A peacekeeper they a peacekeeper seeks more than anything else comfort individual or in-group comfort and discomfort is is something to be shunned or something to be pushed away now that's not always a bad thing.

It often rears its head in self-care self-care is a way of keeping the peace and withdrawing into yourself to restore and relax from a lot of the pressure that we all face there's in and of itself peacekeeping and self-care not a bad thing.

When self-care becomes the goal the the the end-all be-all goal it becomes a very isolationist thing uh it becomes a very um barrier and wall introducing thing where any and all instances of discomfort or or disruption.

Are not only pushed aside but you become antagonistic of it it becomes now a challenge to your very personhood and we all know discomfort and and being in uncomfortable situations in a lot of.

Ways is a very advantageous thing i'm a personal trainer on the side the discomfort of being in the gym six days a week it's gonna get you results but you're not gonna see those results for months that's discomfort and and putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

For far-off results uh so peacekeeping when it gets to that unhealthy state looks like ghosting looks like canceling looks like um media bubbles it looks like.

Creating this this world that continuously shrinks down around us to the point where as i mentioned earlier the only people in our lives are those who look think act and believe like we do that's a peacekeeper in a really unhealthy isolationist state a p and a peacekeeper in the context of.

What we're talking about right now then says why should i be the one to engage with someone who disagrees with me they're the ones who are wrong i'm the one who's right if we want if they want to have a dialogue with me they come to me first but until then i am comfortable and.

Happy right where i am a peacemaker says i'm gonna make the first move i'm gonna be the one to reach out get uncomfortable get really vulnerable as as awkward and and uncomfortable as that makes me feel as.

As as angry as that can make me feel sometimes to be the one to reach out when i don't think i did anything wrong but i have to because things have to change because they cannot stay the same that's a peacemaker it is an active process it is going and seeking to create and make peace.

Rather than this protective cocoon of this illusion of peace that we sometimes create around ourselves