Hello guys you're not watching freepik channel we're following collecting the most outstanding models celebrations tick-tockers and youtubers for you the name of this beautiful lady is miss diamond doll a canadian fashionista instagram star and style influenza was almost 2 million followers on instagram unfortunately no one knows her real name.

She gains popularity on social media by sharing her gorgeous and fashionable pictures and videos miss diamond doll was born in october 31 1990 in toronto canada it means now in 2022 she is 32 years old her head is 165 centimeter and her weight is about 100 kilograms she is an attractive plus size girl who has beautiful long straight.

Black hair she has a rectangle face a pointyness with white lips and brown white eyes she is a kind of plus-sized girl who will threat anyone's attention around her in terms of her current relationship it is still unknown because she never reveals about it as a fashionista mr montreal shares a lot of pictures that will amaze you how to be.

Stylish with blue size body shape she is so perfect in combining various colorful fashion such as beginnings dresses lingeries and sporty outfit that can be refreshed for you to choose your plus size style in various moments check this out if you are amazed with her personality.

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