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What Happened To Tobey Maguire | Full Biography (Spider-Man, Brothers, The Great Gatsby)

Tobey Maguire. Spider-Man, which all theperformers of Peter Parker look up to. A talented actor who has long been inthe shadow of his best friend's fame. After many years of hard work, he finally receivedworldwide recognition…but did not stay on top, and, in the end, lost everything. This is the Biographer channel and today we’lltell you about all the ups and downs of Tobey Maguire. Why didn’t they want to take him into thesecond part of Spider-Man? What addictions caused the collapse of his career? And is there a chancethat we’ll see Tobey starring in new films? Before you find out the answers to thesequestions, click on the subscribe button and on the bell to know about releases ofyour favorite stars' biographies . Subscribe,.

And we start.EARLY YEARS Tobias Vincent Maguire was born on June27, 1975 in Santa Monica, California. It’s unlikely that his parents – cook VincentMaguire and secretary Wendy Maguire – seriously thought about the child. The newly madefather was only twenty years old, and mother was eighteen. They weren’t in a hurry toget married and just enjoyed the carefree life. However, Tobias was born, and thelife of young parents changed. It was decided to legalize the relationship,but after a couple of years they broke up. The future actor described hischildhood in one of the interviews: “I lived with my mother, then with dad, thenwith my mother and her sister, then with my.

Father and his mother, then with my mother andher sister, then with my father and his brother, then with my mother and her boyfriend, then withmy father and his wife. It was a crazy time.” Tobey ended up staying with his mother. Theylived modestly. All capital consisted of Wendy's allowance and salary. Vincent at first triedto help somehow, but then ended up in prison for robbery – this was the end of his help.The views of mother and son did not always coincide. Wendy raved about cinema and stage andtried to convince Tobey that it was a profession that would make him happy. Son dreamed of becominga cook, like his dad. But Wendy was unstoppable. Our hero graduated from elementary schoolwithout any incidents and studied well. However, when it came time to choosea profile class in high school,.

A scandal erupted in the family. The boy chose arather strange direction – home economics. And it was despite the fact that he had every chanceto enter the theater class and study acting! Wendy didn’t manage to persuade Tobey tomake the right choice in an amicable way, and she went for a trick – she offered herson $100 in exchange for choosing the theater. As you know, $100 doesn't growon trees, and Tobias agreed. In fact, no one suffered from this deal – hismother got an actor son, and our hero studied in high school for exactly one year. It was justa year that was enough for him to understand that mom was right, to imbue with acting, quit schooland start earning money by acting in commercials. Maguire passed the matriculation exam only in2000, when he was already 25 years old. .

“I started working around eighth grade. I rememberdoing a Doritos commercial where there were four days in a row of eating them, and I’ll tellyou, I have not eaten many Doritos since.” The creative biography of the young artist beganwith filming advertising for the McDonald's fast food chain and the Atari video game. Maguire gothis first role on TV at 19 – he starred in a tiny episode of “General Hospital”. It was a greatsuccess to take part in the legendary series. Tobey liked the atmosphere and decided to moveon – he began to appear in commercials. For the boy, it was a great opportunity to feelthe taste of independent life, also he financially supported his mother. Mom, in response,readily drove her son to Hollywood auditions. And for good reason – Maguire managed to getsmall roles in TV series “Roseanne”, “The Wizard”.

“Erie, Indiana” and “Blossom”. Right on theset of the series Tobey met his friend – then unknown to anyone, but already very talented actorLeonardo DiCaprio. They are still close friends. Thus began the career of Tobey Maguire.STARTING A FILM CAREER Tobey's first big movie role was in “This Boy'sLife”, which was released in 1993. Of course, this is a supporting role, but the youngactor is on the same set with Robert De Niro, Ellen Barkin and his friend Leo,and therefore he is just happy. The drama is narrated from the perspectiveof a teenager, whose role was originally claimed by Maguire. But after a number of doubts,director Michael Caton-Jones preferred DiCaprio, and Tobey played his friend Chuck Bolger.Critics are pretty calm about the film..

