this one will definitely fall soon i have a nice pass.

Pawn which is quite supported with my rook and these two bishops so again it's not a clear win yet but it's very comfortable you have a very clear plan as opposed to opponent still needs to develop the rook is under attack a lot of things are happening so that would be like the dream way of.

Getting it exchanged right now let's say for example they go for something more chill actually i don't think that does much because i can still do this in worst case they have to go back and exchange it so i don't think that's the whole ordeal.

Okay let's talk about for example take now what do you think we should do here is white i think i've seen this isn't it probably um i mean rookish 3 was i think that was one of the game once i did it incorrectly so i had to do that.

But yeah there was a one side did it like this to try to trap the rook but that's not good but actually drunk h3 yeah you're right it feels like it yeah are you secretly trying to win us black the rook is quite misplaced here right and it's not really doing anything.

So if we were to be able to attack it at some point it wouldn't stand for long now the question is how do we prevent it from going back or back yeah makes sense right and um you are simply trapping the rock.

Because it's still a quite a few moves before you can actually eat it but the idea is there their stroke doesn't really have that much activity even if it tries to even if it tries to run away this way whoa whoa ouch sorry no how did i even do that what did i do.

Anyways even if it tries to run away that way we are always capable of trying to continue trapping it with f4 and uh keep poking it with a queen h5 the back rank is weak there is there's so many problems that black has and they're like the worst case scenario for whites you're just kind of like long cast not.

Run away that way which is still pretty scary because there is a ginormous pawn here but black is not fast enough in attacking your king so um i'm quite happy with this now all right i'm gonna take a huge jump back because we have already covered queen c7 for a lot of time i'm gonna.

Talk briefly about castle so i've had less experience with castle compared to queen c7 but i still um think it's you you still must know it it's a huge line and it happens way more than i'm happy about we've talked about this extensively as.

Well and for example this was one of the games this line we have definitely talked about i remember showing you uh in some of the previous hours that we've had win over on but for example right now it's really important to know your move order so white to move what do you think we.

Should do this f5 is something that i had kind of warned you about that something that black does want to try and do here and there now how do you think white can figure out if this f5 was the right time or not is very possible but why h4 why not.

Touch five well that's fair uh i feel quinash five is a little bit stronger because you i mean queen is four is okay too but the thing is queen h5 is at some points you might want to move the knight and just bring the queen back so that just gives you the option but.

Queen h4 your queen is stuck permanently in the king side um and the other thing to keep in mind is because there's you don't have that e pawn anymore black does want to try and play e5 and you know poke your queen so you gotta move it um this actually this was a game that i.

Played in us championships um four years ago oh my god and um like i felt like my position was fine but i couldn't convert it now let's talk about the why of it let me go back for a second ah how do i get rid of these arrows i do not like errors yep bye bye era.

By my evaluation gauge yeah let's go back nice um yeah so this was something i wanted to kind of um talk about because move order is so important now i'm still doing everything right opponents are still doing.

Everything right and you also have to be careful because a lot of the times this bishop g5 looks tempting but e5 and it's not going to be as pleasant as you might want it to be because e4s but queen h5 i thought was fine i didn't really have any.

Uncomfortable ideas with queenish 5 but first you know it just started to um fall everything starts to kind of just fall down so quickly so let me go back what do you think i should have done back here do you think my move order was.

Wrong do you think opponents move order was wrong and then i just messed something up what do you think went wrong do you want me to just leave it here or or are you just happy with this position if you're happy with this position then there's nothing wrong with us hmm.

So let's first get to do we actually like this position right now then we can go back to was did we do the best moves oh i see first forest is here all right i'll give it maybe 30 more seconds what happens if you play.

Like g4 and antoine and rook g1 well i guess the main um so for you are you happy with this position not as is but that's maybe the one thing uh but you can get the king side rook involved maybe i don't know uh it's all.

Kind of a cramped situation if i had pawn if this pawn for me was like on e5 and i had this bishop of boxing i would i would be happy with that but right now i'm a little too scared if i start doing stuff like that then anytime e5 happens my king will be up in the air so i'm a little uncomfortable with that.

