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Georgina rodriguez born the 27th of january 1995 is a spanish model dancer and internet sensation she is famous as the wife of prestigious professional footballer cristiano ronaldo cristiano ronaldo gifts a perfect present for partner georgina rodriguez.

On her birthday as he lights up burj khalifa as part of rodriguez's i am georgina netflix series which depicts the in-depth look of the life of the partner of the most followed footballer on planet her humble beginnings and the fight it took to secure life she has now ronaldo and georgina celebrated the latter's 28th birthday in dubai on.

Thursday along with their children the manchester united man took to instagram and posted a series of stories along with a video which says congratulations my love for the upcoming series on ott platform partner who hails from argentina started a relationship with the manchester united forward in mid-2016.

Confirming their love affair and year later in 2017 both of them had their first child daughter alana martin on november 12th four years later in october the couple confirmed that they are expecting again and will be welcoming twins while speaking in a trailer for her new show georgina said that in 2016 her life.

Changed when she met cr7 and has always dreamt of having a prince charming by her side and now she has finally have the love of her life georgina was born and raised in a city called hawker in the province of wesker her parents are anna maria hernandez and jorge rodriguez according to the son her father is a.

Convicted cocaine trafficker the argentine has spent 10 years in prison in his life first being jailed in 2003. he was sentenced to 11 years then for masterminding a failed plot to smuggle more than 100 000 pounds worth of 83 pure cocaine from spain to france after being freed in 2008 he was soon back inside for smuggling one million.

Pounds of cannabis resin from morocco to spain with accomplices for that he got a two-year term and was freed in 2013. georgina rodriguez was first spotted alongside cristiano ronaldo in late 2016 when the star footballer was still playing for the renowned spanish football club real madrid.

It is believed that the two first met in the vip area of a dolce and cabana event so do do do do do do.

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