They aren’t too enthusiastic about it, but astrong cast gives the movie good reviews. However, such a brilliant start in such a talentedcompany was followed by several minor roles. First – a role in the cult “Walker, TexasRanger”. His teenager Danny Parsons could easily get lost in a huge number of episodesand among other young actors who later became world famous, however, Tobey played really well.Then the family film “Revenge of the Red Baron”, where Tobey played Jimmy Spencer – a guy whovolunteered to help the famous German pilot-ace of the First World War, who possessed a toyairplane pilot, to take revenge on his offenders. And, finally, “S.F.W” – a tragicomedy directedby Jeffrey Levi about terrorists who held hostages in a store for 36 days and abouthow the right approach to life can save it..

On the set of the film, Maguire works withStephen Dorff and Reese Witherspoon. With Reese they’ll play together later again. 1995 wasn’t a good year. Tobey starred only in one movie – the comedy drama “Empire Records”directed by Allan Moyle. The actor's times are difficult – he cannot cope with Hollywoodrealities, the constant search for roles and their almost absence. Our hero wants more, his newfriends-actors are filmed in one picture, then in another, and Maguire is so far less lucky.Tobey starts drinking. And moreover, he drinks and understands: it’s impossible to playsomething decent in such a state. As a result, he asks Moyle to remove all episodes with hisparticipation from the film. No comments – just delete and forget that they existed. Oddlyenough, the director does what Tobey asks..

Leonardo DiCaprio, observing thechanges happening with a friend, insists that he go to rehab. Maguire listens tohis opinion and in 1996 again tries to get into the acting line, starring in “Joyride”.Quinton Peeples stars Tobey as a motel clerk called J.T. J.T. and his friends make a very wrong decision – to steal the car ofa motel guest and go for a little drive. Alas, a surprise is found in Mrs Smith's trunk- the dead body of one of her victims – and now J.T. must figure out what to do with it. The film turned out to be quite good. A mixture of genres and cast members such as Benicio DelToro, Christina Zilber and Amy Hathaway could get more or less positive reviews from critics,but no one drew attention to the picture. .

Tobey doesn't give up. He finally coped withalcoholism and is ready to demonstrate his talent to the world in full force. 1997 helps him a lot.Tobey gets a role in “The Ice Storm” – the adaptation of the eponymous novel by RickMoody. The story tells us about the Hood family, in whose house everything goes to hell. Ben andElena realize that they no longer love each other. Children grow up, there are many temptationsaround and it is very difficult to cope with them. Tobey plays their son Paul, who was in lovewith his classmate. This role turned out to be deep and seriousSUCCESSFUL PROJECTS Tobey gets a role in the fantasycomedy Pleasantville by Gary Ross. This film tells the amazing story of an ordinaryguy David, who, together with his sister,.

Finds himself in the city of Pleasantvillefrom the old black and white TV series. The movie was filmed in an unusual manner: atfirst the footage looks like black and white, and then gradually turns into color. Pleasantvillewas nominated for an Oscar in three categories and received a number of other awards. For the roleof David, Tobey Maguire receives the Saturn Award, and this is his first award. The actor is happy,critics and audiences are happy too. In the same year, the film “Fear andLoathing in Las Vegas” was released, in which Tobey played a hitchhiker. What wouldyou do for a little episode in Terry Gilliam's film based on the novel by Hunter Thompson?Our Tobey agreed to wear a long white wig, and to make it look natural, he shaved his headand bleached his eyebrows. Was it worth it?.

Maguire had no doubts when he found out with whomhe would be in the frame. It was Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. The story about a business tripof journalist Raul Duke and his lawyer Dr. Gonzo, fulfilled with everything illegal that just comesto your mind, has become a cult. Tobey succeeded, finally, at least for a few minutes,in getting rid of the role of a naive, touching guy and tried something else. Andhe did it perfectly. Unfortunately, the film didn’t pay off at the box office. However,over time, it acquired the status of a cult. In 1999 “The Cider House Rules” was released.This is another very successful work of Tobey and another book adaptation. The film tells thestory of an orphanage during the Second World War. Maguire plays Homer. He helps a localdoctor to carry out illegal abortions..

