Know if it was some kind of deal made where janet jackson had said to annie look if you want to give him a biography make sure he don't mention me and him fun.

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Dollars you babies yes you can be privy to all the shenanigans before the youtube gets it if the youtube gets it now let's talk about bobby the brown here's a e biography part one and two let's go so anyway let's talk about part one first and part two and then tomorrow i'll upload a video for part three and.

Four what i want to do is talk about some of the things that we don't know okay or things that were subtly approached in uh the a e biography because basically it's the same story all the time okay just like the book he opened up speaking about his current family okay he spoke about alicia.

Etheridge now i don't know what they're going to talk about in three or four but i hope that they delve into some things now i'm going to give alicia ethridge credit because what the kern steppens had sleeping on her couch is way different from the bobby brown that's right now married to alicia.

Ethridge okay now you know there are rumors out there saying that she is a [__] okay i i would i i kind of see that because maybe you have to be a bit of a [__] in order to deal with a barbie de brown it's something about her that makes me feel like she puts a wedge in between.

Bobby to brown and certain situations whether the certain situation will be his family uh drugs uh eating whatever it is but she's kind of sort of like the i would say the troll under the bridge um i'm not trying to be funny alicia etheridge i'm just telling you what i.

Feel i feel like she's the troll under the bridge all right and bobby brown is the billy goat squad it's the same new edition story every time you know and i'm kind of bothered by the fact that they don't give the other new edition members dare sean because.

There are other new edition members that have a story to tell and we know this from the bet new edition movie although bobby brown went solo i'm sure that ralph has a story i absolutely believe that ralph treasurer has a story by the way ralph treason where the hell are you why are you not on the road trying to make some.

Money y'all i think that man got some trauma real talk i really think that that man has been so worn out and beat down by the new addition machine that he like i'm good let me go over here have a daily segment over there on the radio station and i'm good that's what i believe like i believe that he was put into a position of being.

The face for new additions so long and they depended on it and the other members had so much jealousy and envy and hate towards him that he's like i don't want to deal with it anymore so i do believe that ralph tres von has a story and i'm kind of upset at the fact that they don't give the other members their sean johnny gill.

Definitely has a story um i would say ronnie devo rhonda divo oh he looks so good boy you look good i don't know what that shamari is putting on you brother participants in this a e biography was ricky mike ronnie of course bbd bbd they got that tenacity they want to get that bread any.

Way they can and that's telling me that they'll say that new addition story 100 times a day if you paid him to do you had jermaine dupree you had usher um it was some lady with a gold wig on i don't know who the hell that was i didn't pay attention but it was a lady.

That would go wiggle why aren't my old ladies be looking the same with them gold wigs on y'all so what was most telling to me was bobby brown had a sense of shame when he was speaking of his shenanigans back when he was young ricky bell mike bivens ronnie duvall it was just regular candor to them to reflect on.

What bobby brown did back in the day you know while he was showing his hey bobby it seemed like he was embarrassed about his behavior that the guy who was like yeah i'm bobby brown yeah i can do whatever i want is now a grown ass man unfortunately his first set of kids didn't get that grown-ass.

Man and i feel like he's trying to be a grown-ass man to the children that he had with felicia and i know alicia ain't going to accept nothing less because i read the book i'm probably going to connect the every little step book playlist to this video but um it was very telling to see how it.

Was a sense of shame when he spoke about his shenanigans he spoke about this previously before several times that while he was in new edition he was selling drugs okay he would take drugs from california and move them to wherever they needed to be could you imagine being on stage singing popcorn love and.

You around here with drugs in your pocket because you can't even afford to take care of your kids and your bills or your parents back home could you believe it and who knew you know this ain't a part of the biography that ralph was the first one to have a baby out of all of them okay like i said ralph trasmar has a story to tell he really does to me.

He's the most traumatized out of them all and i would love for them to just do the new addition part like maybe two minutes of it and do all ralph tresbox because he deserves he's the reason why new edition got as far as they did with his voice and it could be to be quite honest with you that his voice is just not that anymore he i remember hearing.

Him saying that um it was hard for him to sing those high notes now okay so i get it i love how the new edition members that were present in the biography.

