Ohnny Depp became one of the majorHollywood stars in the 2000s. It was then that his most famous charactersappeared, who are now adored and quoted by the audience. But it isn’t that simple as it seems atfirst glance. After all, from that moment Johnny's life entered a period, which led him to a lossof success and problems in his personal life. Who is he: an altruist or adespot, a romantic or a womanizer? What role did ruin his career?Which actor's film was accused of excessive cruelty and lack of ethics?And what unusual object did Marilyn Manson give him as a sign of his friendship?Today on the Biographer channel we continue to talk about the actor's careerups and downs. Let's figure out what role played.

His addictions and his women in his life.But first, click on the subscription button and the bell to find out the secret facts fromthe biographies of your favorite celebrities. Subscribe, sit back, and we start.Captain Jack Sparrow By the early 2000s, Johnny hadappeared in more than 30 films. At the same time, it was not so muchthe commercial success of the movie as personal interest in the idea andplot was important for the actor. That also explained the choice of severalrather non-standard images for roles. And, basically, it referredto independent projects, which caused the indignation of majorstudios and even the agents of the actor:.

Many people wanted to work with Johnny, butJohnny did not want to work with everybody. “I'm sure it would have made their job a wholelot easier had I done some of the things that were proposed to me over the years”But soon the situation changed. It was all because of the legendary image of JackSparrow in the project from the Disney studio, which our character was invited to act in.Although, he still had to compete to get the role: Christopher Walken and MichaelKeaton were among the contenders. They didn't have high expectations for thefilm. That was due to the fact that the idea was borrowed from the theme attraction of the samename, which was located in Disneyland. It didn't have great potential, you know. In addition,pirate-themed films had lack of success..

“Cutthroat Island”, released in1995, failed at the box office. It was Johnny who turned the film into a cultone, transforming the once minor role of Jack into a central one. After reviewing thecharacter, he made significant revisions that the studio initially did not like. And hedid it until the image of Jack satisfied him. If before Jack Sparrow looked like an “ordinarypirate”: with a bandana on his head and an earring, then in the end Johnny turned out to be akind of rock star. The actor said that it was due to the fact that he identifies pirates with rockstars of the 20th century. They were united by a sense of adventure and freedom.Who inspired the actor? He “borrowed” a considerable part of thehabits and elements of the image from.

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards,as well as from one cartoon character. Moreover, he came up with the story of each beadand dreadlocks, which complemented the character: they were a symbol of the pirate'svivid and important memories. As a result, everyone's favorite Captainturned out to be eccentric and cunning. The screenwriters, according to the actor,were shocked by the image of Captain. “They just couldn't stand him,”…”I think it was Michael Eisner, the head of Disney at the time, who wasquoted as saying, 'He's ruining the movie.'” His guess wasn’t not so far from thetruth. The Disney bosses asked: “Upper-echelon Disney-ites were going,'What's wrong with him? Is he, you know,.

Like some kind of weird simpleton? Ishe drunk? By the way, is he gay?' Johnny gave a brilliant answer: he saidthat all his characters were gay, didn't they know about it? That puzzled them so much.Dissatisfaction with the image on the part of the Disney management resulted in several discussionsbetween the parties. The studio tried to influence Johnny and force him to change the image of thecharacter to the original one. But the actor argued that the pressure would cause his departurefrom the film. Moreover, he defiantly made part of the teeth gold after visiting the dentist.“I told them, 'Look, you don't like what I'm doing, fire me. You hired me to do a job andplay the character and this is what I want to do.' This is the work. I mean, hadn't theyseen any of the work I'd done previously? You.

Might want to take a look at that beforeyou hire a motherfucker, you know?” Disney gave up. They couldn'tafford to lose such an actor. By the way, during the filming,Johnny wore special contact lenses that protected his eyes from the sun,and also really controlled the ship. There were a lot of improvisations. In additionto ad-libbing the popular “savvy,” Johnny Depp also improvised the line “bring me that horizon,”which he uttered towards the end of the film. In 2003 the release of the first part of thefuture franchise – “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” was such a success thatthere were no arguments about the image any more. Captain Jack Sparrow cost the studio $ 10 million,another $ 40 million was spent on advertising..

