an invisible bond that connects us the 15th meridian east from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees celsius it unites all the climate zones of the earth people and places that could not be more different connected by a common daily rhythm.

After all the time of day on the 15th meridian is always the same from swalboard to namibia a day on the 15th meridian different worlds at exactly the same time a day on the 15th meridian east more than 11 000 kilometers lie between the northernmost and the southernmost.

Points of our journey along the 15th meridian a new day begins simultaneously for its inhabitants gentle nature raw wilderness in this episode we will discover the diversity of nature in schwalbert and namibia slovenia poland and germany.

The 15th meridian unites extreme weather conditions the shimmering heat of africa with the eternal cold of northern scandinavia and the tempered climate of central europe five people from five countries they all live on the 15th meridian and have dedicated their lives to protecting the.

Environment at seven o'clock in the morning they prepare for a new day spatially separated but not temporarily.

Took an early trip out onto the north sea with her visitors so these two guys they are bearded seals and that's the biggest type of seal they live here in their in left yards so we have bearded seal green steel and harp seal yeah we'll slowly drive over to these guys and then maybe.

Go back to the skate phone cloud 26 year old signia came to the capital longier boone four years ago small board as the norwegians call this island is the northernmost point of our journey on the 15th meridian it is a hostile environment in which the sun never rises in winter and never sets in summer nevertheless.

Wild geese have their breeding grounds here on the arctic islands they feel at home in the wide wilderness tourists and explorers across these expanses and to ensure their safety a big responsibility gender equality has long been an everyday reality in scandinavia but many.

International visitors are not accustomed to it signia is a trained adventure guide she deals with prejudices calmly here we have the metamorphic rock rock from the inner of the earth and.

At the same time in the morning on a lake in the marshland of pococa on the northwest coast of poland these are the breeding grounds for a large colony of black-headed gulls now caring for their young piotr got up early once again to observe the spectacle.

Be piotr works as an independent ornithologist he monitors the number and movement of birds along the chebytovsky coast in western poland his work in birth help determines for example whether wind farms can be built.

He's alone in nature almost every day situations um foreign has a very similar feeling way up north foreign a quarter to nine and three and a half.

Thousand kilometers further south lies slovenia where the biologists boris caller is wandering through a world of green east of maribor the sought-after researcher cultivates old forgotten fruit varieties in his spare time uh boris caller is an environmental toxicologist he investigates the effects.

That agricultural poisons have on nature when boris is outdoors he becomes part of nature and tries to understand its condition but he does not intervene like here in his mini jungle this leaves more organic matter in the forest which provides a home for many.

Living creatures the humus that they produce serves as food for new plants and the cycle continues to for boris collar the undisturbed exchange of nutrients among fungi insects and plants is the only way to ensure that an ecosystem becomes.

Sustainable 9 a.m in slovenia and 9 a.m in ondangwa namibia at the southern tip of the 15th meridian rana starts her day in the mother tree nursery amen about 11 000 kilometers south of swampword lies namibia the most sparsely.

Populated region in africa the climate here is predominantly dry with hot summers and mild winters in the deforested northwest of the country rana wilhelm leads the environmental project trees for the world it aims to stop the spread of.

Desertification and to improve people's lives trees ultimately provide not only oxygen but also shade on founded by a german in 1999 the nursery is now run by young namibians rana ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Seedlings are bred here protected from the african sun by tarps they are sold locally but also serve to densify plantations in the surrounding area another one of the small ngo's goals is to create more forests in the region for rana this task has changed her life is be.

At the same time in gurlits on the eastern border of germany as well el dorado since 2011 katrin hammer and her husband sven run the girl at zoo at the border triangle in los atia.

Their most important task is the conservation of both nature and endangered animal species many species are extinct because humans have destroyed their habitats in the girl at zoo endangered species ancient and modern domestic animal breeds as well as the wild animals species of.

Upper las asia find a new home instead of captivity the couple rescues animals from poor living conditions from other zoos or from the circus um diversity beauty uniqueness the faces of nature are as different as.

Those of human beings are we really aware of how much we threaten the flora and fauna of what it means for us when they die off these people on the 15th meridian are united by their respect for nature and their desire to protect it almost noon piatra is now paddling on the riga river in west pomonia he.

Observes the birds along the course of the river in his free time foreign all 168 kilometers of the rega been under conservation protection since.

2012. surrounded by forests the waterway has an important ecological significance for the region salad foreign piotr loves the riga he fights for his pomeranian river landscape for nature in.