Knew and felt that bobby the brown was going to surpass them and that was something that kind of ate away at them because bobby the brown spoke of when they were on tour together how um bobby brown was opening for new edition and then it flipped now new addition is opening for bobby de bruyne okay we're moving forward to part two.

Too all right what i didn't know was that uh king of stage was a flop i didn't know that that internet i didn't know that he had girlfriend and then the girl next door it's crazy then he spoke about how frivolous he was with his money and he.

Regrets it what i never heard before because i read the book was that one time he was in a store he saw a woman being treated poorly bought the store here you own the store i never heard that story before now i heard about him just randomly you know.

Pulling people over hey i like your car let me buy your car for forty thousand dollars what a thousand dollars all right [__] yeah and you have johnny gill saying for the 100th millionth time that he was never there to replace bobby brown when he was in or asked to join new.

Edition okay um he can that two different types of dudes and is it me but do johnny gill kind of look like an old preacher that got white [__] in the corner in his mouth johnny gill you know i love you i love you from washington dc just like me.

I love you now i wouldn't have never hung out with you because your lord too square here we go we got my prerogative he acted in the ass all right even worse than what he was acting when he was with the new edition let me tell
you something else would knock me out okay it wasn't r kelly who was the first.

Nasty mother hunty assimilating this sexy time on stage it was the bobby de brown when i seen him on stage with some girl in this a e biography i was like oh you nasty [__] even though i wasn't mad when he did that rock witchy baby when he got down on the ground with the vest and he was like baby i'll make you.

Feel nice i think i could tell what's on your mind i know i can make it right it it gave me tingles whenever he went down on the floor he was doing that little you know wave move but then i said with myself hold on you're 19 20 years old.

He he as a grown woman now that i'm thinking about it he don't know what he doing he admitted that he was a sex addict that's why he went through so many women you know he's saying again i wish i hadn't i'm like wait man bobby brown did you catch something along the way did you get to hurt he went through.

Tons of women hence why his wife alicia was like past the first time he was trying to get out then he goes on to say which i wish he would stop saying because when he calls whitney houston the love of his life i think all that dude just make alicia more well i'll take it back.

You should probably like we gonna ride this bobby and whitney thing until the wheels fall off because that is actually what helps pay them just the fyi if you hussies don't know that part of the reason why they're doing this a e bobby biography is because they have a family reality tv show coming out on a e called every little step okay the same.

Thing that they did with the bobby and oh being bobby brown bobby the brown speaks about janet jackson that she was his first real crush bobby brown did you lie to us bobby the brown did you tell us a goddamn lie in your book when you said that you was hunting on a janet jackson because you didn't say that.

In this biography episode bobby brown has said in his book that whitney and janet overlapped the other members of the new edition was like oh you got the best two [__] in the game bobby brown what's going on that's cause they like that the pickle we know that janet.

Jackson like the junkies okay and whitney houston like that the pickle why because she's a she it's boggling to me how you didn't go in depth about your relationship with janet jackson you know speaking about how you threw her out the hotel room with no clothes on because she wouldn't marry.

You okay because janice said no you ain't good enough bobby brown he said what or if i ain't good enough to get the hell out of my hotel room because the only time she would get with him is in hotel rooms they weren't going out to dinner i don't know if it was some kind of deal made where janet jackson had said to andy.

Look if you want to give him a biography make sure he don't mention me and him [__] i know it's not a lie because ronnie uh michael and ricky have all said that they've seen janet jackson and bobby the brown in intimate settings together so it's not a lie but why didn't you expound on it girl that thing would have.

Made it pop in right because to me this was just basically the same song all over again that's pretty much all i got from parts one and two three and four are supposed to come on tonight of course they're gonna delve into the bobby whitney situation please let them.

Give us something new that we can work with okay because i'm like damn i'm so tired of hearing this same story guys if you have not already done so please remember to like share the facebook subscribe and visit up top beauty dot com our miss chichi shades are on sale for 25 and remember this the same people that.

You meet on the way up will always be the same people that you meet on the way down my naysayers my patron loves you babies have a good