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15th Meridian East – Different Worlds, Same Time | Episode 1 | Free Documentary Nature

an invisible bond that connects us the 15th meridian east from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees celsius it unites all the climate zones of the earth people and places that could not be more different connected by a common daily.

Rhythm after all the time of day on the 15th meridian is always the same from svalbard to namibia a day on the 15th meridian different worlds at exactly the same time the animals that can be found along the 15th meridian are as diverse as the.

Landscapes which they inhabit what living conditions do they encounter in the heat of the namibian damar land in the flourishing upper lucita or on the coast of norway from the northernmost to the southernmost point what challenges do both humans and animals have to master together.

The animal world the day begins on the 15th degree of meridian east a german bat expert in austria a himba elephant aficionado in namibia a croatian researching bears in the forest a dutch whale specialist in norway.

All right on six o'clock in the morning in namibia mara land a region south of the atashapan hendrick's daily routine starts before.

Sunrise but he gets to work outdoors and against the backdrop of the brandberg mountain he's an elephant tracker from the north of the country he puts his special skills into practice in service of an elephant protection organization the mars-like rocky landscapes lies in.

Central namibia the dry riverbed of the ugab which sometimes carries water during the rainy season runs through the semi-desert both baboons and the damara shepherds like it here at the end of a sandy road lies the camp.

Of the elephant protection organization elephant human relations aid era for short era works to cultivate a peaceful coexistence between elephants and humans hendrick munemboma has been working for the organization since 2008. today he wants to pass on some of his knowledge to his son mkhit.

As is traditional for the himba hendrik assumed responsibility for the welfare of the family from an early age hendrick belongs to the himba tribe a pastoral people with a deep understanding of nature and remarkable tracking skills at era his job is to go on wild game patrols and to check in with the.

Inhabitants of the sparsely populated area a few days ago a demar settlement was attacked by a couple of elephants the people there feared for their lives and supplies hendrick investigates the incident how many elephants were involved will they continue to be a threat in the.

Future panda a woman of the village explains that it was a herd of elephants one of the big elephants had a hole in his ear the damara belonged to the poorest ethnic groups in namibia their goats and their extensive stalks are essential for survival.

the elephants have long since moved on hendrick and mkhit will follow them through namibia savannah will they find the elephant with the hole in its ear.

At the same time at the opposite end of the 15th meridian on the vester island a group of islands north of the lofoten martin brill from the netherlands has made his way to the sleepy town of andes martin was a successful i.t manager in holland earning a top income he had to.

Start all over again on the vester island with small temporary jobs in the harbour he has now been living in andeans for 13 years his daughter femke has come to visit and martin wants to show his four-year-old grandson's fair whales for the first time.

Do more he lived here with his whole family but his wife moved back to the netherlands after just one year nevertheless for martin the indomitable nature of the archipelago is now his home.

like on a safari in the step martin looks for animals but here in the water and just like on land it's always a game of chance for sveri it is the first tour with his grandfather after a good 30 minutes the time has come.

a mighty sperm whale surfaces specialized off the coast of the wester island the continental shelf drops 2 000 meters the 20 meter long animals can dive that deep without any problem they find plenty of prey in the deep.

Dark sea cuttlefish and giant squid renee schleichard lives in the upper la satia directly on the river nicer the natural border between germany and poland he's on the hunt for a special animal along with patience and luck he needs a.

Well-chosen sight in has been a nature lover since childhood the kingfishers can build their nests in the steep bank of the nicer river from there they can spot their prey preferably small fish at the age of six rene received a camera.

As a gift from his grandmother from then on he photographed everything that came in front of his lens this childhood memory shaped him with meanwhile he has taken around 10 000 photographs in the coming years he wants to publish them in a book.

For the native gurlitzer nature and photography are something that allows him to escape from his stressful everyday life as a geriatric nurse at the same time in sterile the green lung of austria oliver gephardt is on his way to the most romantic castle in the federal.

Province schloss herberstein where little nighttime creatures live in the dark corners of the 14th century walls oliver knows exactly how to find them smith in austria oliver has found a new home he's the project manager of the.

Youngstyrian nature conservationists and a freelance biologist he is responsible for documenting the bad population in the region of good there are nearly 20 species here in the.

Region that constitutes a good two-thirds of the native bat species foreign simultaneously in the deep forest in the plit feature lakes croatian national park bear expert jura huber is searching for the brown giants a teddy bear.

Called has been conducting a study of brown bears since 1981 which he later extended to lynx and wolves since then the veterinarian has been working on the conservation of these three species in croatia's most beautiful national park today juru and.

Two of his doctoral students are looking for one of his proteges interesting there are up to 1 000 brown bears in croatia and juror does everything he can to keep it that way although he's already old enough to retire counting animals and documenting their movements is the first.

About 8 000 kilometers further south the search for elephants continues there are only two desert elephant populations left in the world one of them is composed of 180 animals in namibia about 30 of them live here in the ugab region of de mara land an area larger than switzerland.

In this vast expense it's not easy for hendrick and his son to get on the trail of the elephant who broke into the damar camp first you find the trucks and you know the direction and you have to make sure that it's the tracks you need.

To find this animal or not how is you try to understand the age of the treks how many hours how many days ago the animal past pasta and if you believe it is more like fresher then you can also think about.

The wind direction where the wind goes and what the wind has done on the tracks the elephant animals cover a big space of land then it's sometimes easy for you to think about why other animals didn't work on it if it is an animal busy area like baboons.

Goats a spring box so they didn't work on it so sometimes you follow it for a while until you see either way they broke a tree or where they pee or they pull then you can charge okay okay this is useful they've located the direction in which.