But the costs were fully recouped, according tothe total box office receipts of $ 564 million. The film was 22-nd of the most profitablemovies in the history of the United States. All the children were playing Jack Sparrow, thetheme music from the film, written by Hans Zimmer, became the most popular ringtone. Writein the comments, did you use a melody from “Pirates” for the ringtone?The phrases of the main pirate became famous quotes.In 2004, the film received five Oscar nominations, including for “Best Actor” anda Golden Globe Award nomination for “Best Actor”. You probably already guessed that JohnnyDepp was nominated for both of them. The actor's interpretation of the Disney piratereceived positive critics' reviews. Later, in an.

Interview Johnny admitted that he did not expectsuch a great fame that came after the “Pirates”. “I was freaked out by it. I mean, atthe beginning I genuinely didn't give a fuck about acting. But I began to enjoy it.I enjoyed creating those characters up there, being in the trenches and sparring withcollaborators, actors, directors…” On the other hand, the great polarity ofthe hero among children and youth gave Johnny the opportunity to use it for good.The star often came to children's clinics to sick kids, delighting and supportingthem in their difficult situation. Initially the Disney management had self-interestand, to some extent, excitement, but after the success of the Black Pearl, they immediatelywanted more. The popularity of the film led.

Disney to a very dubious idea: to release twoparts of the sequel at once. At the same time, there was neither a plot nor a script.In 2006, the second part of the franchise, “Dead Man's Chest”, was released. It had morethan a billion dollars at the box office. And a year later, the third and finalpart “At World's End” was released. Anyway, that was originally planned.In the interview, the director of the first three movies, Gore Verbinski, said that the productionof the second and third parts was very difficult. Films were choosing the release dates,but they didn't have the first frames shot. Therefore time was very limitedand everything was done hastily. “We shot the end of Pirates 3 five days intoshooting Pirates 2, because we were leaving.

That location. …And there's one scene thathad to be shot for the very end of Pirates 3 five days into 2, not knowing what the scriptof Pirates 3 was yet” – Johnny told afterwards. In addition, from the very beginningthey were plagued with failures. “We go
t hit by a hurricane, half the set gotwiped out. Our tank didn't work. We had to pull stuff back to LA. It was pure survivalmode by the time we got to the third one”. Verbinski had only ten weeks on the “Pirates ofthe Caribbean: At World's End” post-production. By the way, some studios spent up to a year onpost-production, especially in serious projects. That also affected the quality. The third partof the franchise was received with more restraint than the previous two. Viewers complained aboutthe slow development of the plot. Despite that,.

All the first three parts of ”Pirates” are funnyand easy to watch, the film has good visual effects that look good even now.Gore Verbinski understood that the story was exhausted.And the screenwriters agreed with him, which was confirmed by the ending of the thirdpart. The director announced that he put an end to that story: “Myths must die,” he once said.But Disney didn't want to lose the cash cow. Moreover, Johnny happily agreed toshoot even before writing the script. He fell so much in love with the character.The quality of the script had decreased since the 4th film “Pirates of the Caribbean: OnStranger Tides”, which was released in 2011. The fourth part under the direction of Rob Marshallwas supposed to be a relaunch of the franchise..

But the updated and too complicated story began toannoy the viewer. Depp's character became boring, especially since Jack Sparrow beganto gradually lose his positive image, turning into an anachronism.In addition, the era changed, the viewer changed. It was a time when seriousmatters and liveliness, realism and inner conflict of the character became popular. Along with suchfilms, Jack began to seem trivial and comical. The 5th part of the franchise – “Dead Men Tell NoTales”, which was released in 2015, showed that the story was completely outdated. Even the guestJavier Bardem, who played the antagonist, did not help and Johnny Depp's talent also didn't help.All that coincided with the actor's career crisis , which we will look at a bit later.But let's go back to the beginning of the 2000s..

In the intervals between“Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum”, Johnny successfully starred in other films.In 2003, two more films with the actor's participation were released: “OnceUpon A Time In Mexico” and “Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Chaplin”. Both filmsreceived generally positive critics' reviews: the actor's performance was called graceful andrelaxed, giving an average rating of 4 points. The following year, one of Depp's most significantfilms was “Secret Window”, released under David Koepp's direction. It was film based on StephenKing's novel “Secret Window, Secret Garden”, which had already given it a chance to succeed.Johnny played the role of a lonely writer Mort Rainey, whose adequacy was made aquestion with the development of the plot..

