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Uk Dawah: 3 Christian Preachers Vs Shaykh Uthman Ibn Farooq

All right okay so in second in chapter 22 verse two of second chronicles was 42 years old when he became king and he reigned one year in jerusalem his mother's name is atalia the granddaughter of hundley is that correct yeah and then somewhere else it's recorded differently i agree with you one hundred percent you don't have to.

Read it no you don't have to i know the text what's the other one so the age is recorded differently what's the other verse you said you know it no i'm telling you the age is recorded differently and the context is differently so what is it so let me i agree with you and there's contradictions about no there are no.

Contradictions absolutely no contradictions he's not a liar he says let every man be a liar but let god be true in his word right okay hold on but it depends on how i'm listening to you how you define who god is okay right so he's not limited to our.

Limitations so when he speaks remember his holy imperfection righteous and perfection he cannot lie imperfection right so it tells us now that holy men right wrote as they were moved by their own muscles because they went to the gym seven days a week because they could lift up.

Because of their intellect and their brain no when they were moved by the spirit of the almighty god the creator so the author of the word is god himself he's not a liar right this is why you have revelation prophecy right prophecy did not come by the will of your intellect your acumen your brain your sinful fallen nature you.

Are dead in transgression church in the sin so it says holy men wrote how did they become holy how does somebody on earth become holy you answer that question you're letting you speak first you answer that question i mean the last question about the word that's not a problem.

With the man's presence listen you know these cameras what i had to what about when you take off 50 phone you know right me because you ever learned something that's what it's all about the money no it's not about the money but we know.

That we do things for money second kings chapter 8 26 isa was 22 years old when he became king he reigned one year in jerusalem his mother's name was athalia the granddaughter of home right now because you said there are no contradictions in the bible absolutely none and you said the god doesn't lie he doesn't make mistakes no he doesn't so.

In second chronicles 22 isa was 42 years old when he became king and reigned one year in jerusalem how could he be 42 and 22 right what gives the appearance as a contradiction or present itself as a contradiction it's not the consciousness it looks like according to you i'm listening how is it right.

So let me ask you a question answer the question i'm answering it what is the limit it's not an opening thank you jesus thank you jesus let me know my brother let me open my brother i'm on my way somewhere else i don't even know these people i don't even know these two gentlemen.

I'm on my way somewhere i saw you all rushing over here and i thought what is this it's not a rush it's just a question he's fully relaxed go ahead so here's the answer we know that things were translated from from hebrew to greek to different things.

Yes okay well new testament is amongst the people and he's dead and we know that his job is to confuse the people and direct the people and and cause confusion and something evil and something wrong so that so that people can be diverted from where they're supposed to be because the devil is not.

Sleeping he has never been sleeping okay so how are we gonna know the true absolute truth if the devil is there confusing people this is the key there's two complete keys for you to be able to see the truth clearly clearly.

The first is that you have to be sincere but that is not the most important because you can be sincerely wrong the second is your motive must be correct your motive what are you doing what you why are you looking for that what are you doing if those two things are not in place the devil will miss you i know.

Your life and you'll never see clearly see that amen so the point is that what is that the point is that yeah the devil is dead now let me ask you this i'm going to turn up just going to ask you something answer his question for us what might seem like contradiction.

Is because the the translations that have happened listen my friend this is my friend the translation that happened and the way the devil was able to deceive my full mind and make man talk nonsense yeah yeah yeah yeah he knows that's the only absolute real truth.

Manipulation with languages and words to confuse the people hang on my friend the only reason why he has done that is because he knows it's the only absolute truth that he wouldn't waste time doing that if it wasn't i have to go is that the devil because he felt this was the truth according to let me finish.

Here and then you can try it he manipulated the authors when they changed the language and the devil brought these contradictions into the bible so this is the work of the devil that changed the bible to bring these numeric contradictions yes thank you i don't believe that yeah my question to you is if you know.

That the devil influenced the writers and brought changes in this bible how could you base your salvation on a book i know that they were very well because i know that they were very well i know god is not our problem god has already been on our side if you don't know the enemy well enough he will deceive you.

I know him very well i why know that is why i have taken time to understand why he's done that and now that i know that i have shifted my way through it and found the fighter myself through my sincerity and my motive as i told you now when tyson got.

Goes to fight an opponent he watches his videos over and over again and studies him and gets to know his movements and stuff if you don't know the devil railroad my friend he will take you to hell trust me i know let me see your speech um that you've just presented i did not.

Accept christianity it's the recording of the ages um that is 42 or young what is the issue because is the issue was he a king yes or no there's something wrong in the bible that's my question thank you again no you had your turn.

Yeah yeah and then i want to ask you a question afterwards and i just want to be clear that these two christians themselves do not agree on this answer so the people don't attribute you to him yes the issue is is this the preserved 100 word of god without any translation.

All right yes god if this is the true word of a clear god contradiction because somebody cannot be 22 and 42. that means one of them is a lie if i i'm not going to ask your age if you were 42 but you're not you're much younger all right or is the issue is the recording of the ages because you.

Need to distinguish or is the issue is the recording of the ages what is the issue i'm gonna that's what you're saying from the beginning answer the man's question you're not with him bro come on man of the ages you must now dismiss that josiah was not.

A king i in isaiah 42 they are the children and the villagers of peder is that true yeah who are they i have no idea all right all right you might not know listen hold on hold on hold on listen the children of the villages of cadet will be blessed by the law giver.

In isaiah 42 in isaiah 42 which is in the bible yes and i don't believe in them all right so hold on the children at jesus birth you have the children of the east coming to worship jesus christ at is his birth who are the children of the east.

They are the same people yeah no i'm going to tell you no i'm going to tell you i i got a question this is a sermon but i'm going to tell you who they are first and you can deny it let me let me tell you because you asked me i did say that and according to hebrew the satan.

Received the people writing people and according to you there is a clearly contradiction so that means i really don't know that the deceiver is busy then you always spend your time that has clear contradictions i will not base my faith on any of it because i believe in a book that has no contradiction.



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