hello viewers how are you all welcome to our channel about social media models celebrities and instagram models today we will share some interesting facts biography facts and amazing photos and video of a beautiful model jasmine is a famous and dazzling model on instagram.

Jasmine is a famous and dazzling model on instagram she is a notable fashion blogger on instagram jasmine is famous for her plus size hip size on internet the online media star is a cool model with a delightful heart and flawless face she makes astonishing content through her photographs jasmine is from.

United states of america but she is based from syria the model is very beautiful and bold she is a rising online media star jasmine is multi-capable as she makes astounding content on instagram and she is also a successful model the stunning is popular for her excellent hair tone and.

Great makeover right now jasmine has fans on her instagram account she loves to visit seashores and mountains her real name is jasmine she was born on january 14 1999 she belongs to syria but currently living in america jasmine birth sign is capricorn she is.

Five feet three inches tall her eye color is hazel brown she is an american national the eye tone of the beautiful model is hazel the hair tone of the amazing model is blonde and she has tried many different color too total assets of the striking and wonderful model has a total assets of 500k us dollars the dress size of pretty.

Model is 14. her shoe size is 9. we hope the video has been informative and entertaining for you all please do like share and subscribe to our youtube channel for more interesting entertaining and eye-catching digital content.