Having made friends with one of the patients,Homer decides to give up everything and start a new life – with new friends, by the sea. The film was supposed to be directed by Phillip Borsos, but he died of leukemia before filmingbegan. Another contender for the director's chair – Michael Winterbottom – did not agreeon the future picture with the screenwriter, and at the same time the direct authorof the book, John Irving. As a result, the choice fell on Lasse Hallström andthis duo managed to create a good picture, which was warmly received by critics. The film isconsidered one of the best works by this director and has received seven Oscar nominations.And although Tobey Maguire never received any awards for this painting, it wasimpossible not to notice his work. .

In the same year, the premiere of anotherfilm with Tobey – Ride with the Devil, took place. Director Ang Lee decided to giveMaguire the lead role and he was right. The picture tells about the Civil War betweenNorth and South. Jake, played by Tobey, along with his friend Jack, become partisans.They are only 19, and they are already faced with realities of adulthood and important choices. Some critics explain the title of the film as follows: it is difficult to win in the pursuitof the devil if you yourself are that devil. The film did not cause much delight amongthem, and even among the audience. However, both of them noted that it is worth watching it atleast because of Tobey's wonderful performance. In 2000, Tobey appeared on the screen with theinimitable Michael Douglas in “Wonder Boys” – the.

Adaptation of the eponymous novel. This funnytragicomedy tells a life story of the novelist who teaches at university. His life can in noway be called boring – events replace each other. Tobey got the role of a student,developed and talented for his years. Critics liked the film, but the audience wasrather cool – it failed at the box office. Then Maguire managed to play again with hisfriend Leo in the same film. But this time everything didn’t go according to plan. Lookingahead, I will say that even now, many years later, both actors are ashamed of their roles in themovie “Don's Plum”. According to Tobey and Leo, who starred as a favor to a friend fora symbolic fee, it was assumed that it would be a short film, although in the endit was made into a full-length picture..

The film is about a bunch of 20-year-olds who meetgirls every Saturday at a Los Angeles diner. The picture was filmed in 1995 for only six days onblack and white film and was mostly improvised. The creators wanted the tape to be similar to thecomedy “Clerks”, which was a success and won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. But unlike”Clerks”, “Don's Plum” turned out to be vulgar and obscene. And among the lines of DiCaprio'scharacter there were even threats to throw a bottle in a woman's face. The story was filmedat a time when Hollywood was once again becoming avant-garde and democratic – and any eccentricwith a manual camera could try his luck in it. But as soon as the affairs of DiCaprio andMaguire went up the hill, they (or their agents) decided that the movie “Don's Plum “wasdangerous for the reputation of young stars..

After the release, DiCaprio and Maguire saidthey did not want viewers to ever see them in this project, and filed a lawsuit to stop itsrelease. Subsequently, the parties came to an amicable agreement, according to the termsof which the film was to be released only outside the United States and Canada, and somescenes from it were to be cut or corrected. As a result, the picture is still impossible tolegally see in the United States and Canada, although its premiere at the Berlin Film Festivalin 2001 caused an unprecedented excitement In 2002, the premiere of the “Seabiscuit” tookplace. Once again Tobey played the main role. The plot tells how, during the Great Depression,the love of horse racing in America reached its climax. Jockey John Pollard, nicknamed theRed, competes on a small, nondescript horse.

That gradually becomes a favorite of the races andleads his half-blind jockey to victory. On the set of “Seabiscuit” Tobey fell from his horse. Laterhis back injury repeatedly made itself felt. The film about friendship between humans andanimals received several nominations for the Oscar, Golden Globe and Screen ActorsGuild of the United States. However, he never won a single award. But this isn't areason not to watch this wise and beautiful film. After the failure with Don's Plum, Tobeyspent some time looking for a suitable role. And once, it appeared and turned his whole lifeupside down. This is the role that helped the actor really wake up famous.SPIDER-MAN We don't need to explain who Spider-Man is.Several generations of children have grown up.

