Welcome to the glamour models youtube channel we present you the hottest plus size curvy models please subscribe to our channel richie demourist is a busty curvy beautiful instagram sensation and brand influencer whose real name is rich elijah but is popularly known as richie.

Demourst on social media she is gorgeous and gifted rich elijah is an instagram queen who showcases her beauty without going unclad she is beautiful curvy busty big bold and extremely undoed she was born on the 29th of august her birth year as well as her age is not known richie de morris was born in ava abia.

State but hails from aqua ibom state in the south-southern part of nigeria richie doe morris father mother richie de morris is the only child of her parents although she grew up with her grandmother in abba she currently lives in port harcourt rivers state nigeria rich elijah had her primary and secondary school education in abba.

Before she proceeded to the university of port harcourt rivers state where she is currently studying now she is not married yod but the beautiful instagram sensation is currently in a relationship although she doesn't flaunt her boyfriend on her instagram nor her twitter account but there was a time the instagram.

Influencer was rumored to have said the nigerian boyfriend can afford her because she's very expensive in which she denied despite being a student richie set up an instagram page where she uses the platform to promote brands and sells female wares and men beard oil and she is doing well.

Richie is such a stunning queen beautiful and well-endowed lady one thing that made her special from other brand influencers is that you can hardly see her exposing her body despite all the endowments you will argue with me that from her look you can tell she is an innocent and well-cultured lady but her captivating beauty and curves has.

Turned her to an instagram influencer she is very beautiful tall and full of endowment her alluring beauty have commanded her more than 304k instagram followers she is average height and have a very beautiful curves that drive men to always admire her beauty and curves her heights and measurement are not known as.

Well as her bra size she currently earns her money through her business brand where she sells female wears and men beard and threw her endorsement deal with tequila fashion home her net worth is said be around one hundred dollars ooou s dollars.