It is once again about that time the coronation of the 2022 nba season the 75th installment of the nba finals live from san francisco in the chase center in a rematch of the 1964 nba finals where bill russell celtics took down wilt chamberlain's warriors 4-1 fun fact al horford and andre.

Iguodala didn't get much playing time during this series they were only six years into their nba careers but nevertheless representing the eastern conference one of the cornerstones of the nba with an nba record 40 hall of famers 22 retired jerseys and 17 nba championships with a change of the guard from ange and stevens to udoka finally.

Breaking through and making it back to the nba finals for the first time since 2010 eliminating each team that booted them from the playoff the last three years sporting the second best defense in the nba playoffs led by forever i wanna be forever young 19 year old jason tatum and his sidekick but just as.

Dangerous jaylen brown and defensive player of the year marcus smart the shalely wielding boston celtics but their opposition the dynasty of the 2010s western conference champion golden state warriors with their trio back together and intact as klay thompson who tore his acl in game six of the 2019 finals and tore his achilles in november.

Of 2020 made his return and the warriors have looked like the beast of old as they'd make their return back to the nba finals for the sixth time since 2015 sporting a 21-2 series record with the only losses being the 2016 cavs and the 2019 toronto raptors and they've been 18-0 in every single playoff series outside of the nba.

Finals led by the light skin assassin two-time mvp only unanimous in nba history who also etched his name earlier this year in msg passing ray allen for the most three points made in nba history stephen curry alongside pbs logo in the face klay thompson and former defensive player of the year draymond backpack kid donkey green in one of the.

Most lopsided nba finals experience differentials in history trailing only the 1991 nba finals between the lakers and bulls in 97 nba finals between the bulls and jazz throughout sports you hear people say you gotta act like you've been somewhere before nobody on the celtics roster has been this far the national anthem played by the founding.

Member of journey don't stop believe oh oh oh he's actually playing the star spangled banner you know every time i think of journey i think of the last episode of the sopranos oh this guy is dead just when i thought i was out.

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Welcome back to hold my nugget studios once again for game one of your 2022 nba finals game i like commentary straight out the gate i'll never understand how these gather steps and shuffles to the side aren't called for travel as jason tatum air balls look at it in slow motion i blame james harden for this that's not.

Basketball nevertheless here we go stephen curry from three shot was short like humans born without a femur but he'd get the ball back put in a three golden state strikes blood first back the other way the celtics would respond tatum with a three then for the next two minutes both teams would exchange baskets wiggins would get.

A layup inside on horford and then marcus smart would put in a three right in front of draymond's face turn on channel 13 pbs logo in the face klay thompson is back it's ridiculous it's obvious what's being done out here it's a nightly basis i hope the world can see now what's really going on out here because it's getting ridiculous it's.

Really ridiculous yes man this is ridiculous man just look at tatum's feet he doesn't take a single dribble shuffles towards his right wiggins leaves his feet and then shuffles and jumps right into him this gotta be a travel i'm tired of the nba not calling travels on people nevertheless the smartest marcus would put in a.

Three-point shot and the celtics lead by one curry would respond inside and wiggins would take advantage of a deep loose ball and he's going inside for the n1 me thinks not out here are you talking about the are you talking about he not on the all defensive team for no reason get that out of here all right.

Let's try this again wiggins says do it again do it again within one minute after getting blocked wiggins gets two baskets making williams pay time to crack open the ben gay 822 year old al horford puts in a three but within seconds steph curry would explode from three connecting all not one not two but three three pointers splash.

Jump shot wetter than the inner thighs of a harlot who carried a baby for nine months from a man who ain't but claims she deserves a millionaire nevertheless steph curry with 14 points on four or five shooting from the three-point line jaylen brown gonna try to answer with a three-pointer of his own.

I'm a brick outlet pass down the floor looney inside out here once again a failure on the fast break and coming back down the floor jalen brown gets the pass goes in and gets a dunk just when i was gonna give brown credit for a block this got rim blocked take a trip to the pool let's see if the.

Jump is wet i guess not oh where is that two air balls and we only midway through the first quarter steph curry trying to get open finds luna disclaimer there's not a single player in the league that i dislike more than.

Grant williams i don't like his jersey number i don't like his shoes i don't like the way he looks i hate the way he plays basketball i don't even like his mama but moving on nearly four minutes remaining to go in the first derrick white puts in a floater but then the splash brothers would answer klay thompson with a two steph curry with a.

Three splash let's make it a trifecta draymond for three just as i thought since becoming a father derek white's been a different basketball player that man has been on fire missy where do you think you're going my only weakness my balls how did you know tatum gets an n1 and gives the celtics 27.

old man iguodala done ran into captain falcon who knew in an nba finals game you get hit with the knee of justice and to close out the opening quarter steph curry would set an nba finals record six made threes in the opening period he's got 21 points i'm here but despite his explosive shooting.

Golden state only leads by four draymond donkey green with an n1 but the new daddy in town derek white connects on yet another three i want iguodala somebody get the tissues from max kellerman but despite how much baskets golden state gets in this first half boston has a response otto porter chamberlain tries a three.

Gets it to fall you can't tell me this man is not wilt's descendant his mother and his grandmother got some explaining to do wilt was getting baskets on the floor and dropping buckets in his family steve kerr's rotations never make sense to me steph curry is hot in the first quarter why the hell would you let this man sit for the first six minutes.

Mans wasn't even in foul trouble either the smart thing to do is ride the momentum until you can't no more he'd finally enter the game and marcus smart would put in a three to cut the deficit down to three jaylen brown would put in a perimeter jumper and they're tied at 47 a piece the warriors was up by 10 and in less than two minutes the celtics go.

