XRP the Better Bitcoin – $35,000 XRP Jimmy Vallee – The Difference between BTC and XRP explained 👊😎

welcome to the future welcome to the show welcome to the show everybody hey it's james rural xrp follow me on twitter at royal xrp today is sunday june the 5th 2022 and i tell you what i'm excited this morning i have spent the last couple of hours trying to get my sound.

Right on my macbook i use quicktime player i use the sound flower plugin and i finally believe it or not as geeky as i am on the computers i finally figured out how to record the internal sound as well as my voice so that it comes out crisp and clear on your end because i want to get the sound out clear i want to make sure that you hear.

Me clearly every day before we get started i'm not a financial advisor i am a cryptocurrency teacher i always have to leave this disclaimer i am not responsible for your financial decisions but you will learn what james rule xrp is invested in because he has done his research for the past five years and.

Like i said none of this is financial advice i love getting this content out to you let's go ahead i have a ton of tabs up and today we're going to talk about jimmy valley we're going to talk about the price of xrp we're going to talk about proof of work and we're going to talk about the.

Difference between bitcoin and xrp if you haven't educated yourself knowing the difference of the ecosystems proof of work versus consensus you're going to learn that today because i'm a crypto teacher and i want to educate the public and i want you to educate your friends so that.

You will know a little more about these mysterious digital assets and blockchain technology so let's go ahead and go now coming up tuesday coming up tuesday judge sara netburn and torres gave the community us the opportunity to dial in during the court hearing sec versus ripple coming up tuesday june the 7th at.

3 p.m eastern time whenever you dial into this number do not record do not rebroadcast because it is a court hearing and it is vital that you do not get this information back out this ada ada here created this phenomenal i'm not going to play as probably copyrighted but i'm going to zoom in.

And i'm going to let you write down or screenshot this phone number if you're in the united states tuesday june the 7th at 3 pm eastern time you're gonna dial in to 877 226 8215. if you're from outside of the us you're going to dial 409 207 6982.

And that's probably plus one before the 409 207 6982 the plus one is the united states code and the code you're going to type in after you dial in is seven one three eight two six pound do not forget the pound do not dial in early i usually dial in about ten minutes before the hearing because if you dial it too early.

You're going to be at the wrong hearing it's not gonna take the code believe me i've been in three or four of these thank goodness i was successfully able to log in i think there's going to be 4 000 people available to dial in it may be 10 000 who knows i mean there's there's hundreds of thousands of people around the world that want ripple to win.

This lawsuit the xrp community the xrp emery so not forget screenshot it write it down i'll see you tuesday please mute your phone i think they're going to auto mute everybody but do not record it and do not rebroadcast because james roy xrp told you to now this morning i got up and i thought i don't even know how to.

Pronounce this bootin god b i don't even know how to pronounce it but i follow this guy and he puts all these uh crazy videos of animals and and different things that are really cool but this right here caught my attention this morning and i said good morning everybody i'm gonna hit play and as you can see these turtles here they're.

They're on this log and the one at the end back there is is causing the log to kind of tilt back and forth he's trying to get everybody off the log and a lot of people commented this is crypto right now you know high and low and high and low no it's gary ginsler's fault he's causing everybody to fall out of crypto but i left my butt off i.

Thought this was funny that the big turtle at the end back there is trying to shake everybody off this log and uh it's just fun i love nature i love animals and i thought it was hilarious i thought it was hilarious now this episode today is sponsored by i trust capital why do i.

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Different digital assets they have gold and silver this is the wave of the future investing in these technologies getting out of these old crummy 401ks that haven't made us what four eight maybe twelve percent if we're lucky there's a link below i trust i trust capital let's take a look at the numbers coin gecko my go to every.

Day i love coin gecko because i can set up my own portfolio this is the james rule portfolio please do your own research i'm missing a couple on here because they're not listed on coin get go at the moment total market cap is 1.284 trillion bitcoin dominance is at 44.2 bitcoin is.

Under thirty thousand at twenty nine seven eighty five ethereum 1795 xrp 39.4 cents why aren't you backing up the truck cordano 56 cents stellar xlm is 14 cents algo is 39 cents v chain is three pennies hedera h bar is nine cents and all these other ones all these other ones are there do your.

Research get excited there's gonna be volatility until the rest of the world catches up to us like i always say the dj has not shown up to the party now let's get into the good stuff james james rule james roy xrp why is xrp your top holding you keep saying xrp xrp's in your name why is this your top holding well i'll tell you what i've put.

