Great White Shark vs. Orca Rematch! | Animal Songs for Kids | Who Will Be the Winner? | JunyTony

what was it called it's a shark that can smell blood from 500 meters away it's a great white shark that's right it's me the number one in the ocean great white shark the fierce predator did someone say the number one.

Wow it's a black dorsal fin well well well orca's here yes i am orca don't tell me you know the great white shark but not me i gracefully spray water through my blow all what do you think wow so beautiful it's like a water fountain i'm orca and i'm not ordinary i'm the.

Top predator of the ocean also known as a killer whale wow don't show off orca what did you say great white shark i think i warned you enough last time that that was a mistake mistake why don't we just see who's the strongest.

I'm in we the great white sharks have very long bodies i'm over six meters long wow that's longer than six times tony's height we the orcas are way longer you see i'm over 10 meters long orca is much longer.

Sure the size is important but i have these really cool teeth no matter how big the prey is it doesn't matter i have over 300 sharp teeth that resemble a saw my strong teeth can chew and bite hard too orca's teeth look cute compared to the great white sharks what did you say cute.

I have a very scary nickname that's not cute at all friends can you guess my nickname hmm i know drumroll please the answer is killer will.

You're right we the orcas are the top predators of the ocean we eat sharks dolphins and other whales so we are also called killer whales my hunting skill is so much cooler than yours wow.

How cool are we when we hunt we rise to the surface like rockets have you ever seen us beaching we can rush to the beach in an instant and snatch food it's a skill that produces tremendous speed and power in a moment wow.

That's so cool and we travel in groups we also hunt in groups so you can never beat us alone travel in groups huh then i'll just run away before you come i can sense all the tiny vibrations a few hundred meters away.

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