Wednesday, August 10, 2022

VSPL🏏: Math Royals ( Haripriya Ma’am ) Vs. Biology Challengers ( Ambika Ma’am ) 🤩🙌 | Young Wonders

Okay stop okay i guess we are live hello hello everybody hello hello and welcome to the session okay i can already see matt's opie math royal zindabad okay where are the biology challenges come on everybody okay i would not say that uh america ma'am we'll be we'll.

Just wait for abhika mam to come in okay uh math royals will be the winner high five raji yes let us just hope that we win today and hello hello everybody hi nagendra hi gautam calling all your friends because today only masti we are going to do we are only going to play we quiz against the.

Biology challengers so math royals op gotham raj is here for biology okay everybody who is here for maths quickly give me your heart in the chat box right now hi ruta jaa neat aspirin so i'm hoping you're here for biology challenges.

Give me a heart max will will math royals will win okay okay so just give me one minute i am waiting for ambika mom let me check is she here yep she is here i'm your own mute okay now it's fine hi everyone hi everyone welcome to the session.

Hi so are you guys ready for this session nice versus biology so who is favoring biology okay okay so do you see any of your students here today oh yes not really actually class 12 board.

Exams are going on no worries no worries my minion of biology and not maths challenges awesome challenges yes so awesome i can see 70 people 79 people live right now so guys call in all your friends do not forget to hit.

The like button right now and subscribe to the channels as the biology challenges today and i'm here for the maths royals and honestly um i would love to add something i really like much a lot i enjoy mathematics.

Of biology versus mathematics of course i'm going to favor biology awesome to be to be honest i do not like biology matlab i used to run away like whenever my tenth grade me with bio lab legendary and they used to have all these snakes and all in that.

Long thing okay and i'm like like what was happening which team do i support support harifa ma'am i'm just kidding it is just for fun but we are basically going to enjoy a lot a lot a lot 200 people should be live guys it's.

Maths versus biology but two different streams okay i like two different streams so make sure that all your friends are here so before we get started information we want to give you a small share a small information with you so if you want to learn from us with.

Between maths and biology this is the first link that you're seeing you have to click there uh give your credentials and join credentials you just have to give your uh phone number your mail id otp you have to give that otp and that's it you are in together.

Keep up manga and we are not able to buy to hum we will make sure that every student of india is able to get good quality education and easily we have come up with the ai life pro light subscription which is only for four thousand five hundred rupees henna up two hundred rupees per subject up.

Tuition teacher offline here you're paying less than 200 rupees per subject henna if you go calculate that it's less than 200 rupees per subject okay amazing features you'll have interactive classes.

Scheduled timetable miller and less bad size so we will be able to concentrate a lot on each and every doubt and there will be a class teacher live solving your doubt okay there is nobody else teaching you your favorite master teachers only will be teaching you here but we will only not.

Be interacting with you interaction but hotspots quizzes leaderboards everything we will take it you will get books sent to your home if you take the classic subscription so it is something very amazing because here we are ensuring you that you guys are going to improve for sure 189 so you can go in the description box you.

Can click on ai live same same as the case there also here you will get the glasses pro light subscription is there plus subscription is there accordingly you guys can check you just need to click on the uh that particular link that's all so now when we come to vidanto improvement promise but.

Improvement promises our regular classes attend our classes regularly like suppose if there are 100 sessions you have to attend 75 it's mandatory 75.10 still you have the leverage that you can miss 25.

Foreign so this you can change and you can see here 12 signs to 11 signs yeah subcoach commerce 11th commerce 10th ninth eighth seven six suppose so if you are from 12th yeah eleven you can click on that and you can see all boards yeah you are you want to.

Select cbse then you want jaini tia anita jay and 2023 english and it's not very expensive also like four uh six seven eight nine ten kilos what four thousand five hundred per year.

And for neat aspirants nine thousand rupees per year crack your knees jay sup henna so enroll karlina the link is there in the respective description boxes so i know all of my students are like you know waiting everybody who is supporting maths.

Give me a heart in the chat box right now i can see 100 students already awesome by link in the description box by click join here to play play the match speculate karna and just give your credentials you are inside you can start.

With the game ticket uh 92 but they already joined that is amazing that is amazing okay okay i'll just wait for 100 the number 100 five more students to join all the odd number of questions i will answer i'll try at least to answer and all the.

Even number of questions that team correct i can see one not seven who is already in toshiro yes okay five all the best everyone let's see three one first question you are going to answer all the best two.