His native poland for his color the slovenian researcher is on his way to his favorite river the drava he's drawn to the depth of the underwater world again and again not only to conduct research and gay knowledge he sees something more in the brown broth.

Yeah beasto nature and especially the element water constitutes his life his religion is um.

lunchtime on the 15th meridian between work and thinking about the well-being of the world everyone needs a break what's this.

so on suaboard signia dahlberg is not only a guide on the water but also on the permafrost today she shows her russian friend vladimir the beauty and fascination of.

The glacial crevices their passion for extreme nature brought them together in 2014 they have been a couple ever since if you want to travel through the heart of this arctic ice landscape you have to know your way around otherwise it is extremely perilous there is.

The icy glaciers cover about 60 of the swordboard archipelago sometimes whole mountains break off from glaciers and float on the sea these icebergs then drift into the sea in a process called calving the icebergs can be as big as a city second only to the oceans glaciers are one of the largest water reservoirs on earth and store 70.

Percent of the world's fresh water to put a few organs and then how you refer to they have a little brain swordbird belongs to norway but more than 10 nations are conducting research here first and foremost measurements are.

Being taken to investigate climate change signia and vladimir are going home while rona and katrin are looking after their trees in a region plagued by poverty and unrest environmental protect
ion is a luxury.

Nevertheless rana is committed to the reforestation of her homeland lush forests still grew here 50 years ago the rapidly growing population needed masses of firewood and building materials the tropical dry forests disappeared today rana and her colleagues are trying to turn the trees they plant into a forest again.

while katrin carries on watering rhona has to go back into town to check on her baby donkey but she's also going back to school a.

quarter to five sven hammer the veterinarian from gurlitz is out on the cow pastures with the farmer matthias mutser together they are developing an idea for combining species protection with agriculture their common workplace is located in the former border area.

Between poland and germany they preserve the open landscape that is to say the natural landscape by chomping down on tree growth nature conservation through eating the home in organic farming care is taken to ensure that as little d warming agent is used as possible the farmer matthias mutser makes his animals available for.

Grazing milk in the old lignite producing region the former mines have become europe's largest lake district devastated nature is becoming usable again for both humans and animals is.

Foreign sven hammer and his wife catherine met thanks to a camel over time they came to love each other they are still helping weak camels to build up their strength at home these days she takes care of animals and nature day and night and has been doing.

So for 17 years the shared work provides stability for the childless couple associates m hope.

Be hey nature has its own rhythm it is subject to a complex interplay of incredibly varied organisms which we're still far from understanding in the last thousand four hundred years.

Earth has never been as warm as it was between the years 1971 and 2000 we don't know what that will mean for the next thousand years what outstanding bills will nature ask us to pay back in northern namibia at the angolan border.

This is the tribal area of the ovambo people ron and catherine are planting trees here trying to fight against the clear cutting of the past decades the land surrounding ondangwa is actually fertile foreign cuckoo lives right next door in a november town.

Cuckoo is nearly 100 years old and a descendant of the royal family rana and her colleagues got to know cuckoo when they took over the land they have great respect for her inform her when they plant trees in the hope that she will also keep an eye on them are made up of a number of related bantu.

Tribes planting trees has always been part of their culture and many fruit trees are considered to be sacred ice foreign.

In accordance with obama tradition cuckoo and her tribe live in round houses with palisades they breed cattle goats and sheep the men take care of the cattle while the women grow so-called mahangu pearl millet this grain is used to make porridge and to brew beer the ovamos work from sunrise to sunset.

On foreign different everyday lives at different points on the meridian in the meantime signia has almost arrived back in town i fought from someone else.

The first people settled here in 1906 drawn by the discovery of valuable coal deposits the town of longhirbune was built near the first mine permanent inhabitants are rather rare signie is attracted by the idea of becoming one of them.

Has found a new home here halfway between the north cape and the north pole and i'm like that's touristy katrin hammer and her husband have created something special for the.

Natural world by combining their philosophy of nature conservation and their love of endangered creatures thanks to their temporary arc they've been able to successfully reintroduce many animal species into their natural habitats foreign.

In night is approaching on the 15th meridian east for boris caller from slovenia it's time to examine the results boris works to protect water as a biologist at the public health institute maribor he breeds water flies in the laboratory.

They are used to test how dirty the water in which they live can be they thus serve as an indicator of the health of a body of water if it is too polluted the flies will die the me one goal unites all of the people on the.

15th meridian the preservation of our habitat for piotr there is no end in sight he's still out and about in nature perhaps he always will be soviet yes.

Foreign we need people like these to help us understand that we can only succeed together we will only be able to save our earth together on the 15th meridian and everywhere else.

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