amber nova was born on november 2 1991 in hilton head island south carolina amber nova is a self-made curve model social media influencer and blogger living in cincinnati ohio she is a body positivity advocate and uses her platform to promote self-love and acceptance.

Amber is the co-founder of miss curvy mag a publication that celebrates curvy and plus size women of all shapes and sizes one of amber's biggest passions is traveling and exploring the world when she isn't globetrotting you can find her at home snuggling with her yorkie.

Gucci paws and spending time with her family amber nova plus size model from the united states she is very famous in her segment of the modeling business and has earned great popularity among fans who strongly support her and are inspired by her beauty and body positive mood amber nova is one of the most striking models with.

Very magnificent forms her instagram currently has already 1 million followers nova is not married yet amber nova started her career back in 2014. she has a model for top fashion brands before joining instagram and started posting on instagram in 2016. where she is uses her platform to.

Promote self-love and acceptance amber nova makes her money through modeling brand influencing and blogger amber nova is one of the richest and most influential curvy plus size model in the united states with an estimated net worth of 500 000 u.s dollars amber nova stands at an average height of five feet seven.

Inches foot and tall at 170 centimeters and average weight of 82 kilograms 180 pounds eye color black hair color black bust 101 centimeters breast size natural waist 76 centimeters hips 101 centimeters thanks for watching the video to the end don't forget to like.

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