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Krissy Taylor | Bio | Wiki | Networth | Body | Age | Height | Career | Plus size model | Curvy Model

welcome to the glamour models youtube channel we present you the hottest plus size curvy models please subscribe to our channel chrissy taylor is an american curvy fashion model instagram star and social media influencer she gained popularity.

As a curvy model on social media platforms especially on instagram by sharing her sizzling curvaceous photos and videos she is also known for sharing her fashion and lifestyle blogs on a self-titled website chrissy was born and raised in united states along with her parents and siblings having been a fashion and.

Modeling enthusiast from a young age she chose to be a fashion model while studying in high school she gained initial fame as a model on instagram as her sizzling curvaceous fashion modeling photos and videos garnered thousands of followers with rising popularity as a fashion and curvy model chrissy has been a face and.

Promoter of numerous fashion and sports brands including haas shop and many others probably soon she will be posing for many fashion and lifestyle magazines besides this she has an only fan's account where her exclusive contents are uploaded for premium users chrissy taylor's age is 24 years as of 2021.

She is five six inches tall and her weight is approximately 56 kilograms chrissy taylor hails from united states she is a curvy fashion model instagram star and social media influencer white and brown are her favorite colors chrissy is fond of fashion modeling traveling photography and surfing greece is her favorite vacation.

Destination she is a pet lover and has a pet dog chrissy is a lover of italian and german foods chrissy taylor's net worth as of now in 2021 is estimated to be more than 450 000 the sources of her income are modeling commercials brand promotions and.

Different business ventures.





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