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47 Things With Not So Obvious Additional Purposes

pouring milk into your tea or coffee can make a mess if you don't do it the right way if you want to pour it with the opening closer to the cup stop right there turn it to the other side and then pour the flow will be much smoother this way and you won't have to deal with wiping the.

Table afterwards hey i'm bossy get over it it's all about the physics of it if you turn the cartons opening toward the cup and the carton is full while the milk's escaping through the opening the air from the outside will try to get inside the carton to fill the empty space since there's only one place where it can do.

That the air will push the milk back and disrupt the flow when you turn the carton to the other side there will be empty space along with the top side of the carton and the air will have it easier getting inside so the flow will be steady and you won't have that annoying spurting anymore now the handrails are usually moving.

Faster than the escalator itself because the gear wheels that drive the handrails are intentionally made a bit larger than required the rubber on those wheels tends to wear off with time so if the handrails are moving at the same speed as the steps or even slower then you're riding a rather old escalator now speaking of escalators and i was at.

Subway stations with three or more of them the majority will be going in a different direction depending on the time of day for example in the city center there will be two or more escalators going up in the morning and down in the evening and vice versa at the outskirts this is done to make it easier for passengers to get around most.

People only work downtown while living far from the center so they go to work in the morning and find more escalators moving in the direction they need how convenient if you were ever worried about how the pilots find their way in the dark when landing at night well you can rest easy now there's an incredibly complex illumination system.

On the ground that helps the crew navigate the airplane and it's not just the red and white lights along the runway the lights actually start popping up long before the runway so that the pilots can easily find their way and different patterns mean different things which your captain and their co-pilot know by heart.

Every commercial airplane you've been on has only one wing the first airplanes were called biplanes because they had two wings one on the top and the other going through the bottom of the fuselage they were connected with struts and wires which made kind of a box that basically allowed the craft not to fall apart in the air how thoughtful it was.

Necessary at lower speeds than earlier planes could only muster but as the engines increased in power the second wing became redundant and repetitive the single wing still serves as a support for the whole structure though going 100 miles an hour on an interstate makes you feel the drive and excitement of speed flying at nearly 600 miles per.

Hour makes you drowsy at best this is because you don't feel the actual speed of anything you can only see how fast you're moving relative to other objects the closer the faster in a car everything's close to you so you see trees people houses witches porcupines and other cars zapping past you on board a plane everything's so far away that it.

Seems to go at a snail's pace now take a good look at your smartphone it might never have occurred to you but its rectangular shape is no accident and it's actually what you want it to be rectangle is the most convenient shape for screen it has an orientation so you can flip your phone all you want and it will adapt.

Imagine that with say a round shape display you'd have to always turn it in your hands until the top is where it belongs next it fits into your pocket nice and cozy the pocket is deeper than it is wide so a phone longer than it is broad will sit there perfectly a square or circular phone will be more.

Of an inconvenience then again a rectangle is much easier to handle it fits in your palm and it feels better than a circle or a square and finally we're used to having rectangular things all around us pictures sheets of paper books spongebob photographs having round shaped screens would have been just weird.

Still there have been attempts to create circular and square smartphones but as you can guess they didn't catch on taking photos in the dark with a flash you must have noticed your smartphone flashes several times before making the actual shot remember those horrid red eyes and old photographs made on film or digital.

Cameras that happen exactly because the camera flashed only once in the dark the pupils of your eyes become larger trying to catch more light to see better and when they reflect the camera's flash the red eye effect appears with smartphones the first short flash makes the pupils contract from bright light and only then the device.

Takes a shot and you don't resemble a horror movie creature anymore there are two main reasons why there are no public bathrooms in the subway safety and financing they're ridiculously expensive to maintain so i guess we won't be seeing many of such cabins where they weren't before and the second reason is security.

Concern since there can be no cameras installed in the bathroom and any kind of suspicious activity would go unnoticed it seems only natural that a vehicle that carries so much more people than a car should have seat belts but buses have none even school ones in fact it has to do with several things at once.

First of all in case of emergency passengers need to get off a bus as fast as possible with seat belts on they'll waste precious time on unbuckling them secondly a bus is a big and heavy vehicle on the road there are not many other members of the traffic that weigh more than a public bus so in case of a collision a bus would stop much slower.

Than a car and even though its passengers will certainly feel the impact they normally won't get hurt as much that's also the reason why passengers are allowed to ride standing too if your hotel has card keys with magnetic strips make sure you put your card key apart from your cell phone and.

Wallet the problem is that card keys are rewritten quite a lot and they're designed for that process to be quick and easy so a fairly strong magnet like the one in your cell phone can erase your key card and you won't be able to get back inside your room the hotel will surely provide you with a new card but.

That's still inconvenient if you're struggling to get your taco shells to stay in place use a muffin tray flip the tray upside down spray it with oil and place your tortillas in the gap cook them for around 10 minutes at 700 degrees for the perfect crispy taco shell.

Now i'm getting hungry you looking for a lost earring or pin on the floor place a stocking over the end of your vacuum and move it over the floor the small object will get picked up without getting vacuum it helps to turn the vacuum on while attempting this candle wax that's been spilled on.

Furniture can be removed with ice cubes rather than ruining the finish by trying to scrape it off fill a plastic bag with ice and let it sit on the wax for a few minutes the wax will then cool and harden making it much easier to pick off crayon marks on the walls are a parent's worst nightmare but you can use a hair.