One and yes thank you so much and here we go with the first question do help me in the chat box please okay which of the following batsmen has not scored five thousand runs in april up okay see okay okay so let's check majority though majority.

Oh my god oh my god emma majority of them oh very good very good everyone very good keep it up keep it up very good very good i know.

Actually guys i can see 140 people okay but i don't see hundred likes hit the like button right now before you get started with the quiz and make sure that you hit the uh in a thumbs up button mark your attendance and then you do the week quiz cello second sorry third question.

For me because i don't know anything about cricket anyways let's do it okay which of the following is a fat soluble vitamin uh drishti and all the saying d i'll go with d.

Okay yes you are right vitamin a d e and k they are fats okay yay finally one points uh for the maths team we have math questions also i guess let's check so let us look at the leaderboard here.

We have pages okay i thought i know how to pronounce that but yeah no then we have kritika rood ranch and dave well done well done everybody on the leaderboard let's move forward with your next question and here we go foreign.

and yes you have got it right majority of you have got the correct answer and it is a trapezium and here's your leaderboard okay very good um.

Awesome so biology also gets another point so two points for biology one point for maths so let's go with the next question max royals come on you gotta help me get chemistry which of the ipl team logo has the image of national animal of india chennai super kings nay sunrises delhi.

Capitals rajasthan royals oh my god uh i guess uh yeah chennai super kings rajasthan i really don't know because it's been ages i didn't watch ipl yes sunrise.

What is it sunrise is hyderabad b c s k is lion yeah it's delhi capitals c c so two points for max two points for biology and here's the leaderboard we have pages.

And we have uh kritika uh trikesh kumar dev anubha awesome all the best ma'am here's your sixth question okay so obviously my best friend and i have been 100.

39 is the average butcher 39 36 plus 56 plus okay okay okay very good okay so yes you've got it right ma'am it's 25 well done and here's your leaderboard okay yes here we go with the second seventh.

Question guys please help me out and when was the first vedanta channel launched okay i should be knowing this i am 18 18 2018 yeah 16. mama c hmm.

oh 2013 yeah i was in bsc first year yeah okay nice nice so okay i guess zero points again okay let's look at the leaderboard and we have tejus uh then we have i guess nalin also couldn't answer this man vedanta was.

Launched in 2014 how can it be 13 14. okay so vedanta existed but not at the with the name of vedanta so i guess that's why 13. so we have pages then we have um yeah amlan jyoti then we have thrikesh kumar dev.

Uh then we have haram then we have a priya abhijit and why bob mam are you ready for the next question here we go okay okay let me check who has got okay you go with a right okay oh my god oh my god so it's almost.

Here with this foundation thank you for your awesome awesome good job good job and uh okay hi hi bat soul yt you're new to the channel welcome to the channel and so guys before we move forward with the leaderboard and on joby happy neighbor do not forget to hit that thumbs up.

Button hit the like button also subscribe to our channels throughout the day 24 7. today throughout the year also let's move forward and here is your leaderboard our leaderboard has to be dynamic after seven days with ando's foundation day yes in a week we have without those.

Foundation day awesome awesome cello all the best to me for the next question and here we go which player has won the most number of man of the matches trophies in ipl history i guess i know this it's ab developers because one of my favorites uh in bangalore team so yeah i know i guess it's a it's a.

Yeah okay i am guessing this one is right yes it's right yay so okay finally we've got one point here so good job everybody who got the correct answer let us look at the leaderboard again.

Awesome awesome and are you ready for the last question of your day okay just give me one minute who all is here in the live chat are you all excited for the last question yes okay and here we go uh which team has never won the ipl okay.

Kkr dc csk my oh my god i guess you are right it is the delhi capitals b then it has to be okay one minute let me uh uh just give me one minute here huh so we have pages in the first place in the second place and nolan in the third place amazing congratulations.

Everybody congratulations uh i was thinking there must be an option of our cb rcp also never won but okay awesome awesome well done well done everybody so thank you so much ma'am did you have fun on our channel vedanti young wonders of course mom of course yes.

I thought you know so many things so that is all for today guys so the biology challenges have won the match i was recollecting is oh my god oh my god awesome awesome well done well done everybody so thank you so much ma'am for joining in with the sessions con jeeta bio or max bio jeet.

Garage henna okay bio one so well done well done well done and uh with underside is not opening uh try refreshing satwika once again use incognito yeah use incognito mode if it is not opening okay okay thank you so much.

It was so much fun having this with you and thank you thank you so much for calling thank you always cheliber bye guys bye everyone thank you so


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