In the research i've jumped in the rabbit holes for the past five years i'm getting the breadcrumbs out to you and i'll tell you what if you just go in and tear down this page i'm going to show you in its entirety you'll get a better understanding a better perspective a better aha moment.

Of why the decentralized xrp ledger was created to be a better bitcoin and i'm going to show you that at the end of this video and how it is decentralized programmers companies organizations are building on the top of the top of the xrp ledger governments banks cbdc's nfts soon to be on the xrp ledger it's the cheapest it's the greenest it's the.

Fastest it's the six million dollar man of cryptocurrency ecosystems it is the xrp ledger and if you take the time several hours out of your day today it's going to take longer than that if you want to cover the the complete page because there's overviews there's use cases there's impact carbon calculators xrpl foundation the ledger explorer.

Showing you real time transactions there's documents i mean there's so much here if you just go to xrpl.org you'll get a better understanding why i'm so fired up about investing in xrp the ecosystem the technology the digital token the digital currency xrp i'll leave links to everything below.

Now february the 11th of 2021 i released this two-minute video clip interviewing jimmy valley the managing director of valho capital he's a very dear friend of mine and he is very well educated he was an m a lawyer he gave us some perspective on the price of xrp at the regulatory clarity and i'm going to.

Play this two-minute clip for you and you're gonna listen in this clip here since february of last year has had over two million views it's gone viral people laugh people go people come back and watch it again they ask themselves is this possible can xrp hit 35 000 37 500 can it happen can it happen i don't know can it happen can it happen listen.

To this video here we go uh where do you feel that xrp just just based on your honest opinion is going to hit say a month after regulation yeah so we believe that uh the the last domino to fall on regulation right now is is the sec lawsuit and that could.

That could be resolved in a variety of ways but it could also be resolved in regulation coming in over the top um we know it's imminent though right so when i say imminent i i i would be surprised if if a quarter from now we're really still embroiled in the uh in the.

Sec lawsuit because i think the the the state of affairs throughout the world is is such that we're going to need a solution like an xrp for liquidity purposes sooner rather than later uh so the question is then okay we've magically resolved it uh where does where does the price go it's it's easy.

Uh uh to project that it that it's a double-digit number so you know i think it immediately shoots up to a ten dollar potentially twenty dollars uh the wild card to me is that there is actually a deal to be done among the central banks and and governments.

To basically have xrp work as the world's bridge currency a neutral a neutral asset that could be traded between the central banks to move a specific type of fiat to another type of fiat um if if that's what occurs uh it's back to what we were discussing earlier it's got to cover.

Kind of all the money and i think you're looking at a range that xrp would settle on agreement so this would happen instantaneously somewhere between ten thousand and thirty five thousand dollars a coin and uh our lives will will be you know maybe the same may be different i don't know probably a little different.

There you go and people have left you know there was a proposal sent to the federal reserve jp morgan even got involved and they have not told us yes or no they not have not told the world yes or no now jimmy valley was interviewed by linda the other day and they talk about.

The g7 setting the price possibly setting the price of xrp when it is going to be used for all the money in the world and pro coin news i love pro point pro coin news i'm sorry because they get these articles out there pertaining to what we're going through the xorp community all the above and i'm.

Going to read this phenomenal article that they wrote yesterday and there's jimmy valley i interviewed jimmy valley jimmy valley returns have the g7 nations already agreed on a future price for xrp that's the question and i'm gonna leave you that video clip not only of me interviewing jimmy valley.

But of linda interviewing jimmy valley as well let's take a look at this the one is bound to be controversial but so be it we don't shy away from newsworthy stories just because they might ruffle some feathers but i'm well aware that anytime you talk about a stable xor p price or a future price set for xor p.

People have strong feelings no one has been more of a lightning rod on this topic than jimmy valley of valhilla capital so much so in fact that it appears he deleted his twitter after his last interview but just because he deleted his twitter doesn't mean that he's gone away jimmy.

Valley is fine i spoke to him on the phone a couple days ago he's perfect he's fine he's taking a break from crypto twitter val hill capital has a lot of different uh avenues that they are venturing into now i was so excited to see a brand new interview with jimmy valley posted today where he dives in deep into his belief.

That the g7 nations have already agreed upon a price set for xrp as in done deal everything you're seeing right now falls under the all the world's a stage as digital asset investor would say more on that in a minute and i will have the full interview for you down below and like i said i'll put it in the links of this description of this video.

