15+ Unusual Phenomena Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Now picture this you're watching a volcano erupt which is a scary view by itself but suddenly you notice ominous bright flashes lighting up the sky over the volcano it takes the nightmarishness of the experience to a whole new level one causes static electricity which occurs when dense ash particles rub together not very high above the ground.

The other source of volcanic lightning is high above the surface near the stratosphere where chaotically moving ice crystals set free powerful jolts salado uni feels like you're standing on top of a large mirror but it's actually a salt flat of more than 4 000 square miles it's located in bolivia south america's highest elevated country.

This natural mirror is a remnant of prehistoric lakes that had evaporated a long time ago even though it may look flat gps technology proved that some of the landscape has some little defaults that are all less than an inch small the place is so bogged that it has around 10 billion tons of salt.

If you get there at the right time some of the nearby lakes overflow with a small layer of water which acts as the mirror of the sky many locals extract salt and lithium from there don't forget to pass by the world's first salt hotel when you visit you can find a real rainbow mountain in peru scientists still can't explain it.

The colorful peak is hard to reach but seeing the blue red green yellow and pink colors in nature is something to remember now what looks like frozen flying saucers is in fact pockets of highly flammable and combustible methane gas trapped underwater it forms psychedelic.

Landscapes and stunning patterns typical for northern lakes such as lake abraham in alberta canada these bubbles appear when dead animals leaves and plants fall into the water and get consumed by bacteria these bacteria later excrete methane gas wow i can smell it from here in late march 2018 eastern europe witnessed an event as beautiful as it.

Was spooky skiers glided down tangerine slopes under the red tinted sky puzzled and excited people described this experience as walking on mars or skiing down sand dunes but however mysterious this phenomenon seems it has a disappointingly simple explanation the sponsor of the extraterrestrial.

Landscape was a powerful sandstorm that had arrived from the sahara desert this storm had brought along dust sand and pollen particles that colored the snow orange it's not a one-time natural phenomenon meteorologists say that orange snow covers the lands of eastern europe at least once every five years meanwhile don't eat the orange snow.

On february 20th and 21st of 2018 people in the northeastern part of the u.s experience one of the most extraordinary weather events of recent times and it was a heatwave yep in february in fact it was the most impressive winter heat wave since official weather records started in the eighteen hundreds for example in freiburg maine people.

Were taking off their coats after the temperature had risen to a baffling 70 degrees fahrenheit in fitchburg massachusetts confused people put on sandals when they saw the temperature outside 80 degrees the same was happening in harrisburg pennsylvania where the temperature reached 83 and in wells maine where the thermometer showed.

77 degrees now around 11 000 years ago in present-day turkey with no cities or metal tools whatsoever some incredibly skilled craftsmen completed gobekli tepe how they managed to chip and lift limestone blocks three times as heavy as a t-rex and what they symbolize is still unknown.

One mind-blowing fact about devil's tower in wyoming usa is that scientists can't explain how it came to existence in the first place you see it's an 867 foot rock formation with walls so steep they're basically vertical this piece of stone just arose amid the rolling plains of wyoming with nothing like it for miles and miles around so.

How is it that such a flat landscape could have suddenly given birth to something so tall theories abound but nobody has the answer yet croatia's pleitfitsa lakes national park is a major tourist attraction and a world heritage site with many unique animals and plants teaming around.

It looks like an epic movie set with infinite waterfalls flowing from every direction and the clear lakes all around in the mid-1980s a scuba diver discovered the yanaguni monument off the coast of japan scientists are positive this collection of structures is thousands of years old but they still can't decide if it's.

Natural or man-made in case it proves to be an ancient city the new mystery is what lost civilization built it and how did it make it to the bottom of the sea the shape and formations of these rocks aren't a result of some humans work they were created by intense volcanic eruptions scientists are still confused why the giant's causeway in ireland is.

Shaped in such a weird way back in 1812 for an unknown reason an english farmer paid a local painter to remove tons of soil on a hillside and fill the contours with chalk the painter ran away with the money so the farmer had to pay a second time to get the alton barnes white horse finished.

Black falls in iceland get their name from the dark lava columns surrounding it the base of the waterfall has sharp rocks the entire structure was the inspiration for icelandic architecture seen in some of their famous buildings you can see hair ice in the forest on a humid winter night resembling cotton candy or a white hair wig unusual ice.

Crystals grow on rotting wood unfortunately this beauty melts as soon as the sun comes up only recently have scientists discover what creates hair eyes all this time it was are you ready fungus yep it allows the ice to form super thin hairs and helps them to support this form throughout the night when this particular type of fungus.

Isn't present instead of fragile hair ice forms a crust-like structure now one of the most common causes of wildfires is lightning from thunderstorms but have you ever heard of a wildfire that triggered a thunderstorm well now you know it happened on may 11 2018 not far from amarillo texas then the super.

Powerful mallard fire not only created a massive dense cloud high in the air its heat also caused a violent thunderstorm that later dumped tons of quarter-sized hailstones 60 miles away in wheeler county texas carhenge is the weirdest landmark of nebraska its author studied the real stonehenge and created his own version.

Out of old cars as a tribute to his father some cars stand like monoliths others are connected into arches when asked why he did all this the creator of the construction said why not another stonehenge lookalike was found on the bottom of lake michigan in two.

Thousand seven there's a group of rocks in a circle and carvings of a mastodon this beast ceased existing over ten thousand years ago so the carving has to be older than that its location is kept secret from the public good luck finding it canada's hudson bay is probably the only place in the world where gravity is.

Indeed lower than anywhere else on the planet even skeptics can't smirk at it because the difference has been measured with precision equipment so does it mean that the gravity here is as low as say on the moon unfortunately or is it luckily i'm not sure yet the difference is minuscule the exact.

Value is 0.005 or one two hundredth of a percent you won't be able to feel it even if you try your hardest but it's still there scientists say this anomaly exists because of the ice sheet that covered the area about ten thousand years ago it compressed the rocks so much that they still can't fully recover shifting the.

Gravitational field in hudson bay sometime in the future though the gravity will return to normal in this area as well in 2010 fossilized fish were uncovered 250 miles west of the nile river where the sahara desert was as arid as ever this chance finding led scientists to believe there could have been a sea.

Where the sierra is now so they conducted a geological survey of the area and it yielded unexpected results they found evidence of something huge under the sands and it wasn't part of any sea at all for several months the research continued with gps equipment on land and later when all the ground data was.

Collected scientists took a look at the area from a satellite the view was astounding it turned out there was an enormous basin underneath the desert with another smaller one nearby along the shores of these basins ancient human settlements have been found previously and now the researchers finally had the answer as to why exactly.

They had chosen those spots to live there had been a lake of impressive proportions over 42 000 square miles of fresh water in total about half the size of lake michigan