Can you spot something odd in this image yup this little guy is just a wannabe will you be able to find the fork that's different from the rest here it is its tines are way shorter than those of its fellow forks how long will it take you to find the.

Glove that doesn't have a pair but of course here it is wow that was fast now let's make it trickier which snowflake is lonely exactly this pretty one in the center try to spot the rubber boot that doesn't.

Have a pair here it is you must have an eagle eye is there an imposter among all these axes yup it's the letter y have you just pressed the hard mode button okay which lion is different from the.

Rest right this king of the jungle is missing one ear can you spot a sunflower among all these buzzing bees ah here it is hiding in the corner.

Which avocado is different from the rest this one look at its stone it must be in love what's your bet is it ava or kado and now the real game starts you see most these logos every day but how well do you really know them do you recognize the logo of the world famous producer of electronics.

the left one looks much more natural and no wonder it's the correct logo how often do you order stuff from amazon let's see if you pick the right logo and must be often enough what a tricky task these logos look almost the same.

and still the correct one is the netflix logo on the right think hard and tell me where could you get a yummy sandwich the correct logo is the one on the right if you see the other one you should probably refrain from entering that subway.

Now which is the correct youtube logo no cheating the left one of course which car do you use to pay at your local supermarket the one on the right of course i'm sure this logo is familiar not only to avid coffee fans.

The left one is the real starbucks logo who hasn't seen a room of their dreams in ikea at least once in their life but which is the correct ikea logo it's the right one now tell me how many hours do you spend watching tick tock videos if you answered that the real tick tock logo is the one on the right you.

Probably open the tick tock app at least once a day one of the best snacks out there but which pringles logo is the one you see on the box the mustache guy doesn't have that much hair the logo on the left is correct level up which of these guys do you see when you buy your pringles.

Absolutely it's the one on the left let's see if you tend to take pics of literally everything around you to post them on this social media app the real instagram logo is the right one you must be a real insta person if you got that right i'm sure you'll recognize the pizza hut logo in no time yes you pizza lover.

and of course it's the one on the left okay we've determined that you're a real fan of pizza but how about sports the correct adidas logo is on the left and how extreme is your sweet tooth will you recognize the real chupachoops logo i knew it was the one on the right.

Which of these is the real ibm logo that was a tricky question i chose the logo on the right and it was the right choice how about this seemingly endless source of knowledge and wisdom what's the real wikipedia logo yup it's the one on the left.

If you watch mtv often enough it won't take you long to find its real logo yup it's the right one how about these logos tricky huh the rio costa coffee logo is the one on the right now this question is the trickiest of.

Them all which is the correct bright side logo huh i hope you watch our channel often enough to have picked the light bulb on the right and you know always stay on the bright side of life and level up look at the pictures attentively and try to figure out what's.

Wrong with them can you find out what's wrong with this picture ah it's not about the numbers it's the word mistake that's written incorrectly can you spot something really strange in this image it's a barn why would it need a chimney.

Examine all the details in this picture and figure out what's wrong with it oh i see the card doesn't have any license plate something is off in this picture but what exactly this one seems tough april 31st hmm such a date doesn't exist.

How fast can you figure out what's wrong with this picture the guy must have been dressing in a hurry he's wearing one regular skate and one roller skate which picture is the odd one here the one with a cat all other items begin with the letter b except the kitty.

I gotta warn you be very very attentive now can you find the mistake look at this symbol it's not a zero it's an oh oh if you cracked even 70 percent of these attention riddles you're a very very attentive individual.

Now what was that number again