But first i want to explain more about who jimmy valley is and why some of his prior statements have been so wildly controversial now this is not my words this is pro coin news's words jimmy valley is the managing director of val hill capital and he knows a thing or two about money he's also a former securities lawyer and coming from.

Someone who has spent a lot of time around lawyers i can tell you that this man absolutely speaks like all the lawyers i've ever come in contact with the words he uses the pace of the way he talks the tone of how he talks sounds like almost every single big law firm lawyer i've ever dealt with so he absolutely fits the bill.

For that for what i would expect for someone with the following credentials from his bio u.s business author and investor jimmy valley defines and involves val hill capitals partnering and acquisition strategy as the firm's managing director labeled in the media is among america's top energy deal makers and one of the new breed of.

Superstar lawyers jimmy arthur the amazon number one bestseller giant shifts energy trends reshaping america's future prior to co-founding valhilla capital valley enjoyed two decades experience advising public and private companies mlp's investment banking firms sovereign wealth and private equity funds and more.

Than a hundred billion dollars worth of worldwide transactions is the leading m a partner at two global m law 100 law firms valley is a frequent speaker on business economic and energy topics including a recent keynote at the annual mensa conference his expert commentary has also been.

Featured in publications as diverse as the usa today in u.s news and world report as well as in numerous trade and industry outlets a native texan jimmy travels extensively and lives in houston with his wife and two daughters here's more about jimmy jimmy valley is among america's most prolific.

Corporate deal makers with decades of experience as a global mergers and acquisitions attorney m a mergers and acquisitions attorney quarterbacking billion dollar m a transactions for top 100 law firms jimmy is a go-to advisor and investor significantly because his pedigree is more than a law degree.

And in time in mega law firms his roots are in the texas oil fields he grew up in beaumont texas right down the road from me where i grew up where he saw firsthand the real world side of the oil business and developed the practical street sense he brings to the mega energy deals in the boardroom of global energy firms when not.

Orchestrating energy corporate deals jimmy valley pinned the number one amazon bestseller giant shifts energy trends shaping america's future jimmy's message that the united states is at a defining moment its future to be determined by decisions we collectively make about energy today is changing the conversation.

For business leaders worldwide jimmy valley is very educated and i'm honored to be a friend of his that's my words one of his most popular interviews was with james rule xrp from february 2021 i just showed you that two-minute clip but i'll leave the link to the entire video below the entire interview is fantastic.

But there is one moment in particular where he discusses the future value of xrp will it be below 50 cents forever valley says not even close he says that post scc case regardless of the outcome he sees xrp moving instantly to two digits like 10 to 20 dollars easy but it's what he says next that has.

Captivated people he says if xrp truly becomes the bridge currency for all fiat currencies as many suspected has been designed to do then we're really talking about all the money and in that case valley says we're looking at an xrp on agreement of 10 000 to 35 000.

I don't know about you but i'm probably looking at life changing numbers at 10 to 20 dollars hard to fathom 10 or 35 000 isn't it here's a short two minute clip and i played that just a minute ago for you thank you pro coin news for putting this on your page this clip is taking from the larger.

Interview which i have for you below and i'm going to post this interview below again this is from a 2021 interview and then keep reading for the newly released june 22nd interview where he goes deeper and confirms many of the things he said previously here's the full 2021 interview i'll leave it below.

The working money channel covered valley about seven months ago you could watch it here now let's advance to the story and move on to his newest interview with linda p jones released june the 3rd 2022 if you were wondering where did jimmy valley go the answer is he's still where he's always been even if he's no longer on.

Twitter and he still has the same opinions and convictions about a coming high dollar price set for xrp perhaps now more than ever this is worth listening to from start to finish please enjoy and then scroll down for more fun one more thing before we go in researching valley.

It appears that he was a keynote speaker at mitzvah 2016 conference for those who don't know what mensa is it's a collection of people with abnormally high iqs jimmy valley has an extremely high iq here's mitsub international medicine medsa is the largest and oldest high iq society in the world.

It is a non-profit organization open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized supervised iq or other approved intelligent tests we cannot confirm if valley was just a speaker or is also a member but based on everything i've heard i expect he is likely a member he had a keynote speech here.