On the comics about the adventures of PeterParker, who, by the will of fate, received superpowers after being bitten by a radioactivespider. But according to Tobey Maguire, he hasn't read a single Spider-Man comic. He agreed tostar in the film because he liked the script. When director Sam Raimi started casting for therole of Spider, the first person he wanted to offer was Freddie Prinze Jr., but somethingwent wrong. Then there was James Franco, and right before him was Tobey Maguire. The searchstopped on Tobey – Sam realized that he had found whom he was looking for. It is possible thatit was the auditions, where he was naked to the waist, helped him to get the role of our hero,who knows. Tobey was delighted – it is a great honor to play such a cult character.But when the actor opened the script,.

He realized that filming would be very, verydifficult. After all, as Uncle Ben used to say: with great power comes great responsibility.Tobey Maguire sat on a special diet for five months and underwent a course of special trainingto prepare for the role. To accurately convey the image of Spider-Man, Maguire studied insects withthe help of specialists at a research institute, took rock-climbing lessons, and worked witha high-altitude electrician to adapt to the habits of arachnids. But anothershoe was about to drop. The biggest inconvenience was the famous red and blue suit.Tobey said that zippers on the suit constantly diverged, so at the beginning of the actor’sshift, they actually sewed him into it, so he could not eat or drink during the day.And if he wanted to go to the toilet, it was a.

Big problem. Tobey didn’t have an opportunity toget out of the red and blue costume on his own, and he didn’t want to call the costume designersfor help and stop filming. And the process of “rescue” of course took a lot of time and sloweddown the work. So he had to put up with it. And what to say about that very famouskiss in the rain! Tobey hangs upside down, Kirsten Dunst takes off his Spider-Man mask.Rain, night … But the kiss looked romantic and spectacular only on the screen, but duringthe filming it drove the actor to a rage. “Firstly, it was five in the morning. Secondly,I was hanging upside down, and this pleasure is rather dubious. Thirdly, according to thescenario, it was raining at that moment, so they watered us rather hard – and the water flowedinto my nostrils. As a result, I could not breathe.

Through my nose: I had to catch air through thecorners of Kirsten's lips, so I, rather, gave her artificial respiration, but did not kiss…”.Another interesting fact: in the scene where Peter Parker catches the contents of Mary Jane's tray,no CGI was used. The tray was attached to Tobey’s arm, and after numerous takes, he finally didthe trick exactly as shown in the movie. Despite all the difficulties, the first partof “Spider-Man” made Tobey Maguire a real Hollywood star. This was not an episode, not acameo, not a role in a “one-off” film. It was a real Hollywood blockbuster and the whole worldknew about Tobey. His image of Peter Parker is so strongly entrenched in geek culture that everynew performer of this role has a difficult time. Fans are still debating who played Spider-Manbetter: Maguire, Garfield, or Holland. Who is.

Your favorite Spider-Man? Be sure to write in thecomments, we'll see which of these three wins. However, as it turned out, the actorwas not ready for such a scale at all. He was terribly uncomfortable with suchunhealthy attention to his person. He was embarrassed and tried to avoid public events.“To me, the whole idea of ​​fame, and I think it can be a real test of somebody, of who they are.You know, 'cause some strange things happen. I've seen some peculiar things as faras a person just living their life.” Tobey didn’t cope with the test of fameand money. The self-destruction machine was launched and began to pick up speed. It allstarted in preparation for filming the second part of Spider-Man. Tobey categoricallyrefused to perform the stunts on his own,.

Citing an injury which he got during the filmingof “Seabiscuit”. Sony did not believe this reason and accused Maguire of simply filling himself up.The studio even began to look for a replacement for the actor and found it pretty quicklyin the person of Jake Gyllenhaal. Tobey, of course, expected a very differentreaction from the studio management and producers. He apologized to the studio and admittedthat although the injury took place, it was not so serious. He can perform tricksand hang upside down. Not a big deal. The conflict was forgotten, and thegenerous Sony still raised the actor's fee. Thanks to the story of Peter Parker,Tobey Maguire got into the A-list. This is a list of the highestpaid Hollywood actors. .