Now i'm gonna actually do something that might be helpful i will share i mean i'm i believe this link is shared with you in the previous um youtube videos that we did for this specific series i will have it shared for today as well also sorry there's a bunch of cool but random puzzles here.

Uh but the first few chapters are are our openings now i'm gonna click on it don't be alarmed we're not losing this game i'm gonna actually show you the theory because no not queen c7 castle yes because and again let me do this first yeah the answer was.

I messed up in the game that we were talking about you guys are right white's position was uncomfortable because in the game that i played in 2018 i messed up the move order i played knight f3 first now queen h5 makes a little bit more sense because.

Now if you play knight if you play f5 now things are a little bit different because well checkmate right well maybe not checkmate but um you know wicking bunch of pawns yay uh but for me like now opponent has to play knight g6 then knight f3 so let's go back to the game that i had so yeah i messed up the move order so.

That's why it's very very important for you guys to know your move order and don't trust on engine because the first engine move is knight f3 and i mentioned that because i have a few other few students who are in the process of organizing their openings and i was trying to teach them how to be how to have that healthy balance between engine.

Moves and bring their own brain moves and master games and they would be like well but that's the you know that's the engine move and i would always tell them you know have at least the first three engine moves and then compare them to the master games and then go a little bit deeper and then decide which one you want because you know just because it's.

The engine move it doesn't mean it's good we i did the engine move right knight f3 is the first move that leeches is talking about again leeches engine is not super but still that the whole point is to not just remember the engine troy boy the whole.

Point is to have do what the position requires knight f3 makes sense and it's technically the best move of the the engine depending on what engine i guess you work with um but queen h5 is the move that you should do because you know it stops all the f5s it forces upon 2.9 g6 then you go knight f3 defending this and you have knight g5 ideas and for.

That now for the rest of if you are interested in getting deeper in this specific opening please go ahead click on the study that will be here and check out the game and that's actually i think is the that one is actually the first game yeah the specific opening is the first game so.

I can also mess my openings up thank you man and yeah no i'm going to break this probably the whole point was kind of just like to don't trust the engine and know your openings despite of the engine despite inspite anyways.

Okay so let me show you another one your engine runs on gas man i wish um okay we're going to move on from cast the castle but i did want to talk about this beautiful weird c-taste d4 now this is one of those games that's i also played with one of the um well yeah i.

Played this against abrahamian and you in 2018 u.s championship actually it was a play the white against her good for me uh but see like she changed the move order a little bit i kind of expected q7 first but she went for take first there's nothing wrong with that but it kind i felt like it kind of threw me off my game because now.

I don't ha i mean i'm not fast enough to do these you know queen c3s coming up so after the game i was thinking and i was like well i guess i could have technically played this bishop d3 you know i'm still attacking over here if there is any attack on this then i can just go my knight you do when it.

Transposes so why didn't i play that anyways uh during the game she tried to kind of trip me off and she succeeded uh so anywho i took she did that and i got into a little bit of an uncharted territory now here there are a bunch of f4s there's a bunch of h4s there's a bunch of queen back i've seen it all.

I've played it all um h4 is not the best in my experience it's very playable but then again if you rely on engines you're going to be looking at like well f4 says 0.3 h forces 0.2 but again you shouldn't just rely on what engine says because the engine.

It doesn't have that deep understanding of the middle game as you could actually get for yourself if you start watching some of the master games ideally if it has comments in them nowadays i think you can also learn so much of your openings through youtube so well.

We're here right now yeah so i went for h4 and then she took and take was not the best one and i think a part of me played h4 to also trip her off because i could recall that f4 is the best one but i couldn't remember my openings because this is not the main thing i play.

And i knew she would know it more than i do because that's the only thing she plays so i went for h4 and then she kind of i think she messed up here because she should have taken this first but she went for take and then i kind of started to get into my ideas because remember the opening.

That i was talking about with the bishop one d3 is the pretty much the same position just with the bishop on d3 so i kind of knew that this position is fine because i have nice um i have good two bishops i have better uh development i have this very amazing pawn that if i can just start pushing it'll be great but i also didn't play it as accurately.

So far so good but i didn't play it as best as i should have and she slipped away and the game ended in a draw within the next honestly actually 10 moves man i thought it would have been better all right i'm going to do another huge jump back are you guys ready boom wait you got to this position on the.

