Hello welcome back to our channel today we are going to discuss about one general topic i think i hope it is very useful for you for your future and now you should make everyone is thinking i need rank rank like that and many people are still not doing the hard work also so at least today onwards you can start and you should utilize my channel rishi.

Physics classes and share to your friends from that you are getting the crash course freely and you should gain the knowledge from the video classes and previous years problems also available in the trishit physics classes and come to this point today today i want to share with you suppose you are getting few marks.

Based on that how they are how much rank you are expecting in the tsm set examination you know that how many subjects are there four subjects are there math a 40 marks math b 40 marks physics 40 marks and chemistry 40 marks look here total how many marks are there 160 marks are there so based on the rank based on the marks you will get the rank.

Look here marks suppose out of 60 if your marks are in between 155 to 160 your rank will be 1 to 50 1 to 50. i hope all are trying for this okay then come to second one 150 to 154 your marks your rank is in between 51 to 100. suppose your marks in between for 140 to.

149 201 to 500 so your marks are in between 130 to 139 your mark is your rank is in between 501 to 1500 like that then suppose your marks are in between 120 to 129 hundred zero one to two thousand so i hope all are try for more than 120 marks so try to get good marks in math a.

Thirty months math with the d max then physics 30 marks and chemistry 30 marks if you are trying for 35 at least you will get the 30 marks then you will be safe set if you are getting in between 120 and 129 you are getting that rank 1500 01 to 2000 rank then you can now that good college and your future is also very good suppose.

Your marks are look here in between 110 to 119 your rank will be 2001 to 4000 i can't say hundred percent but approximately we can estimate based on the previous year's ranks so like that your marks are in between 100 to 109 your rank in between 4001 to six thousand like that ninety to ninety nine.

Six thousand one to ten thousand eighty to eighty nine ten thousand one to fifteen thousand if your marks are in between seventy to seventy nine your rank it will between fifteen thousand to twenty thousand sixty to sixty nine is twenty five thousand to forty thousand you can expect so.

Here also your marks are in between fifty to fifty nine so forty thousand to fifty thousand your marks are in between 40 to 49 so 15 000 to 1 lakh like that also you are getting so you should plan it suppose you are strong in mathematics you can focus on that many people are having the bad habit that if they like the mathematics they can focus on the.

Math only they are living physics and chemistry you should balance all four subjects and you can make one timetable daily at least 12 hours minimum i'm saying maximum that is depends on your capacity so this is the peak time do hard work have nice food and be strong mentally you will become strong always you can.

Think it i'm reading for knowledge i'm learning something in future i want to do some experiments okay like that you should read you will get the knowledge and you gain the knowledge automatically you will get the good marks and you can get the good rank also so this is the chart of that one so better you should i hope i think now you want how many.

Months you can plan it and according to that you will get the rankings like that okay so 120 is the good marks if it is uh not possible now only you have started means at least you can try for 100 marks okay your math 30 marks one year and sorry a and math b is 30 mark 60 marks from physics and chemistry you can get 20 20 you should plan it okay.

And whatever the you know the chapters you focus on that practice few problems then chapter wise you should follow that one so daily 10 chapters you are reading and leaving it's not good better you should follow that like topic wise you make the plan three hours for each subject okay to each one hour you can relax ten.

Minutes or five minutes then once again you should prepare i think uh in first year and second year all these concepts it may be math or it may be physics or it may be chemistry that is in your mind only better when you are reading no you will get revision and you will get more confidence also so do hard work don't do the smart work no do hard work but.

Choosing the topics and choosing the subjects you have to do the smart work and don't escape now better you have to sit and read properly and practice it then always in physics you have to like revise daily two chapters one chapter three chapters like that formulas two chapters two hours you should focus on the particular uh single topic one hour.

You have to go through the formulas and previous year problems notebooks already you're having that open that once you check that models you will get more marks and you will get the knowledge also thank you everyone please follow my videos i think 100 percent i can say to you hundred percent that videos are very useful for.

You already i have made many chapters units and measurements are over then motion in a straight line is over motion in a plane is over today i want to complete laws of motion from second year i have completed waves that ray optics then electric charges and fields i have completed from these chapters you can expect that big big chapter no 10.

Questions you can expect that one so better you follow my videos and you should practice and do hard work and make the timetable and subscribe my channel also and share to your friends also in this peak moment you share your my videos to others if they are subscribing i will make more videos also thank you everyone please subscribe my.