Tires on the landing gear don't burst because they're designed for a load that's four to five times as great as they experience during landing the wheel itself might break but the tire won't burst this little tip based on people's psychology can help you choose the fastest line at the airport.

If there are several lines at check-in opt for the left one it's believed that you will get to the counter more quickly this way most people are right-handed and intuitively choose the right side your skin usually becomes a bit dry during the flight this happens because of low humidity levels in the cabin bring a good moisturizer with you to.

Keep your skin hydrated on board do you know that airplane pilots always eat different meals before a flight this way if one of them gets food poisoning the other will be able to take control of the plane airplane tray tables are some of the dirtiest surfaces in the cabin so make sure to wash your hands frequently.

And clean that table with an anti-bacterial wipe to get rid of all those bacteria living there if you're sitting in an aisle seat you can have more space to stretch your legs out just push the button on the underside of the outermost armrest this will move the armrest up giving you.

More space for your legs and preventing the armrest from jabbing into your side here's a reason why they turn the lights off in the cabin passengers need to get used to the darkness in case an emergency landing happens at night this way their eyes are already used to the absence of light which makes it.

Easier to evacuate flight attendants ask you to open window shades so they can see what's happening outside this way they can choose the best way to evacuate passengers in case of an emergency almost all passenger planes are white since this color best reflects the sun's.

Rays and prevents the plane from heating up another good reason is that white paint is cheaper also workers and engineers can easily notice any damage on a white surface it's better to avoid making important decisions during a flight your brain doesn't get enough oxygen at such.

Heights this negatively affects its functioning chewing gum hard candies and mints can help you to avoid this annoying ear popping during takeoff and landing but not because of the candy itself you feel better thanks to the process of swallowing yawning helps too.

As for the gum it also helps get rid of that bad breath caused by the thin air at high altitudes which pulls moisture right out of your body dry air can make you feel as if you're coming down with a cold the air in the cabin dries out your nose and throat as if you have symptoms of a cold.

These symptoms usually go away right after landing the water they use to make coffee and tea on board isn't always clean enough yeah many companies use very good water filters now but still it's better to ask for bottled water if you're thirsty that tiny triangle on the aircraft wall over your seat means a lot for flight.

Attendants these triangles mark the windows through which you can see flashing indicators those signal the retraction of the landing gears and the closing of the flaps let's say the pilots find out there's some problem in that case a flight attendant rushes to the necessary window to check what's.

Happening but for passengers this is just the best place for photos since you can see the wings perfectly seats in the middle of the cabin above the wings are the best for you if you have motion sickness this area is more balanced and shakes the least during turbulence if you tend to get nervous during the.

Flight do some physical exercise not long before boarding the plane a little workout helps lower your stress levels and makes your body release endorphins the happiness hormones also this physical activity compensates for the hours you spend sitting still the turbines are located under the wings since this makes it cheaper faster and.

Easier to service the engines previously they used to be placed in the tail it required expensive equipment and much more time to repair when they started installing the engines below the wings ticket prices went down imagine you're flying in a hot air balloon see the burner system installed under the gas bag also called the.

Envelope it heats the air inside which makes the balloon go up so turbulence is the same hot air but created by nature when the air heats up it rises a plane when it becomes cooler the aircraft goes down and passengers feel as if they're riding a roller coaster a stream of hot air left by another plane can also cause.

Turbulence it's common for most flights but usually turbulence is so light that passengers don't feel it do you know that planes can fly even after one engine fails pilots can control such emergency situations and land the aircraft safely passengers may feel a slight tilt during the flight but in most cases they don't.

Even know the plane is flying with only one engine your eyes get oxygen straight from the air it's not delivered by the blood so your eyes can feel somewhat dry during the flight put eye drops in your bag they'll help you keep your eyes moist it's forbidden to carry large volumes of.

Liquids on board because some hazardous substances can easily dissolve in water if a plane has to land on water its wings become a life-saving pillow empty fuel tanks help the aircraft stay afloat too by the way it can be from 10 minutes to 60 hours before the plane sinks it all depends on the model weather conditions and the pilot's skills.

Those smiling flight attendants you meet when you get into the cabin usually hide their hands behind their backs they're counting people entering the plane to make sure that all passengers are on board despite all the words people say about airplane food it's not actually so bad the problem is your sense of taste it's.

Not so acute since the air in the cabin makes your mouth dry it also dulls your sense of smell that's why airlines add a lot of spices and salt to their meals is it true that your hair grows faster during the flight not really scientists haven't managed to prove it this myth appeared in the first part of the 20th.

Century when some passengers noticed that their stubble had grown longer during the flight it's normal for people to get headaches during the flight especially right after takeoff you climb to an altitude higher than mount everest within about 10 minutes these changes happen too fast for your.

Body to adjust seat belts on planes stretch across your stomach to save you from getting slammed against the ceiling in case of turbulence when it happens the aircraft starts moving up and down and your waist belt holds you securely and seat belts in cars protect people.

From horizontal collisions airplanes have special protection from lightning even if it strikes passengers won't feel it planes are covered with an aluminum coating that conducts electric current but doesn't let it get inside the plane electronics and fuel tanks also have extra protection plane seats are so uncomfortable because.

Airlines try to fit the maximum number of passengers on the plane that's why there's so little space between seats two additional rows means 12 more passengers also companies make airplane seats lighter to save on fuel costs even seemingly insignificant extra weight can cost an airline thousands of.

Dollars and by the way your seat has a fire resistant coating it's necessary to prevent a fire from spreading in case of an accident airport workers transport unclaimed luggage to special centers if the owner doesn't show up within three months the baggage is put up for sale in.

Specialized stores you couldn't use your phone on an airplane in the past since cell phones were really dangerous for navigation their radio signals could disrupt the settings in aircraft electronics oxygen masks fall down not only during strong turbulence but also when the air pressure inside the cabin changes.

Dramatically passengers are okay if they put on their oxygen masks but in such cases are considered to be an emergency and pilots do their best to quickly go down to a safe altitude so that passengers can breathe without oxygen masks