Game right yeah uh what happens oh yeah so that's kind of the point again engine is not it doesn't make sense when it says plus three but it's not really winning i have cleared i have advantage but i still need to be able to find the exact right move order which i didn't for example here it says you should go bishop v2.

And try to pile up on g4 or g4 which was my idea but i did i was hoping to not to let her go f5 or e5 so i tried to you know kick the rook away a little and i thought that this is favorable for me because if the king is on f7 and i get this it's more comfortable but then if i go bishop d3.

Um now you know she she can't play f5 but she has e5 so if i go over here it's still good but now the problem is she has center i don't have that much um i actually have no central pawns i could have control over center you know but that's not it so um here i played f4 to try and stop e5.

She just developed i'm doing what engine also is recommending it's giving me what plus 2.5 and again i'm doing everything i should be but for example here saying play bishop e2 just the engine and so yeah my whole point is kind of.

Like um it looks good but it's not it doesn't feel plus two plus two it's usually much more clear than that if you wanna feel comfortable in it like here right now engine is saying go g5 who cares you know if take actually take so that's we can't care about that.

But if take then what take over here take that take that well i'm a little scared of this honestly are we going g6 oh i guess not just yet because then they can block us here maybe this check first.

I'm not saying that i didn't this position doesn't have advantage but i am saying that it's like when it shows plus three plus four it's a very arbitrary number and it really really depends on well how much time you give it and um opponent does have counter play here in.

The center there are so many ways that she could take control over the center so it kind of takes away my advantage or the it doesn't take away the advantage it takes away how easy the game should be when it says plus three.

Does that make sense cool all right i'm going to do a big jump because there's a whole different line i want to show you uh okay oh yeah so there is this um this take as well and.

I don't understand it somebody played it with me and then they just refused to play c5 or b6 and they went for queen d7 so i was just like okay i'm assuming you want to do this but on that note let me go back here sorry sorry yeah queen d7 that's something that um.

Zotonsky played against me in u.s championship 2020 so not the last one that went before that and um it was kind of weird because 27 like i had some preparation but i did not really feel that comfortable in it because i.

Didn't truly understand what was the reason behind it to be honest i still don't so if you do please tell me um i just kind of went for uh the a3 take take and i thought she has a clear idea and i.

Wasn't sure if or how to stop it so i just went for what i knew this is a weak pawn let's go poke it all right f5 i'm going to take a second and kind of ask your opinion what do you think we should well i should do here as white this is what this is indeed one of my most favorite games.

There are two other games in this um today that i want to show you so i'm really hoping we'll get to it also what's going on in the chat who is a heavyweight champion there was a guy who was using the name of a former heavyweight champion to be a creeper oh we're all joking.

About how he's no longer in the chat ah yes ah the creepers youtube stuff i don't know why i'm imagining a crepe right now i'm not hungry i had so much waffle today i found this really nice place somewhere downtown and it was really good it was.

Like smoothie something but anyways thank you comment comment comedy and entertainment all right what do we feel are we taking that are we moving the queen that's kind of your two choices so.

Yeah i agree these f5s are a little weird to understand from both sides uh blacks you know black's idea is your queen is poking me i need to kick your queen away if you on position it's amazing i'll take with the knight i'll start figuring out how to play e5 and i'll make you regret ever having touched this epon.

So i guess that takes away the ampersand idea so what else you got yeah so check giving this check on his fool giving this check on his wife is interesting the problem that i encountered was this queen came here and then the queen gets to go to f7 and then my queen has to move again.

And then they quit this queen on f7 is actually pretty good right this queen stays here and after i move my queen this queen is just a protector of their king side i didn't want that so i kind of wanted to make sure this coin stays a little bit more pointless so i just kind of went.

Queenish queen g3 my idea was okay i'm still going to poke this so no 97 for you just yet she won bishop a6 kind of got to take it she took back i went 92. i'm i'm not sure if i wanted to castle just yet but i was preparing for it.

Um i think i was trying to decide where if i want to go like bishop g5 but if i play bishop g5 i give you 97 because i've cut my queen and i can't attack g7 anymore right the other part of it was if 92 um if if i castle too early you might start getting creative with that side.

