In this video we are going to see the computer science terms for beginners before diving into computer science you need to know the terms that is explained in this video first is the analog this technology is a piece of technology that does its job without processing numbers electronically like a computer.

Does that is you can think think it of as a technology used in a role camera that we use in olden days next is the bandwidth this refers to the amount of information that can be transmitted or process processed either wirelessly or across a wired connection.

This you can see this term in the uh where the internet providers use to indicate the speed next is the big data it is a quick way to refer to max massive amount of data that companies collect on a day-to-day basis.

Corporations face a number of challenges to make manage this big data especially when it comes to analysis and security next is the bit it is an abbreviation for binary digits which is the smallest piece of information used by a computer this can be either be 1 or 0 where they are binary digits that make up the.

Computer language byte uh we can say it has eight bits can be called as a byte and thousand and twenty four bytes will be i will make a kilobyte and 1024 kilobytes make a megabyte and 1024 megabytes make a gigabit next is the bug.

Which is a programming error that causes problems foreign programs end user next is the cloud storage this is an alternative to store data in a computer's physical storage this is where the information that stored on a cloud is kept on remote servers that can be accessed anywhere through.

The internet next is the code which refers to the different programming languages used to create edit or manage computer programs or applications next is the control panel this is a tool that allows you to change a program setting or alter the way it looks or behaves.

Next is a cpu which is a central processing unit which is a processing chip inside the computer and is also uh when data security is the process of protecting data from unauthorized users.

Next is the word debug which refers to the process of finding or removing errors from a program's source code or programs code the goal of the program is to discover and fix bugs before their end user experience problems next is the digital which is the uh.

Digital technology which is the opposite of analog technology it's anything that uses a computer's binary language to do its job that is it involves numbers the to digitize something is to convert analytic analog data into this digital data that can be used by a computer next is the this storage which refers to the computer's hard drive or long-term.

Memory this is where a computer stores information that is in being used at a time if the disk storage becomes too full then the computer may become sluggish as it has to work through all uh through all that data next is the ethernet this is similar to the internet and.

It's a system connect connecting a number of computers to the same network allowing for faster and monetize the monitor transmission of data this have ethernet have restricted network access that's managed by system by system admin administrators making it secure network solution for.

Many companies then next is the html this is the stands for hypertext markup language it's a coding language that is used to write internet based documents like websites and it's one of the basic coding languages um that you will learn early in.

Computing's career and next is the hub which is a central connection for all the computers in a network this is which is usually ethernet based that we explained already what is ethernet and then the.

Information sent to the hub can flow to any other computer on the network next is the ip address and simply you can say ip itself which is a numerical code that identifies a specific computer on an on the internet or you can say we can think of it as a address for a computer in a network.

Then it's the land which is the local area network this is a small computer network often located within a single room we can think it off like that and plain text which is uh unformatted text that support doesn't support italics underlining gold characters etc then next is the processor which is.

Referred to as the microprocessor also referred to as microprocessor and it's a little chip it is the heart of the computer the processor does all the computations for the computer meaning it's then it's the charge of every piece of input and output that comes a computer's way subscribe to my channel if you feel.