Here's the website jimmyvalley.com so there you go folks as always we cover the news we don't give investment advice but we choose who we want to follow follow a pajama clad vitalik and a bunch of dog memes or follow the adults in the room who it appears also have submits the members along their ranks i know where.

I'm hitching my wagon jimmy valley val hill capital i know him well he is a phenomenal individual now let's get into a couple of articles and the reason i'm bringing this up is because at the end of this video i'm going to show you an article.

That's going to show you the difference between bitcoin and ethereum and this economic times article here says that the crypto industry is moving away from proof of work bitcoin energy intensive proof-of-work model to address environmental issues and i stated and retweeted that the xrp ledger was built for this years ago the consensus.

Protocol which we're going to cover xrp is a better bitcoin this is the article the economic times it says that crypto players let me zoom in a little bit crypto players have been under criticism for high energy requirements for the mining of tokens bitcoin although crypto trading is paperless the process of.

Money consumes a lot of energy and machinery to perform sophisticated algorithms to authenticate each transaction separate parties verify the records and transactions stored on the blockchain in the first generation of cryptocurrencies which is known as proof of work or the pow model it prices and user acceptance.

Of the crypto asset continues to rise the quantity of energy needed by cryptocurrency mining is likely to rise as well market players said that this is the high time that the world moves towards a better model and replace the profit at all cost model with something better like benefit for.

All following growing use cases and its veracity i'm not going to read this whole article but we are going to cover this next one in detail is the individual that wrote this blog and it's phenomenal follow him at pano s-m-e-k panos mek.

He's the founder of digital gen fine core contributor at block zero labs crypto and blockchain advisor he writes about finance crypto and web3 and he is very very very educated in this space and the goal with xrp was to create a better bitcoin with a more sustainable and advanced consistent mechanism the.

Xorpl uses the federated byzantine agreement fba let's look at this phenomenal article hacker noon written on july night 2021 by panos what are the differences between bitcoin and xrp get you a beer get you a coffee get you a glass of water get you a glass of wine here we go you're going to get educated today.

Bitcoin versus xrp by pennis on october the 31st 2008 halloween 2008 satoshi nakamoto published a white paper on the cryptography mailing list at metsdowd.com describing a digital currency titled bitcoin a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

On january the 3rd 2009 the bitcoin network was created when satoshi mined the starting block of the chain and the rest is history litecoin was the second cryptocurrency that was launched in october of 2011 and after that came xrp the underlying technology of xrp xrp ledger the xrpo was a second major blockchain system and.

Consensus mechanism that was different from proof of work that bitcoin and litecoin used the xor po was launched on june the 2012 by three bitcoin developers who saw the potential problem of bitcoin and proof of work and wanted to build something that would not use proof of work in mining to validate transactions.

The goal was to create a better bitcoin which they did with a more sustainable and advanced consensus mechanism the xrp ledger uses the federated byzantine agreement fba model as its consensus algorithm and it's called xrp ledger consensus protocol bitcoin's maximum supply is 21 million.

Coins and xrp's maximum supplies is 100 billion the difference is that all xrp were created on the first day i repeat the difference is that all xrp were created on the first day all are in existence today and no more than the original hundred billion can be created.

Until bitcoin supply reaches its maximum there are created through the mining procedure each block generates new bitcoins which are distributed to the miners as rewards that's how bitcoin supply is increasing while xrp works differently there are no rewards no more xrp can be minted and it is also deflationary.

As every transaction cost is burnt destroyed which slowly reduces its supply every time you send xrp to another wallet every time you send xrp from an exchange to a private wallet a small fraction of xrp is burnt forever so there's no longer 100 billion xrp in existence it's probably 99 billion something.

Proof of work pow consensus uses the mining procedure to validate transactions bitcoin miners act as the network's transaction validators and verify all the transactions before including them in a block and then adding the ladder to the blockchain by verifying transactions and adding new.

Blocks to the blockchain miners earn block rewards this is how new bitcoins are created and are distributed to miners as an incentive to validate transactions and secure the network on the other hand the xrp ledger consensus protocol relies on validator nodes which are basically servers to record and verify.

Transactions without incentivizing any party xrpo validator nodes are nodes running as a validating server meaning they are configured to participate in the consensus process for validating transactions in the governance of the network validator nodes are different from.

Miners because they aren't paid when they order and validate transactions for consensus to be reached on the network listen to this at least 80 percent of the validator nodes must agree this means that there isn't a 51 attack on the xrp network like on the bitcoin network furthermore on the bitcoin network whichever miners find the blocks.