Probably not just yet but i'm assuming there will be a queen of 7 at some point the third part of it was maybe i could keep the kink here for just a bit longer and maybe stabilize my knight on f4 and try to kind of bring more uncomfortable ideas to your g7.

So see troy boy i didn't want to make a draw early on first of all she was high rated so she would have probably said no second of all i really wanted to do good because it was this championship and third of all there's a lot of money on the line so med school tuitions man all right uh no i'm not opposed to draws.

And i mean i think draws are fun i have had so many draws that i wasn't just feeling like that would be my position to play and i offered drawn sometimes they accept actually the funniest offer drawer i ever made was i i was playing so many tournaments in 2016 like within the first three months i had more than 50 raided games classic.

Crazy games and i was so tired and i had scored my first two i am norms and then i was playing in austria league and i was so close to costing 2 400 which means your your k changes right but at the same time if you cost 2 400 live it counts towards your title for in the future but if you cross 2400 but you.

Know you lose a game middle of the tournament you question 400 but then you lose a game and your rating doesn't you know cross 2400 in the next rating list then your k doesn't change so i wouldn't be k10 i would still stay k20 so i really wanted to change the case because i wanted to.

Actually i don't know why i cared that much but i wanted to cross 2400 because i wanted to be 2400 and um it was i was playing two games in austria bundesliga i won the first one and then i quest 2400 live and then i was playing a second one and i was calculating okay if i win it great.

If i draw it still stay above 2 400 if i lose it i get like 23.99 and then i was like oh and my opponent was lower rated but i had a really worse position like plus two and i had some counter play and then i was like you know what every time i was lower rated and the higher rated opponent has a worse position they offer.

Me a draw i i either like think 30 minutes and get so low on time that i mess up later or i accept the draw so i was like you know what that's how i'm gonna do that i'm gonna be the person who abuses their rating and i did that so i just looked at her into eyes and i offered to draw in a really worse position she started thinking and after.

Half hour she just accepted it and i was like yay so i crossed 2400 but that game if it continued i would have probably lost or i would have been very uncomfortable for the remainder of the game so my point being draw offers are welcome but it should be well thought out you.

Shouldn't just go around and be like draw draw draw that's not gonna fly well okay what is your there is a k factor of 42 but i deeply hated it oh my god that killed so many raiding hopes if you're under 18.

And you can like you play one game with somebody who is like 300 points less you lose to them boom you lose 40 points you win them you're like what you get like what three four points same but if so if you're like um if you're under 18 and you haven't crossed 2 300 that's k40 good luck to you if you're one of those.

I think italia suffered and enjoyed quite a riot with k4k 40. i haven't heard of that that must be is that feeding yeah okay well we care a lot about you know crossing that specific rating barrier because of the norman titles which are video thing i guess unless you're thinking about nm.

Okay that was a quick little detour on my funniest um i like kayton i don't know why oh no oh i lost chat you lost your chat that was my mistake oh.

Maybe tracy is logged in nope she's not can i send you a link or do you need me to open it manually um i can pull it on my laptop oh i can actually i should play booktube i think i might remember my my passwords let's see if i do while we do this i'll just show you this part and now i'm going to ask you please come up with a good idea for white like.

A long-term plan give me like a four move plan five move plan and don't be like i'm gonna eat this then i'm gonna eat this then i'm gonna eat this this so don't do that give me like a five move straight strategic plan while i remember my password okay i think that's at least my email.

Now let's see do you back up on want me yes i know my passwords but i don't have chats just say the word yes please oh there there i am yeah.

I don't know i have something here how do i yeah oh pop chat thank you how did i not know about the pop-up chats i don't know it's good to know i remember my.

Passwords though i always forget them okey dokey all right somebody's talking about knight f3 first that's a legal move so and this is tea it's a very good smelling tea i found a few years back when i was playing moscow open and i've been addicted.

Okay so somebody um egym is going with bishop g5 and then queen d3 possible a lot of people are thinking queen d3 you're not wrong we should start doing stuff in the queen side but if you buy queen d3 they're either gonna go king b7.

Or knight b8 and that doesn't really help us um i don't think anybody has said this uh idea that i played yet oh yeah greenfield thank you yes this tea was green yeah greenfield spring melody yep watch their amazon sales go i wasn't suggesting you advertise it but.