Tobey's next job is a role inthe 2006 film The Good German. Steven Soderbergh tells us about American warcorrespondent Jake Geismar, who gets caught up in politics because of his former lover. Despitethe bright cast (the main roles are played by George Clooney and Cate Blanchett) “Good German””turned out to be ambiguous”. Many viewers and critics were surprised by the ending of thestory. We won’t reveal all the secrets. But many agreed that Tobey did a good job. He brightlyand believably plays the inveterate villain. But in 2007, Tobey Maguire beganto have serious problems. GOING DOWNHILLThe shooting of the third part of “Spider-Man” started, and thestory with the injured back surfaced again..

Once having received a bonus, Tobey, apparently,decided to do the same again. The actor demanded that a doctor was always present on the set. Thefee that Tobey was promised for the shooting did not suit him anymore, and he demanded a largeramount. Jake Gyllenhaal's name came up again… The film was somehow completed, but the picturedid not cause any enthusiasm among the fans. The audience could not understand what it was allabout, what Sam Raimi wanted to tell them. And Sam himself later admitted that at the end of filminghe no longer understood who needed all this. “Spider-Man 3” failed at the boxoffice and fans of today's hero are sure that this fact was the lastthing that finished off Maguire. Tobey became addicted to gambling and returnedto alcoholism. He played well and often won;.

Big businessmen and bankers became his partnersin the game. The players secretly gathered in one of the luxury hotels and played until themorning. By the way, the losing rich were not always ready to accept defeat – many of them,having lowered a large amount, went straight to court and began a lawsuit with the actor for theirhard earned hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maguire has participated in professional pokertournaments since 2004, and in June 2007 he was featured on the TV show Poker After Dark. Therehe hit a jackpot of $10 million, however, luck was not on his side for long and at some pointMaguire lost more and more often. And in 2011, Tobey had to settle a lawsuit to avoid having toreturn the huge amount of money he won 3 years ago in a poker game. He was playing against aman who was using the stolen money as a bet..

This incident negatively affected his career andreputation. Big roles get him less and less. After the failure of the third part of the storyabout Peter Parker, the story is restarted. But without Tobey. He does not give upright away – he appears in several more films at intervals of a couple of years.In the 2009 drama “Brothers,” directed by Jim Sheridan, Tobey meets Jake Gyllenhaalon the same set. It looks very ironic considering how many times actors have beenknocked together for playing Spider-Man. In the center of the plot are twobrothers who are not alike at all. The eldest, Sam, played by Tobey is a gallantofficer, a loving husband. And the youngest, Tommy, rushes through life, as if walking on arazor blade. While leaving as a volunteer for.

The war in Afghanistan, Sam asks Tommyto take care of his children and wife. Soon the family receives a message thatSam has died, but it isn’t true – the officer is captured and tries to return home.Unfortunately, no one is waiting for him there. Initially, Jake Gyllenhaal was supposed to playSam and Tobey Maguire should perform Tommy. But the director decided that Maguire would not beable to convincingly play the negative character, and the actors exchanged roles.The film received 2 Golden Globe nominations and 4 Saturn nominations. Tobeywas still good and did his work well. “The Details” was another of Tobey's attemptsto do something about his career in 2011. The attempt, however, was not the best – a film abouta family going through hard times, fighting the.

Invasion of raccoons, naturally, did not get muchsuccess either with the public or with critics. The “Great Gatsby'' of 2013 became a real outletfor Tobey. After all, he could again play in the same picture with his best friend – LeoDiCaprio! Baz Luhrmann took on the film adaptation of Francis Scott Fitzgerald's novel with itsinherent scope and created another riot of colors, sounds and emotions. Naturally, all theattention was taken by the genius DiCaprio, however, Tobey against his background, as wellas against the background of Carey Mulligan, and Joela Edgerton looked very organic. Heplayed the role of Nick Carraway – the narrator, a witness to the events that once happenedon Long Island, in the mansion of the mysterious and eccentric rich man Jay Gatsby.Critics were not impressed by the next musical.

