Ladies and gentlemen it's that time again for the epic fighting championship and that that summer [__] was able to recruit a tag team partner i promise you've never seen a heavier tag team this is what it would look like if happy humphrey tagged up with haystacks calhoun in an mma battle you almost get entranced by the amount of fat that.

These individuals have on their body one might say they were hypnotized by their jiggling you're a fat [__] you are bruce why weren't these individuals invited to the conference for the naafp uh you know you know what maybe maybe everyone should sit down nevertheless here comes their opponent.

Evidently he too is a fat guy but a professional fat guy this man's name is t-34 what is he the plus-size terminator no doubt this is gonna be an interesting battle just imagine the friction they better reinforce the ring we've got a heavy match up tonight let the games begin round one fight two out of shape versus one inch a fat guy.

Left hand straight out the gate oh my god hey i'm not finished with you did we just see what i think we saw tell me i did not just see that thank god i didn't go to draftkings and place a bet on these nincompoops i would have been.

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Know there'll be clutch for you draftking sport book use promo code chisel let them know i sent you and now back to your regularly scheduled program these fat bastards got their ass whipped in 20 seconds i've never seen such a large ass whipping in my life but thanks to lord josheen and kingpin the fattest one not from bedford stuyvesant gets an.

Opportunity to do a 1v1 it turns out the fight isn't over after all but one's got to wonder how can you have any confidence after your teammate got tko'd within 20 seconds all while you were laying face down flat on the floor like a bear that's a victim of road rage [__] kick what are you gonna do now big boy he's pressing the guard button.

But why is his nipples guarding coke and kick terminator model 34 has absolutely nothing to worry about man's hasn't even broke a sweat yet somebody tell his fat summer [__] to dodge he eaten fists like he did his six dinners that land whale can't get in a single strike finish him oh big ass [__] nice going fat look at.

The size of him he's a monster terminator fat man 34 tko two fat people one twice all inside of a minute i need food i need food get me some fries there it is this man put more effort into trying to stand up than he did trying to fight just get the harpoons he's better out there in the water straight out the gate blondie got dealt with what.

Vendetta did these two have before how did he just disregard the other man just to put homie to sleep the largest one was a spectator within inches of his opponent after mr five stomachs hit the ground and went to sleep man's hit the reset button on the other fat guy go get the forklift they're not moving t-34 got hands this the same look blondie had.

When his wife ordered him a salad he don't know what to think he blinked one time and caught a 26-piece combo with his teammate within close proximity another case of the god button simply not working he couldn't defend despite the fact he put his hands up check out the stomachs fat and then this fat soul caught a.

Two-piece on the ground that left his brain scrambled like his eggs in the morning then he went out of his way to execute the fattest one frat he out there looking like an amputated big toe he's the epitome of the pokemon muck and your winner put your hand down you fat summer [__] by way of two tkos and a lone ko terminator.

34. if you ever see that brother in the forest fighting with a grizzly bear you better help the bear cause you just saw him kill two of them t-34 could take out more fat people than heart failure frank are you okay snake snake [__] you fat man it's fat somber [__] this fat son of a [__] is fat big ass [__] nice.

Going fat