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Haley Cureton | Biography | Wiki | Body Positivity Activist | Social Media Influencer

haley curtain is an american model tv personality and social media influencer she is well known for her hot looks and modeling projects she became famous for being a contestant of netflix's dating reality show called too hot to handle she appeared on the show till the sixth episode besides this she is a model who.

Has worked for various commercials modeling agencies and brands even she posed for the covers of such top magazines including fashion nova maxim and maxim other than this she has garnered thousands of followers on her hailey cure instagram account she is renowned for sharing her bold and gorgeous looking pictures bikini and.

Lingerie images as well as modeling content and short reel videos on instagram which attracts her fans so much haley was born on june 7 1993 in jacksonville beach florida u.s she was raised in jacksonville beach florida u.s and completed her graduation from the university of north florida florida u.s she is 29 years old she is about 5 feet.

6 inches in height and 54 kilograms in weight her hair color is brown and her eyes are hazel haley is a prominent instagram star and model she has gained thousands of followers on instagram haley has been active on instagram since march 2018. she looked so beautiful and attractive her favorite color is brown hayley loves.

Traveling haley curtin's net worth is approx 800 000. so so you


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