Today we've got a reptilian rumble featuring the world's largest lizard and snake. Get ready for a cold-blooded clash between these two titans. Both creatures have deadly reputations that strike fear in us humans, but will they.

Strike fear in each other? With similar hunting styles but wildly different means of dispatching their prey, It's anyone's guess as to which beast will come out on top. Our first creature is the Indonesian demon,.

These nasty lizards can make miracles happen, as female Komodo dragons can reproduce without a male's help. It's called parthenogenesis. Looking to make his mama proud, this fierce fighter is particularly well-seasoned. Komodo dragons often fight other.

Animals and even each other. Now let's meet the challenger, the colossal constrictor, Like their opponent, the green anaconda defies what we know of reptiles. Unlike other snakes, anacondas do not lay eggs.

Instead, they give live birth. Huh. She may be slow, but she ends lives quickly. In only 60 seconds! It's going to be a fast and furious fight between these two well-matched opponents! These creatures are the largest.

Among their species. But pound for pound, the anaconda is the biggest of our two competitors. The Komodo dragon weighs in at a whopping 136 kg (300 lb), measures 60 cm (24 in) tall, and he's 3 m (10 ft) long. The female green anaconda.

Weighs in at an incredible 249 kg (550 lb), measures 30 cm (12 in) in diameter, and is 6 m (22 ft) in length. She dwarfs the komodo dragon. But he has incredible stamina and he's much faster on land at 17 km/h (11 mph). The anaconda will reach.

only reach 8 km/h (5 mph) on land. Let's find out. The Komodo dragon brazenly circles the anaconda, ready to strike. He doesn't seem to be too happy about her presence. Komodo dragons take down large prey.

such as water buffalo, and they aren't above attacking humans. Saying they're aggressive is an understatement. The anaconda is staying put. Unlike komodos, anacondas have little interest in larger prey and.

Rarely attack humans. Despite their fearsome reputation, anacondas prefer attacking when they're hungry. But she is prepared to defend herself. This sneaky snake is waiting for the Komodo dragon to get close enough so she can strike. Using his strong muscular body.

And speed, the Komodo dragon charges at the anaconda. He strikes, clamping his venomous jaws into the anaconda's body! His 60 sharp, serrated teeth are doing damage to the snake.

If she wants to survive and make a move, she has to do it soon. More bites mean more venom, and that's bad news for her. The Komodo's toxins will make her bleed out even faster. The Komodo is in a frenzy!.

But what's this? It seems he's too busy biting and tearing to realize that this deadly anaconda has begun coiling her body around him. She has him in her clutches now! The snakes constrictions.

Infuriate the Komodo, and he's thrashing with all his might. But it's too late, and he feels the crush of those mighty muscles slowly suffocating him. The winner is a coiled contender, the green anaconda!.

Next time, the anaconda puts the squeeze on a more familiar foe, the python! We'll see who wins on the next round of VS.