An unusual role, an actor's talent and a goodstory did not make the film a masterpiece. The movie received “average” from critics, Roger Ebert – the famous Americanfilm critic rated it 3 out of 5, arguing that “could add up to a straight-facedthriller about things that go boo in the night, but Johnny Depp and director David Koepp …have too much style to let that happen.” On Rotten Tomatoes, Secret Window has anapproval rating of 46% based on 162 reviews: “Depp is quirkily entertaining, but themovie runs out of steam by the end.” At the same time, two more films with Depp'sparticipation were released. They were a French comedy “And They Lived Happily Ever After ”, whereJohnny played a cameo role and biographical drama.

“Finding Neverland”, directed by Marc Forsterabout the creator of the famous Peter Pan story. The touching acting of the actor with Kate Winsletcould barely leave anyone indifferent. There was a Scottish accent and attention to detail.Depp was drawn to the role of Barrie because he could identify with the author's insistence onstaying in touch with his childlike imagination. Even if the film didn't fit the realstory in everything (for example, the husband of Sylvia, Winslet's character,died much later than it was shown in the film), we believed and empathized with the heroes.2005 was marked by the release of two iconic films with the actor's work: “Charlieand the Chocolate Factory”, directed by Tim Burton and the voice acting of the maincharacter of the cartoon “Corpse Bride”..

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory '' turned outto be a very specific movie, like all products of Tim Burton's creativity. Fantasy basedon the novel of the same name by Roald Dahl was modernized and filmed with Burton's usualindividuality, as well as psychedelic manner. The constant friend and hero of his plots,Johnny Depp, got an equally specific role. He played an eccentric and multifacetedmanufacturer and misanthrope Willy Wonka, who arranged an excursion for children.Film producer, Felicity Dahl recalled: “I think there was a queue of actors…wantingto play Wonka. So when we heard that Johnny Depp was wanting to play him, we were veryexcited. The Three Musketeers are Dahl, Depp, and Burton. You can't beat that.”Burton and Depp created their own image of.

Wonka, which was radically different fromthe original, but at the same time – it was that interpretation that made him socolorful and, to some extent, tragic. The director and Johnny tried to convey themessage of the book as accurately as possible, to follow the idea that Roald Dahltried to get the message across. During that period, Johnny, inaddition to acting talent and skills, became famous for two more things. The firstwas his alleged anti-American statements against the United States, which he reportedly said inan interview with the German magazine Stern: ”America is dumb, it’s like a dumb puppy thathas big teeth that can bite and hurt you, aggressive.”… ”I’d like them to see Americaas a toy, a broken toy. Investigate it a little,.

Check it out, get this feeling and then get out.”The actor officially protested those words, saying that the phrases were taken out ofcontext. He said that he was an American and loved his country. Even if it meantsometimes to be critical of reality. In addition, Depp began to appear more andmore often on the covers of glossy magazines, gradually changing the image of a “bad boy”and a “teenage heartthrob”. It was replaced by the mature status of “Hollywood's It-Man”,”Man of the Hour” and “Sexiest Pirate Ever” For the first time, the actor appearedin the lists of Forbes magazine as one of the highest paid actors.In 2007, another joint Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's creative product was released.It was a collaboration with an unusual and.

Bright (who has already guessed it?) Helena BonhamCarter in the musical-drama thriller Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street..Before that, the Gothic trio had already worked together on “Charlie and the ChocolateFactory”, as well as the cartoon “Corpse Bride”, but starting with “Sweeney Todd” they becamesuch “Ocean's two”, only “Burton's”. Of course, Johnny played the role of “thevery” demon barber who was avenging the bride and a broken life. Helena was nutsMrs. Lovett, who was in love with Sweeney. Later, in an interview, Tim would tell:“All my drawings look the same but I looked back at it later and I realized, it was johnnyand it was her……. it's shocked me” Johnny is the only member of the cast who wasselected “on the basis of good faith” because.

He said that he could sing well. All the othershad to participate in the preliminary auditions. The producers said that they did nothear Depp singing even when the scenery, costumes and music were prepared for the film.Fortunately, the actor met their expectations. The film won the Hollywood ForeignPress Association award as “Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy”, and Deppwon the prize as “Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy”. In addition, he becamethe winner of the Academy Award for
the best work of a production designer.Reviews of the musical were mixed. On the one hand, the film was praised for theimpressive interpretation of the musical, the colorful images in all their diversity,the tragedy and bleakness of the movie..

