alla brueltova was born on september 15 1999 in moscow russia alla brueltova is one of the beautiful and fitness freak model of the modeling industry and her slim waistline is so so attractive that anyone can be her crazy alibrul tova is the famous instagram star.

Model and tick tock star from russia she has a huge fan following she is among one of the most trending girls on instagram she usually shares her fashionable outfits and modeling photos over her instagram she has continued to increase her popularity across several social media.

Platforms her massive following that can be largely attributed to her ingenuity and creativity has attracted the attention of several brands across the globe she broke into prominence for her amazing looks cute smile style and fantastic personality growing her popularity for her captivating.

Images and videos her social media presence is growing at an astounding pace you will be soon seeing her in modeling shoots mainly she posts her modeling shoots in bikinis and fabulous clothes with unique poses and she was famous for her great performance on instagram.

She has perfect body shape and skin shiny hair slim waistline gorgeous body and beautiful look just because of her health and fitness tips she takes great care of her fitness and for this she does work out regularly yoga and exercise every day but you also know that a diet plan is very necessary.

For a strong and fit body olive oil tova is 5 feet 5 inches tall weight is 54 kilograms and she has blonde hair and blue colored eyes olive oil tova is a popular social media star as of may 2021 olive rule tova has over 650 4k followers on instagram account.

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