linda was born on march 26th in liberia west africa her astrological sign is aries linda was born and raised in liberia she's of lebanese descent she's currently living in the united.

States linda started her modeling career in 2012 but rose to fame in 2016 when some of her photos went viral on instagram she has attracted more than 1.4 million followers to her linda 23 instagram.

Account where she entertains her fans with alluring photos she uses her social media platforms to share her taste of fashionable outfits linda has become a phenomenon in the plus size modeling industry thanks to her voluptuous body and enormous backside that measured a staggering 60.

Inches she has modeled for some famous clothing brands like forever 21 plus pretty little thing fashion nova curve and many more linda stands five feet four inches taller 162 centimeters her bust size is 38 inches or 96 centimeters waist size.

29 inches or 73 centimeters hip size 60 inches or 152 centimeters body type curvy voluptuous she has a beautiful black hair and brown eyes color marital status single nationality liberian lebanese if you like her please give the thumbs up to this video.

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