On the other hand, the film was accusedof excessive cruelty and lack of ethics. Do you like the movie? Write in the comments yourimpressions of “Sweeney Todd”, and we go on. The prime of a careerThe friendship story of Hunter Thompson and Johnny Depp (if you don't remember, you canclick here) resulted in the actor's participation in a documentary film. There he talked abouthis memories of the famous American journalist and provocateur, and also read Thompson'svoiceover text. The film was released in 2008 and was nominated for the Grand Jury prize in thedocumentary genre at the Sundance Film Festival, and for the Best Documentary Screenplay atthe Writers' Guild of America awards in 2009. Johnny's next role was unusual, but tragic.In the fantasy film “The Imaginarium of Doctor.

Parnassus'' directed by Terry Gilliam, heportrayed Tony Shepard, who was previously played by Heath Ledger. The role of Tony wasthe last in the life of an Australian actor. Since Heath died before the filming was completed,Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law played the main character for him. The format of the storyallowed the producers to save everything that Heath did, as well as to continue working. By theway, all three refused royalties for work in favor of Heath Ledger's only daughter, Matilda.“…Being part of this film was never about filling Heaths shoes as much as seeing themacross the finish line. How I wish he had brought the film to its completion himself….Butthere was also a sense of dogged insistence. Insistence that Heaths last piece of work shouldnot be kept in the shadow of the light of day.”.

The film received two Oscar nominations, two forthe Saturn Award and two for the British Academy Award. As for the reviews, the problems withthe movie at the box office took their toll. By the time the film was released in 2009, itreceived quite restrained reviews. Critics rated the film 6 out of 10, approximately the same levelas was given to the film on main movie websites. But, at the same time, Johnny workedon another film – “Public Enemies”, directed by Michael Mann.The main character of the film was John Dillinger, the legendary robberof the first half of the 1930s in the USA, public enemy number 1 according to the FBIclassification and just a cutie. Therefore, the movie took place at the time of the greatcrime wave of the “Great Depression” period..

Despite some separations from the real story,the main facts of “Public Enemies” were based on real events. So, the film was shot onthe site of some of Dillinger's ”feats”. The death scene of the main character was playedon the place of the real death of the prototype. The efforts were not in vain: the film got 9 Oscarnominations and 2 wins. The film paid off the amount more than twice with $ 100 million spent.It received $ 214 million at the box office. In addition to acting, as well asthe role of father and husband, Johnny didn't forget about the old youthful dream:music. He did singles for some of his films: “Chocolat”, “Once Upon A Time In Mexico”.They would be followed in the future by “The Rum Diary” and “The Lone Ranger”.In 2000, Johnny recorded two songs.

For an album called “Bliss” by his defacto wife, Vanessa Paradis. In 2011, he would accompany with guitar for her thirdalbum, together with the duo Serge Gainsbourg. Around the same time, he played guitar onBabybird's 2010 single “Unloveable,” to which he also directed the music video, rejoining the bandin 2011 to record “The Jesus Stag Night Club.” In the same 2010, the audience was ableto enjoy two wonderful works by Johnny. The first of them was ”Alicein Wonderland” by Tim Burton. Depp got one of the key and atthe same time eccentric roles. Namely, he got the role of the Mad Hatter. Hecoped perfectly with it. Do you agree with me? The actor recalled his image with irony:”Early calls and you sit in a chair and.

People start painting this kind of grease painton your face, and suddenly you start to disappear, and then you're attacked by a giant orange ferret.Then they attach it to your head. Then you're wrapped in magnificent 19th century surrealistcostume, hat goes on, you're ready to go.” The image of the hatter performed by Johnny turnedout to be so colorful and charismatic that it stole focus from the acting of the main character,performed by the aspiring actress Mia Wasikowska. By the way, “Alice in Wonderland” was Burton'sfirst film, which he shot mainly using green screen. It turned out that the new experiencewas naturally accompanied by the challenges. He later recalled:”Alice was an experiment,”…. “We didn't know what the movie was till the veryend. It was exciting and scary. Working on the CG.