They are unilaterally responsible for which transactions are approved and go into that block while the on the xrp network the xrp ledger the transactions and changes have to be improved by all the validator nodes over 80 for consensus and not by a single node decentralized consensus validator nodes all around the.

World it is decentralized like it happens with miners on bitcoin this means that the xrp network has a better more robust and more decentralized structure than bitcoin and ethereum combined but overall both networks are decentralized as they have no central authority and no single party can.

Control their networks on average listen to this one bitcoin block is mined every 10 minutes but a transaction can take much longer especially if there is congestion on the network in high usage the transaction cost can also vary from a few dollars to tens of dollars on the other hand the xrp ledger settles transactions in three.

To five seconds with a transaction cost of less than a penny how about a .0001 xrp on average and it can process over 1500 transactions per second it's faster than bitcoin it's cheaper than bitcoin it's uh scalable is sustainable.

It is a better bitcoin here we go another difference is that the xrp ledger has a built-in decentralized exchange a dex operating since 2012 and making it the first ever decentralized exchange the xrp ledger has many great features and you can also issue tokens ious nfts which are coming up and use that smart.

Contract feature like escrow and checks bitcoin was designed by satoshi nakamoto to be a person-to-person digital currency system his her their vision was to use bitcoin for p2p transactions and as an alternative payment system that had no central authority but after some time people started to realize that its consensus mechanism proof of work has.

Many flaws which lead to bitcoin becoming slow and expensive for what it was designed for furthermore proof of work is not a sustainable system and consumes huge amounts of energy which makes it non-eco-friendly that's why the xrp creators built xrp.

And the xrp ledger as a more advanced scalable and sustainable system that would be closer to the real satoshi's vision regarding person-to-person transactions the underlying technology of xrp uses a unique consensus algorithm which makes it faster and cheaper to send transactions.

Without having to rely on mining thus making it more secure eco-friendly and decentralized in bitcoin if someone gains over 51 percent of the mining power then they can double spend and reverse transactions something that is not possible on the xrp ledger as it works.

Differently and over 80 percent of the validators must agree for any change to occur and there's no way to reverse transactions or double spend like you can do on the bitcoin network this is one of the more important problems of bitcoin and proof of work that the xrp creators solved with the xrp ledger.

Consensus protocol bear with me we're almost there today many people see bitcoin as a store of value and a hedge against inflation and not as an efficient system for p2p transactions anymore either way bitcoin was the first in the market it started this revolution and it's the reason we are all here today.

It opened the way for this technology to show what it can do and allowed for more experiments to be done and better technologies and decentralized consensus mechanisms to be created there is no reason for tribalism and maximalism just like the bitcoin maxis but they're out there and you have to look past the fud people there are.

Countless use cases markets and problems to be solved by this transformative technology and each cryptocurrency does its own thing like bitcoin xrp ethereum all are focusing on different things and use cases there will not only be one winner we're in a new internet era in the end.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology and it is transforming the world cryptocurrencies are the evolution of money and finance and for people who are here for the technology and the vision of decentralization must let hatred and tribalism aside.

And support each other 100 percent panos knocks it out of the park now you know the difference between proof of work and consensus how xrp the xorp ledger was created to be a better bitcoin a greener bitcoin than all the banks and all the money in the world and all the nfts and all the.

Cbdc's and all the above can set on top of and all these other different ecosystems are being built on top of the xrp ledger you can't go wrong that's why i'm so fired up about the xrp ledger that's why i'm so fired up every time i go to xrpl.org and i look for new documents or something different to show up on the.

Page get excited people do your research we're still early and we're going to benefit from holding on because we know exactly what we hold have a wonderful sunday i'm so ready for tuesday i'm so ready to listen to this court hearing on tuesday just to hear what the judges have to say.

Hopefully they crack that whip hopefully they crack that whip but who knows it may stretch on a little bit further but you know what we're all holding on we all have diamond hands none of this is financial advice but if you're in this for a quick buck you're at the wrong place at the wrong time go buy a lottery ticket go the casino drop a few.

Hundred bucks try to win the jackpot but if you know exactly what you have in this space blockchain technology fintech companies all the above you're holding a lottery ticket it just hasn't come to fruition yet so have a good one i'll see you this week my name is james rule xrp do your research get educated i'm just so.

Excited that i can get this out there to you and have a good day james royal xrp is out of here i told you so you