On a 10-0 run and jalen brown would get to the line and give them their first lead since it was nine to eight otto chamberlain at the line he's gonna try a three bang bang looking like his granddaddy out there golden state is back in front god if i have something to say about it the elderly making his presence felt but.

Wiggins would respond on the other end of the floor we're tied at 54 a piece a little bit of nba history 20 combined three-pointers in just the first half jordan poole to make it 21. the was that boy ain't what no shot is that have you ever shot that shot.

Do you work on that shot somebody get that brother in real estate what kind of brick was this he hit the shot clock that's the type of jumper that makes you want to change the gun laws i wonder what steph did in the second quarter nothing at all nothing at all one of the reasons is for some reason part of my.

Interruption if you ever wanted to get your hands on some merch like this wow wow wow give me what i want give me what i want click the links in my description and go to chisholm and get your merch today just do it the celtics would go into the break with a two-point lead wiggins would open up the third quarter.

With a three curry would then get a runner to fall golden state up by three and it's time for draymond to put into jesus christ the smartest marcus with a little razzle dazzle around the back gets the flow to the fall it's been 13 minutes and steph curry finally puts in another three that ignite the scoring onslaught from the warriors as klay.

Thompson would connect on a two wiggins would connect on a three jalen brown would get wrapped around the back as curry get another basket and golden state is off to the races for the next five minutes golden state would out hustle and outscore boston going on a run that would give them their largest lead of the game.

Nothing you do nothing not wooly is a deal none get the out of here jordan poole was able to find his jump shot warriors by 14 but the new father doesn't give a hoot derek white would respond with a three but one of wilt chamberlain's 722 descendants puts in a three as otto porter responds i can shoot two i'll show you young.

Whippersnappers what i got i want iguodala i want iguodala taking that shot for me when it matters most you're the dude ice water in his name your response you're crazy do you need a shout out perhaps you need somebody to sing happy birthday for you maybe you need some help roasting a friend or you just need somebody to announce the draft.

Order for your fantasy football league book me on cameo go to cameo dot com slash chiseled adonis and book me today into the fourth quarter we go golden state leading by double digits clay opens up the fourth quarter with a brick and jaylen brown got draymond green premiering on dancing with the stars but this is a different abc program the lead.

Is down to 10 pool for three i want iguodala here i go tears well what are y'all doing 7-0 run to start the quarter and golden state looked like the nerd lux took their powers oh yeah it's a five-point game look at these nincompoops they look like junior varsity out here what the hell.

Was that pritchard in transition the lead is down to three steph curry finally re-enters the game he gets blocked at the cup by williams jalen brown in transition one-on-one inside what the are they playing taps out there what the hell is he doing want iguodala but he'd make up for himself on the other end putting in.

Another three two point game eight minutes left to play klay thompson puts in his first three-pointer in what feels like an eon but fourth quarter brown answers right back with another score behind the back for me a dollar draymond green gets the layup inside but that pesky caucasian pritchard puts in another three that's how the white man.

Shoots the basketball yeah let's go let's shut the up kelly all golden state needs is a spark steph curry one on one on williams gets the step back jumper to fall golden state by four but the new father white puts in a three it's a one point game curry trying desperately to respond look at the footwork got white dancing that brother.

Was looking for his wife's clitoris three weeks after birth but he'd answer right back in curry's face he said tell your wife there's a new light-skinned shooter in town tie game with 5 25 left to play steph curry with a brick looney can't get the rebound and the celtics have the opportunity to take their first lead since early in the.

Third bang al horford for three right now they're they got a little momentum we get a bucket we get you're the one who started this game and now you don't want to play anymore you were enjoying yourself before look at you he was popping all that good a.

Second ago draymond to the rescue if gavrilo princip was related the draymond green world war one would have never started can't nobody shoot al horford would connect on a perimeter jump shot or ain't no weight boy cool right let's try this again he missing free throws too in a game.

Where there's been 37 three-pointers made the warriors are getting outscored by 20 in the fourth quarter alone marcus smart makes it a double-digit game the warriors have lost their will to play basketball look how much hesitation is happening on the floor right now they don't know what the hell they doing out there but they still got the greatest.

Shooting backcourt in nba history wiggins gonna try a three and finally after four minutes golden state would finally get again look at the bottom of the screen this man draymond pulling on tatum so he can't make a play on defense and the necrophilia would continue because the warriors may be dead but somehow they're.

Still getting a 17-0 run in the fourth quarter indeed this is the warriors funeral because the celtic shooting just put that ass in the dirt the jumpers ain't falling try a layup inside curry the warriors out here with more bricks than a crack dealer in the 80s and after five minutes golden state would get.

Their first field goal but did that help them come back and win absolutely not because al horford would take the dead namekian to the funeral home and put the nail in the coffin with an and one and boston after trailing by 12 in the fourth quarter outscore golden state by 24 tying an nba finals record for the largest differential of points in a.

Single quarter and after 15 season 141 playoff games before his very first finals appearance al horford leads his boston celtics behind a team high 26 points to give the celtics a victory on the road in the chase center handing the warriors their first home loss in the playoffs tell me how my ass tastes tell me how my ass takes tell me how my ass.

Takes despite 34 points steph curry only scored 13 in the last three quarters just when they thought he was going for 50 he pulled out a disappearing act that's rivaled by only houdini as his golden state warriors would be taking out their metro cards and getting aboard the.

Get the out of here do it just do it make your dreams come true just do it please please