All right all right students welcome welcome everyone on this channel combo competition and votes and having a fantastic day it's going to be an awesome match come on everyone show some excitement i'm very excited i'm very excited because you know it's like i'm i'm.

Actually taking session with the world's tallest person right now hello tallest foreign and auspiciousness and everything will come automatically i can't see that.

I don't see i don't see boys description of the video whatever channel you are probably right yeah oh yes can i even like people like number one one light is equal to 0.1 centimeters of height all right okay so all you do is now basically click on this all the time.

Foreign once again all you have to do is go to this link to take part of the quiz and win some exciting prices so yeah unlocked all of you guys students just wanted to tell you one thing just because i'm cutting it definitely because we all know uh examination.

Follow the official page yes guess what she has jio cell which does not even have internet in it can you can yes please flaunt yeah i'm wanting you to buy an iphone but no no i.

Didn't yeah foreign voucher oh please look at this leaderboard i'd still have 200 points how does that.

Make sense this is cheating good spirit extraordinaire so let's go please full screen uh first one no i think it's just no god foreign.

foreign so all right let's look at the results let's look at the results let's ignore that answer max since something something coming up.

Yeah is foreign right is the external agency applied on a body to change its state of rest or uniform.

Motion options are heat power energy or forces force yay made these questions who are these questions are you sure you're sure you want to fix it you were asked to find out the angle of.

Elevation or angle of uh you know depreciation i guess it would have been exactly the same you know why it's so tall let's go to the next question you know your math would have been so much more easier getting it you're you'd have all scored 100. foreign.

All right let's go to the next question after this question i'm running away all right so people next question i think it's i'm going to ask from you or which is the most abundant element in the human body uh carbon calcium oxygen hydrogen hmm good question what do you guys think.

Good question what do you guys think what do you think i think it's oxygen but uh carbonated calcium catching and you're shorter your bones are also a little shorter calcium cannot be too much so i'm gonna go with oxygen i'm gonna go with oxygen.

Oxygen people oxygen hey don't try to confuse okay 18 percent carbon but oxygen is the real winner because oxygen bosto basic basic chemistry basic biology basic physics what is it that i can't do yeah you can do everything that i can sometimes foreign.

a cricket draws his hands backwards to catch the ball because by increasing the time in which he stops the ball he reduces the force on his hands by increasing the distance he allows the ball to travel a greater distance for more runs it is an art of catching the ball or it is the.

Rule exactly all right let's go to the next question people let's go i mean that is a basic nine standard question so i would have been actually surprised the majority got it wrong it's a fantastic joke.

Moving on to the next question the leader here it is in ipl matches dew arrives due to the phenomena of evaporation of water condensation of atmospheric water vapor high speed of wind in the ground none of these it's a very easy question.

So confusing yeah yeah so confusing condensation is nothing but uh the process in which i believe uh gas is turned into liquid by the loss of heat right i mean when the release of heat isn't it it's an exothermic reaction i don't know foreign doesn't matter how lame it is that's.

What he does he sent me all the reels you know struggle of short-heighted people this is the best part all right okay so once we get the leaderboards nothing in the tv code different from the replay class on youtube.

Technology so isn't it amazing and if i'm going to tell you the price of the course you will not believe it but amazing price so t-shirt t-shirts the prize is just 4 500 for the entire year yani one month prize is just 375.

Rupees sorry subject physics chemistry mathematics biology all the kind of struggle you know that uh my father has to face okay you know the stretch this is something that vedanta has given you a wonderful opportunity or self opportunity herbert.

Exactly i think it's a very difficult question i have to go with option number eight it's the very difficult questions i'm going to talk about because again we've always been uh known for solving doubts as soon as possible with the best of the best you know team who actually are there 24.

7 to help you clear your doubts so we're always happy you guys again whenever in doubt ask without it all right so yes 117 but not bad not bad very well done all right moving on to the next question yes.

Who was the most expensive foreign player in ipl 2022 auction options are liam livingstone shimrun who kept his name archer and we also have pat kimmins he's.

She actually sat and you know shut up i met his entire bio data how much was he sold for where is he from scene we have livingston is from england england there one point something million dollars you know.

Baby so wrong with so many different levels but i'm just going to ignore it we're going to move past that all right area is fantastic guys fantastic i mean you guys know your ipl really well people really know i mean more than their syllabus all right next question i think it's.

Your turn yes okay who was the first bowler to take a hat trick in the history of ipl i'm gonna go away like you could see the ball spinning and all that threads in the ball because of.

The high definition camera and everything so good so good to watch so good google keychain all right you can save some seats also okay now here he is but yeah i'll tell you one thing then that's one advice i'll give.

You once you get that echoed out you know the first thing you need to ask echoed artist alexa who's the tallest person in any room that is the first question you should ask i need to see the recording i want the recording of that tag me on instagram or whatever but i want to see that i want to see it all right.

Alexa who's the tallest person in europe all right let's go let's go second second number thousand rupees amazon voucher and ayushi ayush sorry you will get all the vedanta goodies i'll be super amazing suitcase will be bigger for its a pro basketball player she has to.

Become like the next lebron james she wants to hit some money todd and the entire course as i say you are going to get it from here select and buy course up like it code ag pro yeah ame pro ame pro you will get the special discount exactly so the price would actually come.

Down to 1 000 foreign see you bye take care