You can i mean i like the tea they have a nice chocolate or honey as well those are my three top all right um yeah it's good i don't know about c4 though see why why c4 i'm a bigger fan of just pushing this guy i mean your rook is here your pawn.

Is here feels logical no and it's not like opponents can a5 it so anna went knight b8 with me and then i just pushed a5 she went knight c6 so i'm like okay well let's open up the rook so far logica right but see it was one two three moves that you could have been like okay maybe i want to cast them maybe i want to do this maybe i want to.

Do that instead of all those for nobody's taking your castling rights away and nobody is attacking your king just yet or opening the center to see it so your king is okay where it is so it was a good idea to spend these three moves opening up your rook now uh in the game i was trying to decide between like bishop a3 or castle.

And i couldn't and i was just like you know what let's just go castle but if i need bishop e3 i'll go bishop a3 because i was assuming she's still not gonna play this because i will still eat it so i was kind of still waiting on i wanted to see what she would do because 97 i was i was assuming she's.

Not gonna go h5 because the knights just gets here i was thinking if she goes g6 well great i'll probably just go bishop g5 so i i wanted to leave that to her so after castle she went knight f5 95 this makes sense right that knight wants to jump to c4 or you know limit some of my mobility in.

The queen side center cuts my queen from getting that side so why to move should we take that knight or is it a rook we care about that rook let's not lose it any rebuttals from for the argument we gotta take tonight.

It is really this is too bright i'm not complaining i just can't really see any faces behind it so a lot of people in the chat are just like yeah we gotta take it but the problem is your pieces are not ready i i don't disagree yeah your pieces are not ready but this right now i said.

Now or never type of thing because if it gets to see well good luck taking that so you have to take it if i guess this if this was a light square bishop and it was on d3 i would have probably argued against taking but right now you got to take it and now that the thing is um.

This is a very very interesting diagonal it's very defenseless it has a lot of fun little ideas so you gotta go bishop a3 but i did and um it's funny i was i always talk about how to well i call it lazy chest but i feel like that's a weird term i don't.

Want to count i don't want to sit there and spend 30 minutes calculating a line that i feel like my opponent is also calculating so it just feels weird to me because then we get into who can calculate deeper and keep their train of thoughts better type of battle and i want to avoid those because.

Chess is not the main thing i do these days and i'm not as sharp as a lot of the other opponents i play they are doing tactics every day i'm not i'm teaching every day i have exams every day or i'm planning my next move in you know school or whatever so it's not the right move for me to get into a calculation battle with somebody.

So for example this move for me it i was i didn't start thinking i didn't start calculating it okay i take it then i'm gonna get my bishop there there i didn't go move by move i went for what i thought the position needed and i tried to compare if i take it and give up the exchange with if i don't take it and that that knight gets to c4 which one is.

More comfortable for me which one is more comfortable for opponent so the way i play chess is more comparing my positions more kind of like blocking whatever the opponent wants it's a little bit different style than calculate calculate calculate so i don't know if that's the right move for you when i was younger i loved.

Calculating i would sit here for an hour and i'll just calculate as long as i could so my point being if you're trying to calculate rook a5 and you actually try to calculate find the weird checkmate somewhere i don't think that'll work.

Um but it's not about tactics it's about you have to it's like understanding of the position some positions do require depot calculations and you there is no other options you have to sit there you have to calculate you have to find the best move or you will lose or you will lose your advantage either way so as long as it's not one of those.

Situations and you can just calculate by comparing positions by trying to come up with does this actually benefit my positions or instead of trying to come up with checkmates if it exists i feel like that's that's kind of something that you have to decide for your own but for me.

This this is the way i play chess most days so if you're playing together i hope we never have to get into calculation battle wait i think the game we had um we didn't get into a calculation battle i tried to.

Make it a calculator oh nice for me um but now i am remembering some of the games that i've had in that symbol and i was trying to avoid super deep calculations and well for a few of them i kind of had to.

But all right anyways i call it lazy chest but i don't think that's the right term i think we should come come up with like maybe mature chests i don't know anyways um i thought that my bishop in this diagonal and my knight trying to.

