what up this is swayze and i guess we are back with another beef that is brewing within gotham city but let's get into this story now if you're not aware apparently there's a new gang out here in brooklyn and they call themselves 41. now let me just give you guys my.

First introduction to 41. i seen these guys floating around before on the internets however it was that on the radar radio freestyle that made me really pay attention to them i don't know if i don't come with a poke like don't like this [__] no joke too many girls i don't know what to float i try to run like a ticket to death my.

[__] a baddie she can't get the best like she a freak with the dick in her face who that is free make them pick up the face one of the daddy that [__] got me lazy don't know how to act what everything shot no doubt please do not get me upset mother said.

Body she took it the best damn like one like one [__] and all i said to myself was wow this cow rich guy is nice next thing you know jen carter popped up i'm like wow she's nice next thing you know tata popped up i believe they call him fun-sized top.

Dog i think they call him the mini 41m bro and he was nice i like when tata said how you smoking my dads and i ain't got no dads i was like damn i wish i could say that r.i.p demetrius everything for demetrius stop smoking all my goldfish but all jokes aside that's literally all i got.

From it these are some kids coming out of brooklyn and they're nice but my god when i looked in the comment section all i seen was college kids this college kids that these kids was in college tick-tock gang they're not real they ain't really about that life they don't.

Even got no dads they never killed nobody these [__] is a fake gang and what the hell is a 41 now when i first seen this i said to myself what's the problem we're making fun of cal rich for going to college and we're saying to these kids they should catch a couple of bodies spin a couple of blocks.

Before they decide to pick up a bike and start rapping what's going on right now what's going on so you guys know me at the beginning i'm all for it i just like the talent at the end of the day but it looks like that not this in the dead and not smoking the dead [__] and just showing how good your talent is did not.

Last for long cause next thing you know they linked up with block work and now they're dissing all type of [__] from the bronx and that's when beloved enters the chat and he says for what i heard them [__] got no ops.

So they on bronx dick civilians rap good now as a big civilian heavy heavy you're on the sidewalk stepper law-abiding tax-paying citizen you heard i said to myself what's wrong with being a civilian what's the problem if all these kids want to do is rap and not go to jail what's the problem but apparently that's not all these 41.

[__] do because of very credible i'm talking about extremely credible news source when it comes to this new york city drill entertainment section within youtube said this on his latest video on this situation you know his background or whatever but i think personally i think there's four one.

Members that have been outside and have been doing this [__] and there's some you feel me that are just rapid bro which for me is what it is bruh so according to this very extremely credible source on youtube them 41 [__] is out there shooting and killing people where is he from is he from the towns.

How does he know and if he does know why would he tell people what the [__] is going on did one of them 41 [__] pull up to his instagram and say yo bro make sure you let these [__] know that we we really kill people for reals my thing is this this has to be one of the dumbest things that i'm seeing play out.

In real time and i feel like these artists who have true talent like cal ridge jim carter or tata are allowing themselves to be influenced by the comments by the fans by [__] saying that oh you ain't gonna you understand the third i heard them [__] on on the radar radio i heard them dis no dead none like that the [__] was just nice.

Tata sat there and literally said how you smoking on my dead so i ain't got no dads [__] ain't got no dads but now [__] smoking on the bronx deads what are we doing right now what are we doing please pull up in the comment section and say swayze you don't know what the [__] you talking about this is big 41 this standing third but that [__] tata.

Said what he said so my thing is this my thing is this even if you nice even if you have talent even if you're gucci on all aspects when it comes to rapping you got to smoke some deads to get put on is this is this what this is and how dead jim carter sit there and feel some type of way about what bmg said when you are in a genre of people sitting there.

Talking about smoking on dead people what are you talking about we're in the sensitivity type of timing are we on right now are we talk are they [__] talking about smoking on dead [__] all right [__] talking about shooting kids killing other kids [__] sat there and got their panties all up in a bunch of what bmg said.

Yo you know what i'm getting off the mic i'm getting off the mic i'm probably doing a little too much but pull up in the comment section and let me know how you feel about this situation cause honestly i'm over it none of it makes sense i'm saying bring the cap back in the rap these [__] was just nice talented now these [__] are.

Smoking all [__] all the way in the bronx and they're standing there now the whole thing is another cycle going all over again i'm over it i'm good y'all [__] do what you gotta do but i'm off this mister i guess i'm just an old head before me what do you mean what does it mean.

Somebody said what phone want me listen i don't know bye