Science fiction writer arthur c clarke wrote 2001 a space odyssey in 1968 about a future human crude mission to jupiter in the year 2001. boy was he ever wrong we haven't even sent people back to the moon yet the point is predicting the future is notoriously difficult to accomplish however some things in the future are.

Not so difficult to predict for example with the successful deployment of the james webb space telescope we can safely predict that many many exoplanets will be seen for the first time these exoplanets will be seen in the infrared light they give off not in visible light their exoplanetary atmospheres will be.

Identified according to the gases they contain signatures of life like ozone methane oxygen and carbon dioxide will be able to be detected if life is present civilizations living on any of these exoplanets will be able to be detected by the heat patterns of their cities again if there are cities.

There are many discoveries and inventions in laboratories and research think tanks at the present time that we will become aware of within the next 10 years all this is not only very exciting but also life-changing on a social and a personal level just like when computers and cell phones were rushed into production and worldwide distribution.

Within two decades which totally changed the way we manage our daily lives there are things coming now that will make our present lives seem old-fashioned bright side's first prediction one world language all the peoples of the world will be able to speak to each other and understand each other instantly by means.

Of wearable and or implanted universal translator devices instant electronic communication systems began altering society with the advent of the telegraph and telephone in the 19th century but personal communication between different peoples and cultures has remained stunted due to the differences in spoken language.

That barrier is going to be confined to the dustbin of history within the next 10 years one world language devices are going to be a real eye-opener and ear opener artificial intelligence is the technology that will enable the one world language to emerge many more benefits of ai can be expected.

Too ai will enable society to do away with cash as a medium of economic exchange it is possible that this will happen within the 10-year horizon we are forecasting the difficulties society is currently experiencing with different monetary systems are not acceptable in a world that is not homogenizing but.

Harmonizing each person will be plugged into a worldwide economic system optimally designed by ai ai will begin to determine national decision-making within an international framework of cooperation coordination arbitration and remediation war will become a thing of the past obsolete counterproductive to human.

Development and economic coordination this can happen within 10 years you may be beginning to doubt these predictions just hold your doubts for now when astronauts first went to the moon and looked back and saw our beautiful earth in space humanity transformed itself.

All the unifying developments we have seen since then can be related to and derived from that vision of ourselves in space and speaking of space there are two developments in telescope technologies that have a good outside chance of coming into play within the next decade liquid telescopes and ionized gas.

Telescopes are entirely possible liquids in zero gravity form themselves into a reflective surface no polishing or adaptive optics are necessary a huge reflective surface can be created in orbit so big that we could probably see the smiles on the faces of the exoplanet inhabitants if they exist and a million other things too small to see with the.

James webb space telescope no don't laugh nasa has already bought into this liquid telescope idea and is testing it in space right now ionized gas is also perfectly reflective before we talk about a crater on the moon let's remember we have an astronaut mission to the moon already planned called the artemis mission and it's.

Almost ready to go soon you will see astronauts on the moon and they'll be wearing brand new good-looking spacesuits back to what i was saying a crater on the moon a mile wide could be flooded with ionized gas and electrified with generators to create a giant ionized gas telescopic mirror.

Who knows what we would see with an ionized gas mirror on the moon license plates on vehicles on exoplanets if they have them okay wait a second i might be getting carried away a little bit we want to know what we'll see in the next 10 years i can see now why arthur c clarke went so off the mark.

Down here on the ground we could see aurochs dodo birds and mastodons again within 10 years we have already recovered the complete dna of these extinct creatures and with the science of gene splicing apparently picking up momentum these species of animals and probably some others too should be able to be bred back into existence within 10.

Years or less each of these animal species was hunted by humans into extinction so it would be a good act of atonement to bring them back not so sure about t-rexes though concrete could be replaced within 10 years it should be replaced asap because it's.

Not green as concrete dries it gives off carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas the use of concrete and modern society accounts for eight percent of all carbon dioxide emissions worldwide not only that modern concrete loses its structural integrity after about 80 years and begins to crumble we should learn from the ancient.

Romans roman concrete gets stronger with the passage of time professor joseph davidovitz the father of geopolymer science has shown that ancient concrete did not dry in the sense that we know it anneals that means it dries without shrinking or giving off carbon dioxide.

Currently the formula for this ancient concrete remains lost but geopolymer science is working hard to bring it back you should start to see concrete going out and geopolymer building materials coming in within the next 10 years that's a different look our clothing will change big time manufacturing techniques for nano fiber.

Cloth are continuing to be perfected what was only possible to make in small swatches of cloth a few years ago is rapidly turning into a technique for mass production soon we will have seamless garments in very soft and very strong nanocloth not only that but nano fiber production is meshing with microelectronics in truly.

Revolutionary ways our clothing can become able to feel in such a way that our clothing becomes part of our bodies within 10 years you should see this type of clothing showing up on fashion runways we should also see big changes in transportation supersonic passenger jets promised to be.

Commonplace within 10 years for over 25 years from the 1970s until the new millennium we had the concorde a french airplane that could travel at over twice the speed of sound mach 2.02 to be precise it was discontinued for safety reasons in 2003 everything looks promising now for the.

Return of supersonic passenger flight united airlines has placed an order for 13 supersonic jets to begin international passenger flights within the next seven years automobile traffic is already changing electric cars self-driving cars and hybrid models are already on the streets more changes are yet to come as gasoline.

Continues to not be the fuel of choice hydrogen-powered vehicles are being developed experimentally at the present time will a safe new power source for cars trucks ships trains and planes find its way to the marketplace within 10 years it's not the speed of
technological development alone that is the.

Determining factor people's preferences are also a great driving force is that a pun yes what we are seeing is a shift in consciousness among populations of people the people want a future that is better and they want it as soon as possible this shift in public expectations is.

What is really driving invention innovation and changes in the market for transportation and just about everything else our food is changing too it has to land development called urban spread is stealing land that had been used for food production therefore we are seeing changes in our farming vertical farming.

As urban farms are called is going through the roof literally the science behind vertical farming is called hydroponics growing food in liquid rather than soil agriculture schools across the globe are immersed in hydroponics figuring out how to increase nutrition reduce the cost of food production and.

Increase its appeal to our pallets our oceans are overfished by developed countries fish farming is becoming essential recently friends of the earth issued an aquaculture report that strongly criticized some current fish farming practices while making a series of great recommendations for the improvement of fish farming.

Things look good for industrial level fish farming both in containment tanks in the ocean and on land the good news is that the fish are cooperating admirably by staying healthy and reproducing splendidly it just may be that they do better when they don't have predators stalking them all the time so hold on to your hats brightsiders the.

Future is coming after all it looks good from here lots of career openings in new fields innovations coming into the marketplace and new products that will create new lifestyles but i haven't got a clue as to what kind of hairstyles we'll see in 10 years that's going to be totally up to you