Andre Drummond on The Difference Between Playing With Lebron James and Kevin Durant (Part 7)

The biggest difference we played with kd and lebron the biggest difference yeah they both provide no players but i think i think it's hard to uh gauge the difference because they do so many spectacular things on both ends of the court and i think obviously lebron is one of the best players to ever play the game.

With him i think just his knowledge is one of my favorite things about him how knowledgeable he's about the game the x's and those where guys need to be you know when he plays defense like a certain passing lanes who he sacks off of he knows the game really well uh with kevin probably one of the best scorers i've ever stepped on before with.

Him and kyrie probably the best two scorers i've ever stepped on the floor within my lifetime like watching those guys play and just the way they make it look easy i guess that's the way i was looking for it make it look so easy when they when they score when they do certain things moves they make and it's how.

Fooling it is it's like they're doing workouts out there they're not even like seeing the defender they're just getting today to the spot and just doing their thing just over the top layer floating it's remarkable man but difference wise it's hard it's hard to gauge between kevin kevin and lebron i mean both.

Respectable guys loved playing with them i think they taught me a lot being on the same floor being on the same floor too so that's tough you got to drop some new music where the music gets that's you oh your job is to be in maine right so i usually need to start working on my projects in like.

June and give myself time to decompress and really you know let the let the year sink in and get myself time to rest but june is when i start recording again i have a project out probably around my birthday time so look out for that i'm gonna use your song for the vixx i think i love it guys.

I'll give you a song as you can use i'm saying that i'll definitely use it as a song for sure other than that man you know that's me man well i would be here in miami you know i'm here for a month i'll be i'm gonna be here in the gym with you so we'll.

Show you y'all gonna see more stuff coming appreciate y'all