29 Tough Riddles Can Stump Even Undercover Detective

At first you'll be a sherlock trainee look carefully at the pictures and pay attention to the smallest details to solve the riddles which one of these students has three mothers it must be this guy right here the one with the three sandwiches the guy with three glasses got them from the cafeteria he must be very thirsty but.

It's not a sign of three mothers but this one definitely brought sandwiches from home so i bet it's him let me know if you disagree let's move on one of the girls has a pet at home can you guess which one it's the girl in the middle look her hands and arms are scratched she must be living with a cat.

Okay look at these three people who is a vampire it's this guy see he doesn't cast a shadow something's wrong chastity was at a party and met three guys all of them claimed to be pilots but one of them lied can you guess who's not a pilot pilots must have perfect eyesight this.

Guy is wearing glasses so he's not a real pilot look at these three students one of them is left-handed can you figure out who exactly it must be this girl the outer side of her left hand has some ink stains it happens when she writes since we write.

From left to right her arm covers everything she's just written three best friends met for a coffee in the evening can you tell which one of them has a pet look at this girl's bag there's dog food in there so she probably has a dog at home waiting for her this one is super easy three sisters.

Came to visit their parents one of them got engaged while she was away can you tell which one it's this girl who's wearing a ring three men came to a job interview the company didn't want to hire fathers because they needed full commitment for the first year all men said they were single and had no families but one of.

Them lied and actually had a daughter which one it's this guy here why would he wear a pink scrunchie on his wrist if he wasn't making his daughter's hair right before the interview okay now let's go and look at people's houses here are the bathrooms of daryl and tiberius which one of them has a.

Girlfriend it must be tiberius look there are two toothbrushes in his bathroom nevaeh and nicoline are students both of them live in a one-room apartment with their friends to split the rent their mothers once came to visit take a look at nevaeh and nicoline's bedrooms can you tell which one of them is dating.

Her roommate it must be nevaeh in nicholeen's bedroom there are two single beds and in nevaeh's bedroom there's just one big bed look at these three friends one of them isn't really a human but which one look this guy right here has only four fingers perfect we trained you well now.

Let's solve some cases the citibank was robbed and detective callum was on the case after a long investigation the police managed to track the robber and found the money hidden in the nearest desert in a cactus bush they couldn't see the robber's face but there were three suspects take a look at.

The people who is guilty it's this man look he has many scars on his arms and hands he must have gotten them when he was digging the money in the cactus bush a group of friends asked billiam if he wanted to join them on a hike that weekend he said that he couldn't because he had broken his arm the next day in.

School billiam indeed appeared with a broken arm so he stayed at home and his friends went hiking on monday the friends met in school again billiam said that he had just stayed home watching tv his friends told him about the hike and asked why he had lied about the broken arm why did they decide that his arm wasn't.

Really broken last week billiam's right arm was broken on monday it was the left one he must be faking it mr tucker called the police and reported that he had been robbed detective callum arrived at his place and found mr tucker tied up to a chair mr tucker said that he had been sleeping.

When someone wearing a mask had broken into the room they took him right out of the bed tied him up to the chair and then took all the savings he was keeping in the wardrobe when they left he managed to call the police because his cell phone was in his pocket still detective callum didn't believe him.

Why tucker said that he had been taken right out of bed but the bed was perfectly made i doubt that a robber would care enough to make mr tucker's bed on their way out detective callum was spending the winter holidays at a ski resort with his friends.

In the morning they were going to go skiing on the fresh snow that had fallen at night when a local police officer called him and asked him to come to a hotel nearby to solve a case so detective callum had to go someone robbed the cashier's desk and there were three suspects questly said that she was in her room all night.

Sleeping egbert said that he was out partying in a different hotel and had just come back around an hour ago fenton said that he had been binge watching a show all night but hadn't stolen anything who is guilty it was egbert if he had just returned he would have left his footprints on the fresh snow but there were no footprints.

Leading to the hotel as detective callum was walking there and the name egbert will make anyone suspicious there was a car accident in the suburbs and police arrived to investigate the case the driver went into a cliff right where the road was taking a dangerous turn the car turned around and he was pushed out of it and got stuck nearby.

He had his cell phone on him so he was able to make a call a police officer helped the driver out and asked him to show what was in the trunk the driver gladly opened it with his keys in the trunk there was his suitcase some instruments and a spare tire the police officer said that the.

Accident had been staged why the driver took the keys out of his pocket if it had been a real accident the keys would have remained in the car mr grayson called the police and said that she had been robbed detective callum arrived for the investigation here's what she said it was almost midnight i was in my room upstairs.

Painting suddenly the power went out there was no light or electricity and i could only see the street lights outside then the stationary phone rang i was scared so i didn't pick it up i stayed upstairs and in about 10 minutes the light came back i just went to sleep and now in the morning i found out that someone stole my grandma's diamond ring.

Detective callum didn't believe her why if the lights and the electricity were out how would a stationary telephone ring this lady is making things up gavin drove to get some groceries and parked his car in front of the store of course he forgot where he had parked.

And couldn't find his car luckily he had taken a picture of his parked car and he opened it to look up the number of the parking lot the problem is that his parking lot number is covered and the number of the lots nearby doesn't make any sense can you figure out what's gavin's parking lot number and where he should.

Search for his car the numbers are just turned upside down in the photo the numbers are 86 through 91 and his car is parked in 87. now i have a short logo quiz for you i'll show you a logo and you have to tell the company here's the first one do you recognize it it's honda a japanese car brand.

This one is super easy what is it this is pepsi of course what about this cute crocodile does it ring a bell this is lacoste a french clothing brand another easy one i bet you have it on your phone yes of course that's spotify what about this one.

yes it's nike this one is a very fancy brand what's your guess that's louis vuitton okay another one for you it's harder but you've got this what's your call this is reebok an american footwear.

Company do you recognize this bull is a lamborghini logo this is a painfully familiar yellow rectangle where is it from that's the national geographic logo porsha and vinet live in a country where postal services are super unreliable.

Everything sent by post is stolen from the package how can porsche send his wife vinet a diamond ring if both of them can buy locks but don't have keys from each other's locks porsche can lock the box with the ring and send it to vinnette when she receives the box she should lock the box with her lock and send it back to him.

When he receives it he can open his lock and remove it and send the box back to vanette with her lock only so that she can open it once she gets it again there is a box filled with balls of different colors five red ones eight blue ones and eleven purple ones ninja has to pick out balls blindfolded until he's sure that he has.

At least two balls of the same color what's the minimum number of balls ninja should take out to be sure of that worst case scenario he'll be picking out the balls of a different color every time there are three colors so if he picks out three they might all be different but if he picks out four then the.

Additional one for sure will match one of the existing colors so ninja should pick four