Get here is worth way more than that rook would be i didn't have i didn't really have like an estimate oh this is gonna be plus 2.5 or whoa this is gonna be actually why is it plus five oh the knight went the wrong direction well good for me uh but it's like i didn't have an exact estimate of what it should be but i kind.

Of knew what i wanted to do for example here playing knight d3 is great it still holds a lot of advantage and i probably would have played this if i didn't see c4 for me c4 was clear opponent is not going to take that if they do there's a whole bunch of checks that she would have to deal with so she's not.

Gonna take it and wait she did never mind sorry i really thought she didn't but again this is this is like plus five and a half but again my whole point was i didn't sit here and calculate if she takes it i'm gonna go this then then that then that i just knew if she takes then i have that diagonal i have that.

File i'm good to go anyways um yep so whoa it's been a little while since i've seen this game so i mean i remember how it ends but sometimes i forget how beautiful this knight d3 was.

Anyways i feel like i'm just sitting here giving myself compliments at this point so 93 it's really great because if they take it kaboom checkmate coming up 93 very clear idea i want to jump up i want to jump up here give you a little bit of checkmate so she tried to stop it i still went.

Knight c5 now i didn't even have i got the the sacrificed peace exchanged back as well and now i have to figure out how to get the queen involved this is a clear target if i eat it is pretty checkmate right so i went for it she tried to stop me i tried to go for different type of.

Checkmate again it's all very practical i'm also thinking rk1 is good but see if i play rk1 then i give you a little bit of a new idea and i'm sure somebody could argue that this is also advantageous and they would find a cool way of continuing this but for me if i do something and then you do something and then you're happy i'm not playing.

That line so rk1 didn't sit well with me because it would give my opponents happiness oh i feel like this is the the anti that um utilitarian philosophy idea whatever you do that gives people the most happiness i think this is the the anti that.

Oh i don't think my my health heretics minor would be happy but anywho um whatever you do the move that you do you should not bring your opponent happiness so nice queen b2 made the most sense to me i'm going to check my that should make.

You happy she stopped it then i'm poking a bit the rook again you move it great if you don't move it i'll take it she moved it and now my idea was well i mean i could try to continue activating queen but i mean i mean i'm also assuming maybe queen b8 is looking a little nice going somewhere here.

Yeah this is also advantageous of plus six what else what do i need in the game i went for d5 and my idea is well everything else is great so so i don't want to move them but i mean queen bee it's still super winning so i went here she took i pushed she can't really take because she could.

But checkmate so i believe she just attacked this a little bit and again i could take this but i really wanted to just make it as simple for me as possible um my queen and rook are attacking here so i'm going to continue attacking there so i just wanted queen b8 and i think she i.

She resigned or she ran a time but this is like the checkmate's upcoming so she can't prevent it my whole point being i gave you this game not just because of not just to show off okay maybe a little uh but the main idea was to kind of talk to you about how to calculate and this was the opening that i wasn't super clear with queen d7 didn't make too much.

Sense to me and i think that was kind of the whole point of why she played it because queen d7 kind of goes against a lot of the ideas that i have she never played c5 and c5 is a huge part of this opening yeah so you know for me that was wait i'm gonna i'm not.

Gonna say never because well the c pawn moved anyways but the whole point of this um for me the a huge point of french as black is to do this c5 at some point all right i'm gonna run through another game really quickly before we close i left the best for the last now.

Because we're gonna be talking about knight f6 ideas from next week i think this is a great transition we are going to be talking mainly about e5s but i am also a huge fan of bishop g5 and um i thought bishop g5 in this game would.

Be also appropriate yeah this was indeed this was the last round of the same years championship 2020 and it was kind of fun because my opponent you remember i showed you a game i had with abrahamian a little bit earlier and i said she always plays vinegar right well in this game she didn't and.

It was kind of uh you know it was very clear that she didn't have as much experience as she did in vinover because i'll show you why um for me i this is this pawn structure is not that common so it doesn't happen as much for me this like d4 versus e6 with the double pawns so i just know general.

Ideas of what i was doing and i also knew that you know this is the last round if she wins she's getting a few thousand extra dollars so i knew she did this she really wanted to win and i assumed she had something prepared and i didn't want to walk into her preparations so what i went for is i know the main lines are something with.