Tale of Luhrmann, but the audience was delightedwith the picture and play of each character. The film won two Oscars for costumesand production by production designers. After The Great Gatsby, Tobey Maguire haspractically no roles. In the same year, he once again appeared in a big movie in”Labor Day”. He plays a small role of the main character in old age and his appearancein this picture remains almost unnoticed. A year later, Tobey decides to participatein the TV show “The Spoils of Babylon”. This experiment is incomprehensible to theaudience – they leave tons of negative reviews from the category of “Look, where it got you,Tobey.” Maguire does not appear on TV shows again. Instead, he opens his own production company,Material Pictures, and releases several films.

Under its name. “Rock of Ages”, “Pawn Sacrifice”and “The Fifth Wave” all fail at the box office. The actor works on the voice acting of therole of the narrator in the famous animated film “The Boss Baby” and after that hecompletely disappears from screens. We don't want to think that the career ofthe talented actor Tobey Maguire is over, but so far the list of his roles has notbeen replenished since 2017. Hopefully this will change in the very near future.In 2021, the director of “La La Land” and “Whiplash” Damien Chazelle announced anew work, in which Tobey will star – the film “Babylon”. This story has to dowith the “golden age” of Hollywood. Spike John, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and othersalso joined the cast of the film. The premiere.

Of the film is expected at the end of 2022.And of course, rumors of Tobey's guest starring in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” cannot be ignored. Fora long time, the producers either were leading us around by the nose, or throwing up new rumorsor refuting them. Will Tobey appear in this film? – We will find out very soon.PERSONAL LIFE But what about Tobey's personal life?Alas, everything is not very smooth here either. A 2006 marriage with jewelry designerJennifer Meyer, in which the couple had two children, fell apart after 10 years.Jennifer could not stand life with her husband, a gambler and a drug addict. Malicious talk saysthat the matter is also in the infidelity of the spouse. Allegedly, he again inflamed passionfor Demi Moore, whom he met back in 2002..

After the divorce, Tobey tried tobuild relationships with other women, but nothing serious came of it. In eachinterview, the actor says that he still maintains a good relationship with his ex-wife.Tobey and Jennifer were able to find a common language for the sake of children. Theyperiodically appear together at events, and Maguire supports his wife in new projects.In 2020, photos of Maguire with his new girlfriend, model Tatiana Dieteman, who is 17years younger than her chosen one, began to appear frequently in the gossip. It was reported that theactor had already introduced his beloved to his family and children from a previous marriage.INTERESTING FACTS Now it’s time for the facts thatyou might not know about Tobey:.

– Unlike other actors, who don’tlike to watch their movies, Tobey loves to re-watch his films. And not onlyhis own – the actor is a real fan of cinema. -Before filming The Great Gatsby,Tobey had not read Fitzgerald's novel. The actor generally read very little inhis youth. He spent all his time and energy trying to make money and get out of poverty.-Maguire doesn't like to dress up in expensive, fashionable clothes. Convenience is hismain criterion when choosing outfits. -The actor has been a vegetariansince 1992 and a vegan since 2009. When he needs to eat somethingcontaining meat according to the script, the meat products in the frame are replaced withsoy counterparts. In addition to the fact that.

Maguire does not eat meat, dairy products andeggs, he also does not wear leather and fur. I think that his friend Leo, an ardentenvironmentalist, appreciated this decision. We have mentioned DiCaprio so many times inthis video that we cannot help but invite you to click on this icon so that you can watchour biographical video about this actor. In it, we told in detail the facts about his career,which only a few true film fans know. Do you want to be one of them? Click on the icon and see.And that's all for today! It was Biographer, we will be grateful if you like thisvideo. See you in new videos. Bye Bye.


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