Dryer to get them off heat the marks for just a few seconds to soften the wax and then you should be able to just wipe it away you can use hair conditioner to make that new wool sweater less itchy just soak it in lukewarm water with a couple of tablespoons of conditioner and leave it for 15 minutes then just dry it.

And your sweater will be much softer that layer of bubbles that forms when you add bubble bath to your tub isn't just for fun the bubbly layer also acts as insulation and keeps your bath warmer for longer next time you're getting ready for work take a closer look at your go-to shirt every buttonhole is stitched vertically.

But check out the very last hole it stitched horizontally right this is because the bottom part of your shirt endures the most stress from pulling as it's where your hips are so that horizontal buttonhole isn't a mistake it's put there to stop your shirt ripping as your hips move hey those hips don't lie.

That random diamond on your backpack is called a lash tab or pigs now it's there so you can thread cords through the holes to carry extra gear perfect for camping or long hikes if you put your chinese takeout on a plate when it arrives you're doing more work than you should much like the paper condiment pots and fast food restaurants.

Your cardboard chinese takeout box can be unfolded to create the perfect size plate for your food that hole in your hollow lollipop stick isn't to prevent choking should it ever be swallowed it's actually there to keep the candy in place excess candy flows into the hollow tube and the hole which when it hardens keeps the pop in place.

If it was a smooth stick the candy would slide off easily some skyscrapers have hollow floors that contain nothing but an elevator and some complex machinery they're called technical floors and developers say they're there to maintain the building's proper functioning but it's also a way to get around height.

Limits some skyscrapers are given a limit to the number of floors they can have because the technical floors are non-residential they add to the height of the building and make it look more impressive without increasing the number of floors and breaking the building contract these floors can also help to.

Prevent the spread of fires if you look closely at an elevator door you'll notice a tiny hole this is actually a keyhole used for emergencies or for routine maintenance checks if you get stuck in an elevator the technician will be able to get you out of there by using their master key salt isn't just used for cooking it can.

Get rid of tough smells like this rubbing salt on your fingertips after chopping garlic should remove the smell it also works on shoes toasters have a secret slide in the bottom that can be removed so you can clean out all those annoying breadcrumbs now take a look at your laptop keyboard there are bumps on the f and j keys but.

Nowhere else when your fingers are in the optimal typing position your index finger should rest on these two keys the bumps have been added so that you can correctly position your hands for typing without looking at your keyboard washing your clothes on a low heat or even better a cold wash will make them last twice as long drying them on a line.

If possible will also make the material last longer than if you used a dryer the less you wash them the less they'll fade and shrink over time it'll also save you on your energy bills blank pages in the books aren't actually made for the author signature it's all about the manufacturing process books are printed on large sheets so one sheet.

Can fit four printed pages if a book has an odd quantity of printed pages chances are you'll get a blank one for notes tree cart loops have more functions than you think you don't want to put your fancy white jacket in a cart next to carrots and coke this little hook like thingy helps organize all the stuff in your cart.

Better so you can enjoy your shopping trip works for me a good door knob is one made of brass bronze or some copper alloys these metals have an anti-germ effect bacteria spread way slower on them they also get rid of germs pretty fast within a couple of hours.

There's only one way you can store your peanut butter right if you place it the regular way it may get a bit solid before long the trick is to store it upside down so the oils don't stay on the bottom all the time and distribute evenly my dog loves peanut butter how about yours.

Whatever coffee shop you go to all the disposable cups look exactly the same only the logo changes the secret here is the special shape that lets you enjoy your drink easily the top is always wider which allows it to accommodate your nose while you're drinking and the bottom is always narrower so that anyone can hold it easier even if the hand is.

Quite small this width difference also allows the cuffs to stack spoiled milk emits gases like most foods when they go bad or me a classic plastic milk jug has a concave shape on one side so when the gases expand inside the jug it expands too and the concave shape curves out.

Also if you want to save some milk for later and freeze it the jug will expand when the milk gets solid as well occupying more space in a jug almost all measuring tapes have a metal tip with a small slot on the end you can use this slot to hang the tape on a nail or a screw to make measurements without anyone's help.

Sometimes this tip has a row of sharp points along the edge on one side it comes in handy when you want to leave a mark without using a pencil if you've ever tried a nintendo cartridge to taste you'll confirm that they taste revolting leaving a sour bitterish aftertaste in your mouth well we tried to tell you.

They're covered with denatonium benzoic one of the most disgusting flavors out not normally seen in ice cream stores either actually this taste has a righteous function it prevents people from swallowing those cartridges rough edges on the dimes aren't just about design the coins used to be made of precious metals to show their real.

Value people would shave off the edges spending the shaving coins with the same value and melt the edges to new coins to avoid it minters added that pattern so people could tell if someone cut that coin before a triple handle on a jerry can is there to make it easier for two people to.

Carry it and distribute the fuel evenly lemons get juicier if you warm them up a little bit in the microwave the heat softens the frozen membranes so the juice can flow out freely the result more lemonade for you the expiration date on mineral water isn't about water going bad actually no water can spoil but the bottle can over.

Time it starts leaking some chemicals that aren't quite safe okay here's a science project to try tonic water can be fluorescent in uv black light it contains quinite which makes it both bitter and glowing the color of plates and cups can affect your food perception a group of 57 volunteers drank hot chocolate out of.

Different cups but most people claim the orange cup hot chocolate was the best red color plates are cool for those on a diet it looks alarming so you end up eating less okay i'm gonna go do the tonic water black light thing bye


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