Like knight here or queen here or spawn or something that she would know better so i went for what i usually play in my sicilians a lot of the time in sicilian every anytime i want to confuse the opponent i just throw in a queen d3 there and somehow it always sticks.

So i went for that my thought process was like you know what i'm gonna long castle soon so i'm just gonna go queen d3 we'll see what she does i was assuming she's gonna try and pile up and play c5 at some point maybe go like f5 and you know try to get c5 she did go for f5 indeed i gotta move the.

Knights i went knight c3 i wanted to still maintain some control over center she went c6 which is logical um c5 also i'm suing considering but because of my knight on c3 that makes it a lot more harder for her so she just wants c6 logical my castle now i'm not so sure about 97 i know for.

I know for sure no i can't say for a fact because she might have had this prepared but uh during the game she was taking more time and i could also see her face on the camera so i knew that she was not comfortable in this position this wasn't something that happens to her a lot and um i'm assuming b5 would be in a nice.

Second best move idea she went knight of knights d7 then to go f6 and here i was like okay well i could just go knight f3 i could just try to get the bishop out but i want to do something that will make her uncomfortable at least she'll spend a few minutes on the clock so i went to f4.

And she went knight f6 which is logical for her right again there's some maybe queen c7 better maybe b5 better but knight f6 does make sense controlling some of these squares i went knight f3 to me it made sense i might want to jump knight e5 i might want to keep it here for right now but i don't know for sure what i want to do.

With this bishop yet so i'm just going to focus on the knight for now we can talk about the bishop later she went b5 which i don't know if it made sense to me because i thought she has to do something with the king right short castle doesn't seem that practical so i thought she might want to go along.

Castle but when she played b5 then i was like well i don't think that's the case either i guess she might want to but it definitely makes things more interesting for me um so i just i was like okay weakness let's go poke.

At it um she continued before all right i'm gonna take a second then ask you what do you think we should do right now do we have is that a possibility can we take or is that great great should we just move this knight your tactical decisions brought happiness to opponent yeah that's.

Something that i've been it took me a few years to get comfortable with to not the idea of just not don't do something that for the soul and even if i can't have a like a move order for why it's bad i would and but i know if i do it it makes my opponent happy i don't even calculate.

It that much so i don't know how to explain that except lazy chess i'm getting a few knight b1s i don't want to go to b1 the thing is if they take it this definitely makes things weird because they can just.

Sorry go queen b6 and both of your knights are under attack if you take this oh boy oh boy checkmate so you have to take that back and they can take this and problems problems so yeah you can't you you don't have the option of taking it and as soon as you see take here give it.

Another thought and you see both knights are under attack you can't defend them both there are no real tactics here just going to move this knight and knight here does make sense because you could also go to e2 but if you go to e2 then this bishop is going to have some serious problems and again with knight b1 where.

Are you going to go after that knight a4 you might want to jump to c5 later on worst case scenario is protecting b2 and it's stopping this a pawn push so in the game she went queen d5 which made sense poking over here so i just stopped it i also considered well this might be useful in the future she went queen e4 now do you think we should exchange.

Queens or no oh thank you let's do this with the almighty lefou professor good morning whoa where are you any feelings thoughts let's think about it together if i take.

Um she'll take back probably the night some might have two threads so i might have to diffuse those she gets the night in the outpost i could be attacking this but i don't think it's that huge of an attack for me the main point is this is a weak king without queens i'm not that comfortable in my abilities to attack that king so i.

Want to be able to keep the queens on the board so knowing that it gives me more structures this coin is also attacking this pawn so i should either go here or here now the thing with queen g3 that i didn't like was knight h5 and it's a you know a fork so i just want queen d2 i think a huge part of it is also the.

Process of elimination i don't want to exchange coins because of weak kink i need to protect this pawn okay i can't go here because knight is five boom i have to go queen d2 now after queen d2 um she went my d5 and i remember here i actually took sometimes calculating because to me it's like.

Okay this queen is the middle of the board i should have some way of attacking it because it feels so trapped but i can't do it just yet because she's you know attacking over here attacking over here pinning this attacking this so i can't just go with like hey can i go bishop d3 and eat your.