Just got more and more and more intense…Theintensity peaked..when we had to stop.” The audience received the film positively,which clearly affected the box office. It received 1.6 billion dollars, becomingthe highest-grossing Tim Burton's film. The main comments were positive, despite the factthat reviewers criticized the inconsistency of the plot regarding the book. The director'saspirations to use the computer graphics, as well as humor and expressiveness of the moviewere highly appreciated. And he did succeed. The image of the mad Hatter became one of themost beloved in Depp's career for many people. Which of his characters do you like themost? Write in the comments, let's see which Johnny's role is the most popular.”Alice in Wonderland” received three Oscar.

Nominations, winning two of them: “BestArt Direction” and “Best Costume Design”, as well as the nominations of the BritishAcademy Film Awards, the Golden Globe, the Annual Grammy Awards and many others.Johnny was nominated three times for his role, but unfortunately did not win any of them.In the next film directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck called “The Tourist”, Depp was ableto play in tandem with the erotic dream of many men in the world – Angelina Jolie. Surprisingly,Johnny and Angelina had never worked together before, although both had an impressive career.The movie was filmed in a short time – for 11 months, in Paris and Venice. That's becauseCaptain Jack Sparrow was preparing for the next shooting of the new “Pirates …”.Angelina said that she agreed to star for.

Two reasons. That was a short filming periodand a cozy colorful place where her family could relax as a vacation.But despite that, she fondly remembered shooting with Depp:He’s just such a nice guy. He’s so funny and so fun to hang out with. He’s just that friend you’reso happy to come to work and do scenes with. Plus, he’s such a brilliant actor. He’s oftenthought of so much for his deep character work, but it really comes from an artistwho is willing to try things. Although there were some incidents. Theactress made Captain Jack Sparrow to first rinse his mouth with breath freshener and offeredmint candy before the scene of the kiss. That was explained by the fact that Johnny smoked a lot,and she couldn't stand the smell of tobacco..

The result of the joint work turned out tobe controversial. Perhaps the hurry during filming and in post-production played a bigrole. Despite the fact that the film earned back the budget more than twice, viewers rated thepicture 3 out of 10 on various movie sites. They complained about the confusing, drawn-out plotand the lack of ”chemistry” between the actors. From that moment on Johnny's career wasslowly but surely moving to the brink. More and more films with his participationbecame “average” rating after their release. There was a feeling that the actor wasexhausted for some reason and the films were not good enough.But not all of them. In 2011, Gore Verbinski, the same director of thefirst three parts
of “Pirates of the Caribbean”,.

Presented the cartoon Rango. There Johnnyvoiced the main character – a domestic chameleon who accidentally got intothe desert and had to survive in it. All the movements and facial expressions of themain character were originally played by Johnny, because motion-capture technologywas used in the production. The cartoon received a lot of positivereviews, both from viewers and critics. In addition, the cartoon got such a cherishedOscar in the nomination “Best Animated Feature Film”, which spoke for itself, didn't it?But “The Rum Diary” was controversial. That was not only because of the result of hisstory (you probably know as well as we do how the filming affected Johnny's personal life). Butit was also about the final product of cinema..

As you probably remember from our first video,The Rum Diary appeared largely thanks to the friendship of Johnny Depp and Hunter Thompson.The second was the author of the autobiographical novel of the same name, which was released52 years after its creation. The novel was based on the period of Thompson's life whenhe was an unknown young correspondent. Since 2000, several companies had tried tomake the film, but the work was stopped. And only when Depp's company financed thefilming, the production of the picture started. In addition to money, Johnny also offeredhimself as the main character of the movie. It was a journalist tired of life, who gaveup his career in New York and moved to live in a small tourist town in Puerto Rico, SanJuan. There he was waiting for adventures,.

Rum and the quest for truth. Thus, theactor wanted to honor the memory of a friend and colleague who did not liveto see the film adaptation of his work. “Initially, my idea was to notplay any of the characters. I didn’t want to play anything in the film. Itwas Bruce that talked me into playing Kemp” Later, in an interview, director BruceRobinson would say that he wasn't going to return to Hollywood. It was Johnny whopersuaded him to take the project again, backing up his arguments with wine and a rent-freeisland for the director to work on the script and inspire the Puerto Rican atmosphere.Johnny's colleagues on the set were Aaron Eckhart, Richard Jenkins and Amber Heard, whoseacquaintance radically changed the actor's life..

