Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Psychology of Sneako vs Hamza #shorts

What we are looking at right now is the result of there being no system in place that not only gives men the rituals and practices for them to develop themselves it also gives them a path to purpose and service it is in man's nature to be of service to have a purpose men want to feel like they are admired for their work and they also want to feel like.

Competent individuals and hamza is able to tap into man's nature by providing both a system for them to develop and also something to serve which is adonis the only issue is that with every video it seems like hamza places himself as adonis so then men subconsciously project their own ideal self onto hamza which basically leads to the creation of.

The cult we are literally called young men sneko is able to observe this fact and although he might express himself the way he does a little gay for like this what many people fail to realize is that this projection of the ideal self can be dangerous


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