The pachyderms are traveling there suddenly there's something to see is it the elephant that panicked the villagers no it's not him this one does not have a hole in his ear hendrick is happy that it is not the.

Problematic elephant because this is one of the few bulls that is still able to reproduce they have gotten off track they need to return to base camp it's getting too hot time for a break 12 30 p.m.

The sun has reached its highest point for today lunch break on the 15th meridian.

the small island black soya is home to 80 000 puffins and lies right in front of martin's front door a feast for the sea eagles who also live here when martin isn't working he loves to spend his time here peace to you and.

Your heart and for you to also respect only 32 000 inhabitants live on the four islands of the wester island in addition to the midnight sun between may and july there are ten times as many tourists they come for the untouched nature and nevertheless contribute thereby to its.

Destruction schleichardt also has similar problems on the naisa in upper loosatia in eastern germany tourists sail across the water on their own community be kingfishers alternate with each brood when offspring arrive they stay in the nest for four weeks and then leave.

Making room for the second brood this gives renee plenty of time to observe the spectacle and share his photos on social media in be so.

meanwhile in the green treasure trove of croatia the plitfeature national park jor and his assistants are still unsuccessful in their search for the bear they have started using radio telemetry the national park is a unesco world.

Cultural heritage site it covers almost 300 square kilometers it is now 3 pm and they have given up hope of actually finding the bear but suddenly the cave they are overjoyed with the find there are no bears but many many useful traces brown bear is made in may or june when.

The first snow falls the pregnant females retreat into rock caves or dig out a place for themselves in the mountainside in order to haul up and hibernate in germany the brown bear population has disappeared in eastern europe however they're gaining ground very good has dedicated himself to the bears it.

Has become his life's work to minimize conflicts between bears and humans and to enable the animals to live in undisturbed existence foreign back at the arab base camp hendrick has to take care of the new rivals.

The organization is primarily financed by donations from the volunteers who come from all over the world to be here in the namibian desert as you can see this one i think this will be your hotel the young people's task is to build wild water points in the remotest corners of demar land.

Hendrick his son emka and the junior tracker adolf set off they have heard that elephants have destroyed a water point elephants can smell water for miles of course it is convenient for them to help themselves to the sources that people also use to prevent this from happening the tanks built for people.

Have extra overflow basins where the animals can drink they are separated by walls that are two meters high elephants can suddenly be seen in the distance they have to hurry to keep up with the herd.

Hendrick and his small team have to distribute themselves strategically because the direction in which the herd is running can change at any time they communicate by using hand signals what they don't know yet is that the elephant they're looking for is among these animals.

when there is an emergency in graz austria oliver gephardt's mobile phone rings he's always on call food hello.

Hello bats have different habitats in summer than in winter in winter for example they reside in caves and tree trunks and they live under roof structures or bridges in the summer if one of these habitats is disturbed it can lead to serious changes in the population.

It's kind of little klein at the same time in gurlits renee's on his way to his next spot he wants to get another animal in front of his lens now the clever fox these loners are considered to be particularly intelligent they have adapted well to the increasing.

Urbanization written back in croatia jury is on his way to the kuta river bear sanctuary the shelter for orphan bears was founded in 2002 since that.

Time juror has offered scientific support on behalf of the veterinary department in zagreb he shares his vision of a species-appropriate approach with the director yvonne bears can weigh up to 800 kilograms and can reach a height of up to three meters.

When they stand upright they are among the most dangerous animals in the world and yet they feed mainly on tubers fruits and leaves foreign hendrick and his son approach a herd of elephants whose tracks they have been.

Following all day before the day is over and they set up camp for the night he needs to know if the elephant with the hole in his ear is among the pack or have they wasted a day following the wrong herd a sad certainty.

the drought of the last few decades has caused problems for the elephant the u-gap no longer forms as many water points as it used to hendrick's most important task is explaining to people that elephants don't want to hurt them they are simply on a desperate search.

For water hendrick teaches the villagers how to behave when they come into contact with the gentle giants so that the animals don't have to die unnecessarily in case of uh incident where an elephant broke in somebody's house and it carves on and on until you become a threat to the community living with.

Elephants so then we need to take this elephant away so we need to take one that is possible for that that's only to solve the problem identifying the right elephant is very important hendrick has to share his results with the namibian ministry of environment and tourism.

Which then decides what happens to the elephant the elephant is either chased away or in particularly serious cases killed i'm a lot ranging amen needed him to be hendrick and his companions have to.

Hurry and find a place to stay for the night the sun is setting soon while in norway martin makes his way home in bright daylight thanks to the midsummer sun nevertheless it is just as late for him as it is for hendrick he also has to document his observations.

Whale safaris are also a form of animal protection because they provide jobs for people who used to engage in hunting the sea giants it's a foreign dandel faculty.

8 pm evening falls on the 15th meridian well it is time to set up camp in namibia in austria the most important working time for oliver gephardt the bad expert is just beginning together with his colleagues he wants to catch bass today maybe some rare species.

Will fall into their nets is a steep sloping wall with many caves a paradise for bats the small nocturnal animals are measured and weighed the researchers also determine which species occur there bats find it increasingly difficult to find a home because their habitats are often.

Sealed over with concrete b oliver's wife claudia often comes along he accompanied her through a severe bout of cancer that made them inseparable i'm a vocary height.

That b night has fallen on the 15th meridian east.

The end of a long day for its inhabitants lighting the fire now it's time for fire i'm by development um five people from five countries some of them live thousands of kilometers away from each other and yet they are all.

United by their love of animals and of course the meridian on which they live which causes their daily routines to take place at the same time you.


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