2 vs 2 Intergender Mixed Match Tag Team Battle

Ladies and gentlemen it's that time again epic fighting championship and boy do we have a doozy an intergender mix tag match daddy i mean sorry daddy so kingpin only got one color scheme when it comes to his fits and why their opponents wearing the same clothes did they come from the same dojo does this work like super smash bros melee when.

You wear the same color now one of the characters colors now become distorted i'm not too sure nevertheless it's time to do battle mixed match challenge here we go nasty [__] but the games begin round one fight come back here kelly.

You missed me oh my gosh why the dudes playing footsies back there the women being way more physical i'm all warm and tingly the dude's cuddling the women going to war kick that's it enough of this [__] [__].

What's the matter trainer oh lord the spotter kick robbed her will to fight oh get off of me did the men fuse together to become a bike rack the [__] they doing it's my turn bruce you let him get away me thinks not yeah looks like the fellas are still rubbing.

Skin [__] kick eliminated damn shorty got pieced up now it's a two-on-one but why she not running up on him you mean to tell me in an organization where interferences happen damn near every fight and handicapped matches on every single card you can't have an intergender handicap match due to one fighter being.

Eliminated oh my god are you crying no it's just raining crying like a little girl damn god shorty crying like light-skinned brothers listening to drake's albums it's my turn talk about catching a lucky break had his mouthpiece not falling out the referee would have watched him get.

Pummeled on the cage and he's gonna be able to escape a knockout by a 10 count you're lucky this time it's up to you do you want to continue or not i don't know what i said uh i don't remember reset the board i'm not understanding why they not letting shorty jump in she's getting regulated to coaching from inside the.

Octagon what happens if a teammate gets eliminated this fight ends in a stalemate oh lord they're fusing into a bicycle rack once again and man's mouthpiece fell out again that [__] had it coming why they giving her the covet test time end of round one end of the first round let's recap this is sparta.

Abortion type w kicked to the womb then she proceeded to receive a different kind of fellatio these ain't the blows that she had in mind that's right cry despite the fact that she was subdued her teammate nearly took out his opponent i guess this isn't a tag team match it's just two one-on-one fights in.

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get your bigger ass to fight here [__] alright boys my bad ass fell through the floorboards again you're a fat [__] you are this fat somber [__] it's fat smell it smell it smell it now take it yes final round fight well i'll be damned entering the final round they done made shorty a spectator in her own fight.

Given the circumstances i would assume the blackhead gentleman can only win by either battering his opponent or knocking him out to make it even meanwhile for the pasty gentleman all he's got to do is survive and despite the fact that he's throwing punches he looks like he's afraid to connect it's not a prediction it's a spoiler it's not.

A threat it's a guarantee i'm not just sure i'm hiv positive he learned how to fight at a mosh pit normal it's normal how many times is this man going to lose his mouthpiece i'm falling wait a minute he's got a knock down on the failed tiger knee i guess not get off of me you little son of a [__] armpits smell.

Amazing hey ref break him up what the hell is he doing come back here i want to smell you again now for the finishing move please show some mercy please daddy i just need a break does homie have a medical condition why does the referee keep separating the buddy is gassed i'm.

Getting too old for this [__] 10 seconds left look at this weak ass backhand what the hell was he doing nothing at all nothing at all they'd exchange blows and hold each other intimately for the final seconds and we've reached the conclusion if we were to review it just looks like the pasty one only fought to survive because he knew he had to fight in the.

Back this is like being a corrupt teacher's child no matter how much test you fail you still gonna graduate your winner by way of survival these [__] right a goddamn here for it this is [__] test your might finish her qualcomm punch.

You had it coming frank are you okay snake snake be hot stupid [__]