Queen that's not gonna fly she'll take this and knight d5 now something does change with the position one of the things that i do tell my students is every time an opponent makes a move take a second think what is the opponent attacking.

Okay you figured out what is the opponent attacking great now let's think about what changed what did what did change for them now that this knight is here this queen is no longer defending the pawn for example now this does give me more opportunities to want to take now.

There are also other ideas to consider because um for some reason engine is saying g4 i didn't really play g4 because i mean i assume you take bishop g2 you take this there is no follow-up but the idea is if you do take bishop d3 and boom the queen is trapped.

Now again opponent is not obligated to take it she could simply take on f4 and that's kind of what doesn't sit well with me so the idea of g3 is more comfortable but for me i do remember i thought about this g3 and i did see if take bishop d3a trapped the queen but the problem is what if.

Queen e3 what if she just wants to exchange queens i'm not comfortable with that i would much rather not to exchange those queens so for me i i realize that if i take and if she takes for some reason i was more comfortable with this.

I thought even if i do take it and i can still activate this knight i can do g3 bishop g2 i thought this would be a fine choice um but i thought my c6 gives her the most um mistaking options because if i play g3 queen e3 is very forced if you don't play queen of three your queen is kind.

Of trapped so you have to go there so after knight d5 i took and she she didn't find the best move she went for bishop d6 after bishop d6 what do you think is a good idea for white you've already eaten a pond so that might be giving you a bit of a i guess edge.

So what do we think g3 yeah beautiful they adapt g3 as well they want to eat this let's protect it and you have to calculate take and i think her mistake was she did not calculate my bishop b5 first she might have considered bishop d3 and you know her queen of three runs away right so i.

Think she might have forgotten about she might have mistakenly forgot about this i remember also i was trying to figure out when to play knight e5 because 95 also stops queen f3 right but to me bishop b5 was more natural clear you move the queen now i have 95 check now i can trap your queen now with the queen trap i think here she.

Realized she was kind of toast but she still wanted to push for it which is very logical and i think she was hoping i would take and you know she would take and maybe she would still have some counter play and i really didn't want to deal with that oh i do remember here i was also low on clock and my cat kept.

Jumping around and blocking the camera and i have to keep picking him up putting him away beautiful clips out there the arbiters are still remember those so um i didn't want to risk it so when she played knight city i was like okay i'm not ready to take let's go bishop c6 i'm.

Attacking more the queen is still toast so i'm still fine i'm going to keep pushing and so she took i took now this feels better because you know i'm attacking you rook so you have to move it i already know your next move now i can exchange these knights i'm going to win a pawn great.

Now if i move my bishop get the knight here i'm great but still not winning i mean it's still i don't say not winning it is winning but you have to be careful because there's still a lot of potential for mistakes for example here she played f6 the best note that engine is suggesting is i guess moving the queen oh no.

Actually maybe i don't know i don't know i don't think there's a huge of a difference to me knight c for logical i want to exchange stuff off she went bishop before boom i'm moving the queen i might want to do d5 next i did d5 next i'm gonna exchange off i'm gonna eat a little bit i'm i'm gonna start threatening checkmates.

She took i took she tried to pin it a little a few checks here and there a few checks here and there i didn't i wasn't here like i wasn't trying to find checkmate i was just trying to get out of the trouble first so make sure i'm not dropping.

Pieces then i can try to find checkmate i was i mean i was sure there is advantage here but i wasn't sure if i actually have enough to make the checkmate and i don't see engines showing me oh here's a mating two that you missed but the point being that not everything is about checkmate yeah if you see it do it.

But it's really important to kind of just about do what the position needs don't just do what you want so this position right now the position needed me to save the knights that's a weird thing to say let's just let's just go with it though i if i lose the knights two rooks versus.

The queen and a bunch of pawns it's gonna be so much harder than if i kept the night so i don't care how much i need to give you checks i want to save that night so i did and i think here she actually resigned but yeah all right um i just kind of wanted to take today and do that smooth transition and show you.

Some weird slash cool ideas hopefully that made sense we are going to be doing switch to twitch and uh showing you doing your game analysis so make sure to show up on twitch in the next five minutes or so with your games on a leeches link format and yeah see you next week and we're going.

To be talking a lot about staynets bye you


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