man sports and chips makes the best bet actually just give this flavor a shot actually what if i say there's a chemical engineer even behind this aha start pantanda you pray so much about chemical engineers just tell me exactly what is the role of a chemical engineer does he.

Work in office or something ok ok hear me out a chemical engineer basically designs chemical plants as well as the methods of improving the production of whatever the product he produces they also help to convert raw materials into useful commercial products in an efficient as well as economical manner.

For example from the tiniest salt particles that enhances the taste of the chips you're eating to large satellites that broadcast a football cricket volleyball or hockey matches chemical engineers so what is the difference between you and a chemist okay okay.

Hear me out the chemist is an amazing person for us he sits in labs does all the crazy stuff i mean the experiments here write so many reactions and eventually find out the product and a suitable way to manufacture them now here people like us i mean me come into the picture.

We take the substance we discovered and reduce a suitable way to produce them in a large large quantity and then we sell it to our customers so what are the main products you people manufacture sure about the question yeah go on tell me the products okay okay.

Hear me out acetic acid nacl commons all pesticides kerosene petrol diesel olefin has drug natural gas cosmetics paraffins polyester phosphoric acid plastics fertilizers and supporters i thought you would tell me a few things but you started to recite like a server in a restaurant.

Why you gave me a warning at the start sorry man i was just making fun our main industries are petrochemical pharmaceutical and disinfectants detergents pains and dry stuff useful acid bases and soils polyesters and plastic and mainly my favorite food industry wow this covers almost every product of my.

Day-to-day life