kenzie velanski born august 30th 1996 is an american model actress youtuber prankster instagram sensation social media influencer former porn actress and internet personality from california.

She is best known as vitali storawetsky's girlfriend his boyfriend is a russian-american youtuber pranker and vlogger kinsey has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and her weight is 55 kilograms her other body measurements such as chest size waist size.

And hip size are 34 26 36 inches respectively likewise she has got blonde hair and hazel eyes she is really beautiful and very attractive as well hot model kinsey sue has covered by fhm maxim and sports illustrated brands in addition.

She has also done some commercial advertisements for sports fitness brands the boulevard magazine has featured her on the cover page of their magazine she has also competed in the miss jet set 2017 and ranked on the eighth position in that beauty contest the 24 year old vitali uncensored model kinsey has earned more than 3.7 million plus.

Followers on her instagram profile in addition she regularly uploads her hot swimsuit pictures bikini sexy photo shoot videos related to her lifestyle and pranks in addition velansky also has a youtube channel named vitali uncensored vitalize tv this channel is run by her lover vitalis dorvetsky.

Where they upload videos related to funny practical jokes and trending stuff kinsey has also made her acting debut from her first movie named slasher party in 2019. this horror film is one hour 20 minutes long and released on january 27 2019 in the usa she has played the character of brittany in this movie.

Furthermore the other cast actors and actresses of slasher party 2019 are vitally store vetsky shark simona shine skye antonio ramos writer timothy de la ghetto ted aria young c sole bavelli nina aaron schwartz angelo isabella brensa april and kelsey lavrak bambi on june 1 2019 lingerie model.

Kenzi sue halted the uefa champions league final between liverpool versus tottenham at madrid spain moreover this blonde beauty velanski stripped off showed her black bikini and ran in the middle of the pitch football ground in the 18th minute of the first half.

At last she was caught by the security guard and taken out the ground she earned over 350 000 followers on instagram before the ucl publicity stunned at the end of the day her followers was surpassed 2 million her instagram was hacked banned and deleted after the incident for some days.

Velanski has millions of followers across instagram and tick tock she uses her social accounts to promote products and upload racy snaps of herself in swimsuits she is also a brand ambassador of a popular energy drink called bang energy besides she has.

Ventured into acting and has appeared in her debut film slasher party in 2019. the russian-american model has earned quite a fortune that is worth almost a million dollars she is currently working for a new series called fearless as of 2021 she enjoys a hefty net worth of eight hundred thousand dollars.

Velanski began dating storawetsky sometime in 2017 and ended her relationship with him in december 2019. after the breakup she has kept her romantic love life private and away from the public she hasn't dated any men since then at least not publicly.

Her social accounts are also void of her possible affairs our boyfriend she has raised by his father and mother along with her siblings in a town in california velanski has started modeling at the age of 15 years old she loves traveling and traveled places like morocco.

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