Welcome to this video and this channel we try to inform you about various courses that you can pursue the technical training institutes the national polytechnic technical vocational courage the issues of science and technology and all.

Such kind of incisions personally i teach electrical engineering but now the main aim of this video i wanted to highlight the main difference between two courses that is diplomatic civil engineering and diplomatic building technology because idea is some of the students who wish to pursue.

Are building technology adapt pursuing civil engineering and some of the students who used to pursue civil engineering ends up pursuing building technology but in a nutshell civil engineering is a very broad field that four major areas.

That is structural engineering water engineering transport engineering geotechnical engineering a trainee pursuing diplomat civil engineering cover a retro bit of each of these four areas that is they do a bit of structural engineering they cover a number of units in structures.

They also do a bit of water engineering they do a bit of transport engineering and a bit of geotechnical engineering building a construction was reduced with a construction of houses the knowledge and the skills that require to construct a house from scratch that is from viagra to a complete house that is the foundation the survey.

Required the excavation the walls the various materials required the finishing the type of accessories in the building the roofing and all that but for civil engineering it's mostly design and construction of various infrastructure such as road.

Railway building airports seaports are run away for the airports involves construction of dams the canals the various drainage structures are water structures and so on so civil engineering is quite broad uh if you're not interested things to do with building houses on your own much of.

Protein area you can do civil engineering but if your main interest is just building then in that case you should do building and construction but now let me take you to the sites so that we can see what they are doing there there's a lot of work going here on the institution.

So this is what we mean when we talk of our diploma in building technology this case they are in the foundation so let us check the foundation so you also do the various type of materials that are used in construction the metal the concrete the wood.

You also quantify the amount of excavation to be done so this is what we call building technology you can see the water have started coming up but remember building and construction doesn't always involve building houses where people live.

Or doesn't move it doesn't always involve building houses for domestic use it can also involve building houses for commercial or industrial use so you cover the cost right from the excavation all the way to the completed.

Structures for example the one we have over there we also said those pursuing either diploma in civil engineering or diploma in building and construction they do a bit of mechanical engineering because of various machines that will be used in the during construction but.

Mostly for those who are doing civil engineering they do a lot of construction plant equipment and the same time they also do workshop technology because of the various equipments that are used during construction that's why you need to learn about the.

Various construction the material that i use the side the virus the stones data is for construction here visited one of the civil engineering wraps to learn about various machines that are used to train civil engineering and construction here you have a compression test machine.

For compression test of precast concrete universal testing machine it is used for carrying out compression test both compression and tension test and here you have a pan mixer that is also used for mixing concrete.

And that's why trainees in building and construction and civil engineering usually take a unit in workshop technology and then here you have a horror block maker that is used for making this type of rocks there is a lot of.

Equipment and machine that i use receiver engineering and building construction but i've just mentioned some of them so that at least you can see why you need to take some of the units that i have mentioned in the cell bus.

so so so so so so.