During the filming, a romance started betweenJohnny and Amber, which finally destroyed the relationship with his wife, Vanessa Paradis.He lived with her for 14 years. They were not officially married, as according to the actor:“never found myself needing that piece of paper.” …“Marriage is really from soulto soul, heart to heart. You don't need somebody to say, okay you're married.”Two common children, Lily-Rose and Jack, and a family idyll could not save themarriage. Although Johnny's friends claimed that with the birth of his daughter,Depp kicked alcohol, drugs and an idle life, completely devoting himself to the family.But it couldn't be said that Amber was the only reason for their quarrel. A few years before the“Rum Diary '' there was a discord in the couple..

The romance of the southern evenings, whichaccompanied the lovers Johnny and Vanessa after the meeting, in reality turned out to bethe actors' residence on different continents. Despite joint vacations, periodicvisits of both sides to each other, the family spent most of the time apart. Familytensions rose while Depp's popularity grew. In one of the interviews , Johnny said about it:“Relationships are very difficult. Especially in the racket that I’m in because you’recon­stantly away or they’re away and so it’s hard. It wasn’t easy on her. It wasn’t easyon me. It wasn’t easy on the kids.” Johnny often started going to filmingafter the success of the first “Pirates”. At that time Vanessa stayed in Los Angeles withher two children or left back to her home..

A few years before the breakup, the actor beganto be increasingly noticed drinking and having fun in bars with girls. The source said that inthose days he was often seen spending time on his yacht in the Caribbean in the company of youngladies and guys. In 2010, during the filming of the”Pirates of the Caribbean: On StrangerTides”, he was always noticed in local bars. “He would chat with girls and was very friendlyand flirty,” says a source. After Paradis and the kids arrived later that summer, Deppwas seen spending low-key time with his family at his rental home.A year before the breakup, the couple stopped appearing togetheron the red carpet. Since November 2011, the couple attended events together, but stayedin different hotels and they were never noticed.

Together somewhere other than the “promenade”.At the premiere of the film “The Rum Diary” Depp appeared without his wife. She wentto the concerts that day, and the next day, Paradis appeared at the event with Karl Lagerfeldfrom Chanel without Depp. She officially announced their peaceful separation, after the actor'ssolo performance at the Golden Globes. “The trajectory of that relationship – you playit out until it goes, one thing leads to another. So for whatever reason that ceases, it doesn’tstop the fact that you care for that person, and they’re the moth­er of your kids” – -Johnny recalled about their relationship. The actor was able to numb personal worries in thecompany of a friend and in working on a new joint project – “Dark Shadows” by Tim Burton, whichwas released in 2012. The dark comedy was adapted.

From the television series of the same name, whichwas popular in the late 60s of the 20th century. Depp and Burton, being fans of the oldseries, tried to capture the atmosphere of the show and the soap opera into thefilm, while adapting it to new realities. The role did not give anything new to the actor.There was the same slightly eccentric image with a touch of Gothic of a vampire – BarnabasCollins, who was cursed by an evil witch. Helena Bonham Carter also did not changethe image too much in the new film. The character also had the same shocking and gloating.Although she was really beautiful in that one. According to Johnny, the role of a vampirestill had a number of difficulties: “In every film that I’ve been lucky enoughto do with Tim, there’s always some form of.

Torture. The nails were Tim’s idea. They were thelength of the fingers. But, it was okay because I had a troupe of people who would help me goto the bathroom. They had to have treatment afterwards, but they’re okay now. That is true.”The film received mixed ratings from the audience. On the website Rotten Tomatoes, positivereviews were only 37%, and the average rating was 5 out of 10. The main complaints were in thesuperficiality and poor development of the film. The next film with Depp's participation – “TheLone Ranger”, released in 2013, was no less mixed. Gore Verbinski's superhero western went throughproduction hell and budget problems. Eventually, even Johnny's playing the role of the crazy IndianTonto in a duet with Armie Hammer, who played the Lone Ranger, did not save the situation.Perhaps the fact was that the image of a.

