russia come in was born in armenia on july 19 1987 celebrity makeup artist and social media star who rose to fame for her styled by rush beauty brand she has showcased her work on celebrities such as kim kardashian juliana rancic and leona lewis on her.

Popular instagram account which reaches more than 2.4 million followers she first began posting to instagram in 2012. russia comedian's family was settled in armenia at the time of her birth but after ussr broke out they moved to america and.

Started their livelihood in los angeles she was only five years old at that time and her parents somehow managed to give her a perfect childhood her parents supported her for the artistic works displayed a comment first began painting which then led her to be a self-taught makeup artist.

She started her makeup stylist career in 2006 with forming the rush company in california in 2008 which is now styled by rush therefore over the past decade rush has cultivated a massive following of the everyday woman aspiring makeup artists celebrities and.

Artists of all kinds moreover with her unique techniques that have catapulted her career rush has had the opportunity to work on some of the world's most recognized faces granting her the title celebrity artist therefore a comedian has since gone on to style.

Most of the kardashians and jenners namely kylie jenner and kim kardashian rush has not publicly announced her partner but on july 8 2020 she posted a picture with a man behind her but didn't show his face she captioned the photo it doesn't matter what's in front of her.

As long as she knows who's behind her a comedian has a sexy and hot body figure she has a perfect body figure and has a very strong beautiful personality she stands the height of 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 70 kilos her chest waist hip measurements are 39 27 38 inches.

Respectively rush is a popular makeup artist who has gained a lot of fame however she is sure to pocket a handful amount of money through her profession her estimated net worth is around 1 million dollars dash 5 million dollars thanks for watching the video to the end.

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