Thursday, August 11, 2022

Yasmine Minovski || Curvy Instagram Star || Biography || Weight, height, physical features #curvy

hello viewers how are you all welcome to our youtube channel diva logs today we are going to share beautiful photos facts and amazing biography of yasmine yes mean is macedonian by nationality currently she is living in australia and working for various plus size model dresses and.

Accessories brands she is beautiful and she is curvy the model is famous for her hot looks and confident body language she is also a body positive advocate the model is working with numerous brands she is currently working with everybody.

Clothing and accessories brand the model is very stylish and she wears amazing clothes on her instagram profile she is a travel lover and she shares her traveling and lifestyle photos regularly the model is style diva she shares her beautiful accessories and clothing on her instagram profile.

Yasmine was born on 1991 and in 2022 her age is 31 years the model is famous as a fashion model youtuber internet personality and instagram star she has got 5 feet and 6 inches of height and her weight is 59 kg the hair color of the.

Model is brown and her eye color is hazel that suits her a lot thanks for watching the video we hope the video was entertaining for you all do subscribe to our youtube channel thank you


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