Thursday, August 11, 2022

Civil Engineers !! Concrete Cylinder Strength vs Cube Strengths🔥 #concept #shorts

Hello friends we meet once again and in this short video i will be telling you the solution to the previous short video that i have made so the strength obtained from a standard cube is greater than that of the strength update from the standard cylinder as per the values the cylindrical.

Strength is almost 0.8 times that of the cube strength this is because of the restraining effect observed in the cube due to the lesser depth now how do we incorporate this into our design this is incorporated into our design as we you might remember that the design.

Strength of the concrete is taken as 0.67 fck now where does this value comes from this value comes from the aci code in which it is taken as 0.85 times the cylinder strength and we know that the slender strength is 0.8 times that of the cube strength so 0.85 times 0.8 times the cube strength comes out to be equal to 0.67 times the cube strength so.

This is how the value has been taken into consideration thank you


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