Welcome to biography extra youtube channel we present you the hottest the famous people singer models actor and actresses please subscribe to our channel maite peroni is a fabulous singer actress songwriter model and writer who was born on march 9 1983 in mexico city with the birth name as mighty pironi.

Biorgy maite got an opportunity to perform in the debut movie named as rebelde in fact it was a remake of the novella rebelde way this television movie was telecasted for the period between 2004 and 2006 which comprises of almost 440 episodes her brilliant performance paved a way to.

Perform in the lead role for her upcoming television series in the year 2007 named as rbd la familia as may which covered almost 13 episodes additionally she has played in the guest role of muhair and austria in the tv series lola erase universe in the year 2007. consequently she got a plenty of lead.

Roles in the tv series such as me peccado cuidado con l angel triunfo del amor la gata cochito dicello and much more most prominently in the year 2009 she earned the award for the category of best lead actress for the tv series cuidado connell angel additionally her prominent solo tours.

Include maite peroni brazilian tour in 2010 eclipse de luna tour from 2013 to 2015 and maite peroni tore love in 2016. moreover she has also performed the song named as tayderme croissant taken from the album kachito dicello her other big screen movies include seleccion canina in 2015 and on gallo con muchos huevos in 2015 as mighty.

Terra nova and d respectively besides acting and singing she has also been a model and face of various prolific brands she was made the face of nyx cosmetics and has also endorsed international brands like pepsi pantene proactive and koppel and giraffes among others she has also launched her own clothing.

Line called kalaxion maite peroni by partnering with national store in the year 2014. she was born to javier perrone and mighty b orgy she has two younger brothers named francisco peroni and adolfo peroni she is in a relationship with coco stambuck since 2013.