alexa delanos daughter of the famed american journalist author and television and radio show host murca delanos has built an impressive resume as a model and an internet sensation delano's has successfully crawled out from her mother's shadows to create her own career path though delano's is an.

Internet personality lots of information regarding her personal life is only but a mystery to the media however here are some facts worth knowing about the instagram star a celebrity kid alexa delanos was born on the 30th day in the month of december 1993 to popular journalist and.

Television host mccre delanos her dad alejandro loinas is a doctor she is the only child of her parents alexa delanos faced a lot of trauma after her parents gave up on their marriage when she was barely four her mom subsequently tried to find love elsewhere but often times ended with wolves in sheep's clothing her.

Relationship with a certain ulysses daniel alonso was abusive and ended with him behind bars for domestic battery alexa delanos has grown to begin building her own empire while the exact figure of her net worth is yet unknown delano's is reported to earn between two thousand dollars and three thousand dollars per sponsored.

Post on her social media page family for alexa is everything though her parents got separated when she was way younger she has managed to maintain a balanced relationship with them delano's is most times spotted with her mother but this does not imply that she never references her dad.

Unlike her mother not much information is publicly available about her dad dr alejandro loinas her mother macroed elenos is an american journalist author and television and radio show host who was born on the 27th of may 1965. so.