Colorful madman in the role of Johnny got prettyboring to the viewer. Or the fact that Verbinski periodically added “Pirate” jokes and tricks intothe film: like, for example, Depp, triumphantly standing on top of a vehicle in big trouble.But “The Lone Ranger” received negative reviews from most of the American film press andcritics. It was also nominated in five categories of the Golden Raspberry anti-award.Johnny's character did not avoid the nomination. That fact really surprised thefilm crew, and the actor himself, who was proud of his role in the movie….andalso believed that most of the negative reviews were written before the release of the picture.The audience received the film less categorically, although with reticence: on IMDb, the rating ofthe picture was 6.5 points out of 10. Everyone was.

Very surprised by the dead bird on Johnny's head.Whatever it
was, from that moment films with Depp's participation began to be receivedwith more restraint and coolness. Besides, the movies that followed in thenext few years were not brilliant. In 2014, he took part in the Disney film“Into the Woods”, playing the role of a Wolf. In the same year, Jack Paglen's science fictionfilm “Transcendence” was released. It was negatively rated by both critics and the public.It was quite sad to remember the actor's participation in the dilogy of directorKevin Smith “Tusk” and “Yoga Hosers”. Those were low-budget horror films in whichhe got the role of an amateur detective, seemingly suffering from a chronic hangover.In 2015, David Koepp's “Mortdecai” was released,.

Which got Johnny two more nominationsfor “Golden Raspberry” in the position of “Worst Actor” and “Worst Screen Combo”,referring to their duet with Gwyneth Paltrow. After that, Johnny tried to play a “serious”role: gangster Whitey Bulger in the biographical drama “Black Mass”. The complete change from theeccentric and boring images played right into the actor's hands. A visual image in tandem withBenedict Cumberbatch turned out to be strong, and it overshadowed the raw script.The film received several nominations for “Best Actor”, and Depp was able to rehabilitatehimself in the eyes of the audience. In parallel, Johnny didnot leave a musical niche. In 2012, he played the guitar anddrums in a cover of Marilyn Manson.

Called “You're So Vain.” Later in thesame year they released the tracks “The Beautiful People” and “Sweet Dreams” onthe Revolver Golden Gods Awards' stage. In general, Manson and Depp were oldfriends with quite an interesting story. The performer supported Johnny back inthe 90s, attending his film premieres. After the release of the movie “Blow”, Merilynliked the wig of the main Depp's character so much that he exchanged it for his prostheticchest, which he wore for performances. “I did trade my breasts fromMechanical Animals for Johnny’s wig from Blow,” – Manson said in an interview.In addition, the musician is the godfather of the actor's daughter. Once Manson admitted that Deppgave him a whole house after the rocker expressed.

Admiration for the actor's home.Friends even have the same tattoos. In an interview, the musician admitted that bothhave the phrase “Charles Baudelaire, the flowers of evil, this giant skeleton thing” on theirbacks and the phrase “no reason” on their wrists. In 2017, Depp took part in the filmingof the clips “Say10” and “Kill4Me.” But the actor wanted not only to be a part ofsomeone's creativity, but also to create his own. In 2015, he, together with Alice Cooper and JoePerry, created a band called “Hollywood Vampires”, in which he was a guitarist. Already in Septemberof the same year, they released their first album, which included two songs written by Johnny.In addition to participating in the music shows of a shocking friend, the actortook part in the performances of the.

Roxy Theater group in Los Angeles andat the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil. The actor's relationship with AmberHeard was developing rapidly. A whirlwind romance turned into a marriagein 2015. But already in 2016, the actress filed for divorce, arguing her decision with”insoluble contradictions.” After a while, Amber began to accuse her ex-husband of violence,accompanied by beatings. As evidence, she provided photos where bruises are visible on her.A scandal flared up. Johnny categorically denied her claims, saying that she was not avictim, but a criminal. The court finalized their divorce in January 2017 and Heard receivedcompensation in the amount of $ 7 million. She promised to give the money received fromDepp to charity, commenting on her position.

That she had never been interested in money.Heated discussions of the actors' personal lives did not abate for years.In 2018, the British newspaper “The sun” called the actor a “wife beater”, after which Deppsued them for libel. The trial ended in 2020 and the verdict was not in favor of Johnny. But theactor did not give up. He filed a lawsuit against Heard after the release of her article for theWashington Post in 2018, where she talks about domestic violence. The claim was accompaniedby a demand for compensation of $ 50 million. Depp 's lawyers confidently said:“Mr. Depp never abused Ms. Heard. Her allegations against him were falsewhen they were made in 2016. They were part of an elaborate hoax to generate positivepublicity for Ms. Heard and advance her career,”.

In addition, in November 2021, the courtapproved the requirement of Depp's expert team to gain access to Heard's phone records inorder to prove the fabrication of her evidence. The ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis,did not believe the accusations and, moreover, stood up for Johnny Depp.”In all the years I have known Johnny, he has never been physically abusive with me and thislooks nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years,”-she commented on the situation.But despite the denials, the trial put a damper on the unstable actor'sposition in the movie industry. The final straw was the actor's trial withthe former company that handled his finances. The image of the “bad guy” played againstthe actor. Articles about Depp's crisis.

Began to appear in the publications. Theytalked about excessive alcohol consumption, fights with Heard during their lifetogether and constant lateness to the set. The “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, whereDepp played a role already familiar to everyone, did not add optimism. It was released in 2016,but despite all the efforts of the studio, it earned much less than expected. The last,fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” also failed. There was a clear tendency in which Johnnywas gradually stopped to be invited to the main roles or in major projects.But Johnny still holds his ground. In the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”released in 2016, he only briefly appeared in the role of the evil wizard Grindelwald, ProfessorDumbledore's opponent. That role fully showed.

Itself in the second part of the Saga, whichdelighted us in 2018. Despite the fears of fans about the image, the actor still managed to fitinto the universe and well-realized his character. It turned out to be so bright that itwas difficult to give it up so easily. No matter how hard the presstried to tarnish the actor, colleagues on the set of “Fantastic Beasts” spokeonly positively about him during the interview. But amid the scandal with Amber Heard, WarnerBros. decided to fire Johnny from the franchise. The same situation also affected the “Pirates”.Disney abandoned the idea of returning the performer of the role of Jack Sparrow to thefranchise. That fact greatly upset many fans around the world. Admirers were threateningto boycott the new part of the franchise,.

Clearly hinting that Margot Robbiedid not fit into the plot in any way. In parallel, Johnny did notgive up trying to come back. In 2018 , the comedy drama “TheProfessor” by Wayne Roberts was released, where Depp got the main role.But even that film did not get success, rating 2 out of 10 among the world critics'reviews. Although there were also those who appreciated the actor's performance andthe subtle British humor of the movie. The American biographical film “City of Lies”starring Depp also wasn't successful. According to the plot, the main character ofthe film played by Depp – LAPD detective Russell Poole – had not been able to solve themurder of the rapper for twenty years..

As a result, he enlisted the support ofa journalist, played by Forest Whitaker, and together they tried to figure outthe ”infantilism” of the local police. Either the tragedy of the murder of TupacShakur back in 1996 was no longer so catchy to the audience, or it was affected the change ofthe film's release date due to court proceedings. Johnny was accused of beating oneof the team members of the movie. But personally, we found out about the details ofthe fil
m when we prepared the material for you. A certain shift in his career was Depp'sparticipation in the film “Minamata” directed by Andrew Levitas. The actor got the maindramatic role of the American photographer Smith, who was collecting evidence of the effects ofmercury poisoning of residents of Minimata,.

One of the cities of Japan.That time, intuition had not let Johnny down. He left the image of JackSparrow that everyone was bored with, returned to the world of big complex cinema,touched upon, among other things, the acute social issue of ecology that was currently relevant.That's why the premiere of the film in 2020 was successful: critics expressed mostly positiveimpressions. The audience also approved of the actor's performance, and the general consensusread: “Sincere, but confusing, “Minamata” pays an ambiguous tribute to an amazing story from reallife, better reflected by documentary processing” For many, this film is the long-awaited return ofJohnny, such as we love him: bright, textured and versatile, able to transform into both a dirtyIndian and a balding gangster, and someone who.

Knows how to do it in such a way that you believeevery word, every look until the last frame. A significant break in filming was finallyfinished. This year the tabloids announced Johnny's participation in ahistorical drama, in the role of the scandalous King of France Louis XV.We hope that this will be a new start for Johnny Depp on the way to a brilliantcareer and no less brilliant life. And while we're waiting for new movies withJohnny’s participation, you can click on this icon and watch a detailed analysis of the Piratesof the Caribbean franchise. What was the secret of the success of the first parts, and why the lastfilms turned out to be so unsuccessful. Click and watch, it's worth your attention.And that's all for today,.

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